Biodiversity, Global Warming, Environmental Conservation

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The term nature is defined as the collectiveness of the physical world phenomena that includes animals, plants and world landscapes. The concept of nature, as discussed in realms of environment, refers to living as well as non-living things found naturally on the surface of the earth. The environment can be influenced by human beings. This type of environment is called the natural landscape. There are different components of nature when compared to the environment.

These elements include; the climate, the minerals and rocks, the soil, the animal life, the water bodies, aerial space, natural vegetation, micro-organic life, the natural situation and the landscapes among others. Nature in the realms of the world environment can never be ignored. It supports life and growth of living things, including human beings.

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Several pertinent issues manifest themselves in the discussion of nature. These issues include biodiversity, global warming and environmental conservation, among others. These issues help protect or destroy our environment (Sizer, 2014).

The global warming concept has raised varying discussions in the world on conservation of nature and environment. For example, the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty that set out conditions and limits of gas emissions in industries is a good framework for the conservation of the environment. The emission of different gases into the air is a threat to living things and most critical destruction of the ozone layer. These pertinent issues require collective consideration in the world; both industrialized and non-industrialized nations.

Nature and the environment have varying attributions. To many, the environment is a great source of economic progress. For example, the soil is an important component for the agricultural dependent population. However, the environment is just a basis of normal living. Industries and individuals committing environmental offences like cutting down of trees fail to understand that nature and environment are components that human beings cannot do without.

They are the basis for any living of human being, and essentially, punishing when misused (Waren, 2015). Non-renewal and renewal promote natural overseas ensure the continued availability of resources in future.

People in the region were able to practice horticultural farming that made them earn their living. There are many companies that have a common interest in selling nature and attracting many customers. They play the role of advertising the natures that draw attention to many as well as encouraging people to love nature and get to know the history. Floods have resulted in destroying the environment by carrying away soil and trees.

It also resulted in increasing tourism in the region that created employment among many people. Rains enabled people to migrate due to floods that resulted in an outbreak of diseases such as cholera. (Lauba, 2011) Waterborne diseases increased rapidly in the region that caused death to many people. People were displaced, and their homes were carried away by water despite the precautions they took (Vogel, 2013).

People started migrating to other places due to lack of productive soil that they had to go and search for greener pastures. Nature is an important aspect of the lifestyle of a human being, for it improves the standard of living and enhancement of technology (Vila, 2012). Production of the region enabled people to know the importance of nature through a public campaign that enabled them to cater to their needs.

The environment was made to be the nature for it was extremely suggesting the natural things like water bodies and the soil (Blodgett, 2014). Agriculture and tree plantation were also practised that enabled people to trade amongst other regions and conserve soil erosion. The soil was fertile for the trees to grow hence conserving the environment by implementing rules to prevent cutting. It was the rainy season, and the climate was not favourable to everyone due to traffic that caused congestion of vehicles on roads.

The smells were not as good as the drainage systems blocked, and the sewers were overflowing all over the region. Temperatures were low below ten degrees Celsius that made it easier for people to catch common colds and other communicable diseases. All that made the environment to feel it was natural for no other person who could control nor use and tactics to prevent it.

Many things were experienced in that place, including traffic that caused both people and vehicles to cause congestion there. A lot of time was wasted and people getting late to their works was the major problem for that time. Though everything was under control in all ways, nothing more could be done to prevent the situation. (Murray, 2015) Being an urban centre did not have any difference with the rural area because everywhere was rainy and floods were experienced.

The same case applied to all the places that made everything to stand still and cause confusion. It was so natural for it happened in other parts of the country and city as well. The businesses in the region paralyzed continually for people were not able to transact their businesses as it was expected in other days. Trade was the basic means of exchange of goods and services that made the economy to go down on that day for it was a global market day.

Though some people believed that it was nature, a small percentage of people never came into agreement with them. They argued that poor management and infrastructure was the main cause of everything. The government and its agents could have taken the desired measures every time they knew the heavy rains were about to start (Miskin, 2015). Poor drainage systems and lack of civic education to people about the precautions they should take when such things also happen the main cause. Investments were increased on the measures that were taken for no one was responsible for the rains (Kent, 2015).

Those who were not aware of the heavy rains due to lack of technology to update them on the future were the main victims. Negligence of people also contributed to the problem for they were the most affected. Despite the warnings of those near rivers or dykes to vacate, some people did not bother to do so that made their property to be destroyed. (Chambers, 2015) Not only urban areas that were affected but also rural areas made a way to some regions. The smells and sounds were so irritating such that thunderstorms and lightning caused fear to many people. Many buildings collapsed due to thunderstorm, and many trees blocked the roads that caused traffic rules. As the days moved on, the places became more fertile and more favourable as the place had drained enough water that prevented drought (Marshal, 2014).

It led to good health because people had a variety of food to eat. Reduction of the bad smell that came with stagnant water, air pollution regulations were set. Nature was observed because they did not struggle with the means of irrigation for they had enough water conserved. Buildings were constructed and infrastructure improved for the economy of the region had improved hence low rural-urban migration.

The tradition of enjoying the sweetness and beauty of nature and landscape has made people to feel more encouraged in history of nature. Both technological and joined scientific nature has improved drastically that enable people to come to like the history. All the sites were part of the nature as it was observed during that period for there was no major thing that could make them not to understand the cause of nature (Blodget, 2014).

People learned many things on consequences of nature that contributed to both benefits and disadvantages of nature. They also discovered that gardens were natural and they had to take good care of it despite what the nature will bring thereafter. It also came into their knowledge the three components that make up urban landscape included residual native landscape, managed landscape and so forth (Emerson, 2013). All ought to know what political and economical procedures that facilitate the transformation of nature (Hanser, 2011).

Much focus is about nature and the environmental roots which have effects modern habitat. People should always be ready to embrace the changes caused by nature and not to complain outcome. The institutional and motivational transformations are required to reduce and prevent these issues. How these changes relate to other central and social political and economic consideration. The concentration and explosion of lack of plan on hoe to deposit garbage makes human beings to be failures. Keen measures are needed to be put in place in order to avoid regretful turn of events (Robertson, 2015).

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