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Biography Of Southern American Writer William Faulkner

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William Faulkner was one of America’s famous American Southern writer. William passion for writing started at a young age, where he enjoyed reading, and writing. But before becoming a writer, William tried joining the Air Force. But he was rejected because of his height. The force thought he was a bit on the short side. William was still determined to join so there were things he did to appear acceptable. He changed his birthplace and name to seem more British. After that he went on to study at the University of Mississippi. That’s where William started taking his writing more serious. William plays were all based on things and people who he was familiar with. Basing the stories off these things makes his plays come to life. William is most famous for the novel call “the sound and the fury”. He wrote this novel with the inspiration of his great grandfather. This article explains how sometimes people started off doing things that are far off from what they are meant to really do. It shows how determined William was to fit into something that was not meant for him.

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A rose for Emily is a short story published in April 1936. The story was taken place in Jefferson Mississippi. In this short story William uses the storyline as a symbol of love, and romance. The main character in the story Emily Grierson was not able to adopt and accept change. She still held on to the grief of of her fathers passing. She wanted a man to take her fathers place with the love he had given her from another man. She was inlove with someone who did not wanted to marry her. Emily decided she was ready for marriage and wanted the man to be her husband, but unfortunately that never happened. Emily took it upon herself and poisoned him, took the body upstairs in the attic and saved it for years. This story William used southern Gothic literature. Southern Gothic is the south’s history of slavery, racism, fear, and violence. William style of writing used languages that symbolize thoughts, which puts the story into a great sentence structure. This article explain how a writer can use life experiences to bring a story to life. Using this method of writing it can almost guarantee that you have captured an audience attention.

The year January 1961 William signed over all his scripts he had written over the years to the William Faulkner foundation at the University of Virginia. A month later he was invited to the military academy, where he wrote his final script for his final novel named “The Reivers”. Later that year, William was awarded the gold medal for fiction writing by the American Academy of arts and letters. Sadly William passion for horses soon haunted him when the second most thing he enjoys doing took a turn. William was injured from falling off a horse. He shortly died of an heart attack at the age of 64 on July 6,1962. William had lefted his great legacy behind. Many of his great novels are still read by many, his great memories of good writing and best plays. He have changed the American south. William will always be remembered as the great novelist of his time, and for that his legacy shall live on. This source was helpful to me because I was able to acknowledge that fact that William work still exist til this day. Which is great to know that anyone will be able to visit the University of Virginia to get some knowledge of his great work.

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