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Bioengineering as a Career Path

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The 3D printing of mechanical pathways for nerves provides the life-changing possibility for someone to feel again. Whilst the development of needle-free drug delivery has supplied third-world countries with vaccines, the real-life inconveniences are often resolved due to bioengineering.

My fascination with bioengineering is that unlike other engineering disciplines, who seek to further our quality of life, bioengineers design the solutions to make life more convenient, by directly improving our health and wellbeing. Reading recent articles, it is evident how engineering techniques have improved the health of individuals- like the use of prosthetics and biomaterial implants, whilst impacting the health care of many, by the development of medical imaging and robot-assisted surgery. From my research, I quickly realised that bioengineering is not only for those who are passionate about innovation, but those who want to work at the interface of medicine to have a positive impact on health care.

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A genuine interest in my A-Level subjects rmly underpins my potential to become a student of bioengineering. I am drawn to the real-life study of Biology, like the understanding of the human body and cells; whilst the logical framework of chemistry provides me with insight, acknowledging the complex and diverse mechanisms which enable an individual to function. This closely relates to my curiosity in Bioengineering, as I am eager to translate the theoretical understanding of the human body into practical improvements to the everyday lives of patients. Participating hands-on in Biology and Chemistry practicals has equipped me with the knowledge of the basic safety precautions that are taken before carrying out laboratory work. I am persistently keen on working in the lab as it allows me to apply theoretical concepts practically, which provides my classroom learning purpose. English Literature- being a core-essay based subject- has enabled me to develop my written communication, providing key analytical and evaluative skills for structuring my writing. Whilst also assisting me to become a critical thinker, by acknowledging the importance of intensive and wider reading and identifying signicant detail in the text. These transferable skills will be used throughout my degree, from spending time in a lab, consistently experimenting, whilst presenting my ndings in a structured report. Continuing maths beyond GCSE- studying core maths- has allowed me to gain many relevant skills including numerical and problem-solving skills, whilst applying a logical approach to interpret data from physical research.

Through this, I’ve gained the patience and diligence required to approach questions, which is fundamental to the challenges an engineer may face. Whilst a strong academic background is necessary for success in the eld of engineering, reliability, and organisation is key. My ability to contribute time, around my A-level studies, to tutor Year 10 chemistry students, whilst supporting year 7 pupils in their English has demonstrated my ability to be responsible and reliable. Yet this experience also provided me the opportunity to actively interact with students, allowing me to improve my social skills. My work experience at Julia’s House (a children’s hospice) and a nursery enhanced these social skills, by speaking to a diverse range of individuals- from people with disabilities to children- which required me to adapt my speech. Communication skills are pivotal after my degree, due to the continuous interaction with patients, scientists, medical specialists and technicians during team-projects.

I’ve gained valuable teamwork and leadership skills during my weekly volunteering at a local girl scouts, where I’ve organised events and activities alongside other volunteers. Whilst my resilience was tested during my participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, from hiking back and forth on the same road, to setting up a tent in torrential rain. This experience has improved my ability to motivate others, yet to become resourceful and self-motivated by remaining positive during difcult situations. This experience demonstrates my determination and ambition, allowing me to rise to daunting challenges; an ability an engineer requires to succeed.

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