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Bible Essay Examples

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The Bible And Primary School Pupils

It is a statutory requirement for primary school pupils to learn about: ‘God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), about Jesus Christ, and about the Bible; to develop an ability to interpret and relate the Bible to life.’ (DENI, 2007, p.1). The Bible can be linked...
2 Pages 900 Words

What The Bible Says

How can someone say that in the Bible? The book in the Bible called the Song of Solomon can be seen as one of the most controversial, yet highly praised, books in the Bible. It has had so many different interpretations of what the author...
1 Page 618 Words

How To Read The Bible

Through my readings with Harvey Cox’s book, “How to Read the Bible”, I have found he states three main stages that correlate with reading the bible. Stage one: narrative stage, stage two: historical, and stage three: spiritual. He quotes the three stages as “I believe...
2 Pages 965 Words

The Interpretations Of The Bible

Many pressing issues of today’s world, such as gender roles, equality, sexuality, and more are defended or attacked using Biblical references. The question of interpretation presents itself through Biblical readings as individuals contemplate between the literal words and the influences of society. Undoubtedly, if the...
2 Pages 978 Words

Evangel Bible: Jesus Is The Rock

Introduction This paper is focuses on the Matthew 16: 13-20, that marks an important point in Matthew’s narrative. After having followed Jesus for some time now in His Galilean ministry, Simon Peter speaking on behalf of the disciples, makes the declaration that Jesus is not...
5 Pages 2193 Words

The Bible And Abortion

Introduction Using Divine Command Theory Metaetchics I will attempt to explain my moral reasoning on Abortion. It is a topic that is heavily felt and discussed at a minimum in most cases due to difference of opinions. As a Christian in today’s world being raised...
5 Pages 2136 Words

The Bible As Foundation For Theological Studies

“The Bible is a vehicle that unveils God and God’s will” (Lennan, 1998, p.82), it is a collection of books that bring to the forefront the relationship between the Divine and human beings. Just reading the Bible may not give the depth of understanding that...
5 Pages 2061 Words

Linguistics Of The Bible Translation

Introduction An in-depth consideration of Bible Translation processes offers useful points of reflection for translators across a variety of specializations. Such work brings to light the essentialism of cultural and artistic content held within original texts. By understanding the history of bible translation, challenges and...
6 Pages 2816 Words

Visions Of A Good Life: The Bible And The Analects

Humanity as a collective has long wrestled with innumerable fundamental questions, one being how exactly people should live out their single opportunity at life. To begin the quest in search of truth, one shall turn to the classics, which have withstood the test of time,...
2 Pages 850 Words

Who Wrote The Bible

A lot of things have influenced generations, deciding the way people have thought and acted for as long as humanity can remember. Hardly is there any as influential as the bible and for millions of people all around the world, there is no book of...
2 Pages 1037 Words

Is The Bible True?

In a society full of varying people, opinions, and cultures, it is rare that there will be no disagreement over beliefs and experiences. A common topic of these disagreements happens to be the Bible itself. Many individuals argue as to whether or not the Bible...
1 Page 607 Words

Bible In The Modern World

Since 1938, Superman has been one of the most well-known characters in the world. Anywhere you go, there is a good chance you will see some sort of merchandise or advertisement for Superman. Superman’s origin begins with him being sent to earth by his parents,...
1 Page 659 Words

The Peculiarities Of Biblical Text

The son of God told, Jesus, told to his disciple a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man. And there was...
4 Pages 1996 Words

Homosexuality: What Does The Bible Teach?

It is a known fact, at least in the United States, that many members of the Christian faith are thought to “hate” or have a “phobia” concerning homosexuals. It is also understood by some that God hates members of the LGBTQ society as well. Some...
3 Pages 1558 Words

The Best And Convenient In Learning The Bible

Interested about learning the Holy Scripture – the way towards understanding everything about life? Longing to find answers about your question with regards to life and future? Interested in knowing God? Tomorrow’s World can help you with their bible study Hong Kong. They can help...
1 Page 476 Words

Ben Witherington Iii And Bart D. Ehrman's Views On The Bible

Ben Witherington III and Bart D. Ehrman have different views of the Bible. There are many differences and comparisons between the two authors. Witherington and Ehrman have different ways of summarizing the Bible and what they emphasize. The more challenging approach for me is Ehrman’s...
2 Pages 908 Words

The Bible Can Be Used As A Guide When Doing Business

In the business world, in building a career, and in the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur, wisdom and knowledge can be key to success or failure in a career or great ideas. Believing in oneself is fundamental to achieving the goals and overcoming the adversities...
1 Page 662 Words

The Features Of Bible Translation

As time went by, and the world moved on from the Classical Age into the Roman Age, fewer Christians understood Greek, and so the Church had to find a way to cater for its audience. The solution was for the Bible to be translated into...
2 Pages 871 Words

Image Of God In The Bible

The very first book of the bible starts by describing that human being is an image of God. It says “Then God said, ‘Let Us make mankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and...
2 Pages 937 Words

The Reliability Of The Bible

Reliability is the foundation of trust, therefore it is the base of friendship and relationships.When forming long lasting relationships, one searches for someone consistent and trustworthy. It is important to have those foundations when putting faith in someone or something. Similar to relationships, if the...
3 Pages 1439 Words

Bible In Calvinism and Arminianism

Calvinism and Arminianism are argued by many Christians, showing different beliefs and perspectives. Calvinism and Arminianism are very similar, yet very different and complex. They talk about ideas of predestination and many other topics. In the 16th century, John Calvin began to associate with Calvinistic...
3 Pages 1543 Words

The Role Of Bible in Christianity

The effort to rely on a few paragraphs to prove whether a person is reliable is itself unreliable. I think the same is true of a book, and the very mention of the word ‘bible’ is controversial to a man who already has an opinion....
2 Pages 927 Words

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