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The Secrets Of Viruses & Bacteria: Evolution To Epidemic

The transformative history of infections speaks to an interesting, though cloudy, theme for virologists and cell scientists. Due to the extraordinary assorted variety among infections, researcher have battled with how to characterize these elements and how to relate them to the traditional tree of life. They may speak to hereditary components that picked up the capacity to move between cells. They may speak to beforehand free-living life forms that became parasites. They might be the forerunners of life as we...
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Methods Of Detecting Cell Proliferation

The cells in the cell cycle need to be assessed in order to ensure the prognosis of the disease. It serves as an important hallmark to differentiate between healthy state and disease condition. The cell cycle, or cell-division cycle, is the series of events that take place in a cell leading to its division and duplication of its DNA (DNA replication) to produce two daughter cells. The cell cycle is divided into three periods: interphase, the mitotic (M) phase, and...
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Plant-Based Food: Is It Truly Worth The Hype?

Plant-based food. Definitely unheard of amongst foodies, the growing demand for it has taken the food industry by storm. According to the Plant Based Foods Association, plant-based food saw a retail growth of 11% in 2019, compared to other retail foods who had a minor 2% on average (Simon). Not forgetting the increasing number of companies that are hopping on this plant-based trend as well. Plant-based meat alternative company, Impossible Foods, is an example. The demand for Impossible Food’s plant-based...
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Performance Analysis Of Effective Microorganisms On Chicken Manure Composting

ABSTRACT New technology in organic waste management converts poultry manure into high-quality biofertilizer using effective microorganisms (EM). The high price of currently used imported EM limits compost production. Without treatment, the application of untreated manure in agriculture will contribute to fly problem. Therefore, it is necessary to find locally available, cheap and effective EM alternatives. This study aims to determine the suitable local EM based on compost quality in terms of NPK values, nutrients and cost. Five batches of chicken...
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The Effect Of Different Carbonated Liquids On The Rate Of Photosynthesis

ABSTRACT The problem that was researched and studied, was how to increase the rate of photosynthesis. This topic is important because photosynthesis is one of the most important processes regarding all life on Earth. By increasing the rate of photosynthesis, the process will be able to generate more energy at a faster pace. The procedure used to study this conflict was placing the same plant (Elodea) into different types of carbonated liquids, to test whether or not increasing the concentration...
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Ecology Of Medicinal Plant

When a child in the developed world feels sick, usually her/his parents take the child to visit a doctor. The doctor then prescribes a medicine of some sort, and the family leaves the hospital with a soon to be healthy child. The advanced medicines such as pills, syrups, inhalants, eg., have progressed human society to fight diseases and illnesses. The majority of humans have become solely dependent upon Western medicine, resulting in the decrease use of plants for both physical...
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Effect Of Different Temperature & Different Concentration Through Diffusion Of The Membrane

Introduction Biology may be a scientific study of life within which we examine the essential components to living things and their key habits to survival. to grasp this process, we first have a look at the organism’s cell. The cell was discovered and derived because the basic unit of life by British scientist, scientist. From his study, he concocted the thought that everything an organism has to survive is found, processed, and utilized within the cell. He then realized that...
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Plant Disease Detection Using Deep Learning And Convolutional Neural Network

ABSTRACT Deep learning methods are greatly admired in the research field of agriculture. The fundamental basic key aspect of agriculture is soil for crop growing.Here we identify plant disease and provide remedies that can be used as a defence mechanism against the disease. The database obtained from the Internet is properly segregated and the different plant species are identified and are renamed to form a proper database then obtain test-database which consists of various plant diseases that are used for...
3 Pages 1556 Words

The Classification Of Plant Seedling

Abstract Plant seedling classification is crucial for biodiversity conservation. Based on analysis of CNN, we propose a system to classify plant seedlings with minimum classification error. By machine learning algorithm, convolutional neural network have been applied to different datasets. We used training set and test set of images of plant seedlings at various stages of grown. The dataset comprises 12 plant species. The goal is to create a classifier capable of determining a plant’s species from a photo. The experimental...
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The Apoptosis And Regeneration Of The Animal Model Of Obstructive Atrophy Parotid Gland

To explore the regeneration and recovery of parotid gland after parotid duct ligation and recanalization in rat. Methods: Wistar rats’ parotid duct was ligated for 7 days (group A), 14 days (group B), 21 days (group C) and then released. HE staining、Immunohistochemical and Tunel fluorescence detection were used to observe apoptotic and regeneration changes of parotid specimens which were obtained at 60 and 90 days after releasing the duct. Results: Day0, acinar cells atrophy and decrease while ductal cell proliferation...
6 Pages 2618 Words

How Pathogenic Microorganisms Are Transmitted

Microorganisms control things from spreading around the body and becoming infectious. It is a process by which items can be decontaminated to remove and destroy pathogens that are going to be a threat to human health. (wyatt et al, 2017).“Microorganisms are passed from one infectious source to another. Some have more than one route of spreading to cause infections.” (The Free Dictionary, 2003-2019). Contact Contact is the most regular form of transmission. An example of contact transmitted microorganisms viruses which...
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Classification And Detection Of Plant Disease Using Artificial Neural Network

ABSTRACT The plant disease diagnosis is restricted by person’s visual capabilities as it is microscopic in nature. Due to optical nature of plant monitoring task, computer visualization methods are adopted in plant disease recognition. The aim is to detect the symptoms of the disease occurred in leaves in an accurate way. Once the captured image is pre-processed, the various properties of the plant leaf such as intensity, colour and size are extracted and sent to classifier with Artificial Neural Network...
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Prevalence Of Some Food Poisoning Bacteria In Some Ready To Eat Sandwiches

Fast foods are able to eat foods that prepared and sold by vendors on streets and similar public places.They provide a source of able to eat, top quality and nutritional value meals with reasonable price, while giving an honest income for the vendors (Swanepoel et al., 1998). They feed tons of consumers daily with a good sort of RTE foods; dependence on such foods is more interesting in its convenience than in its safety and hygiene (Mensah et al., 2002)....
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The Effects Of Minerals On The Growth Of Plants

RATIONALE In this investigation I am going to be investigating how minerals affect the growth of plants and perceive the essential minerals that the vegetation requires to develop efficiently. The motive why I am going to research how minerals influence the plant increase is to be able to detect a less expensive alternative manner to make fertiliser, which can reduce the cost of plant germination and might lower the rate of crops. Also, by discovering an inexpensive alternative way of...
3 Pages 1413 Words

The Worth Of Bacteria For Human And/or World

Introduction Although macroscopically, ecosystems on Earth appear to be composed of plants and animals, there are some key players that exist beyond what we can see. Bacteria are tiny, single celled microbes that help all life exist. They have a very simple structure with no nucleus, a structure that protects the DNA in more complex cells. Bacteria range from helpful organisms that break down dead material and provide food for ecosystems to pathogenic bacteria that can cause disease. When most...
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The Contribution Of Industrial Microbiology To Economic Growth

Organisms are not as it were the adversaries, but they creating income is an approach to form them self-sufficient. Practices just like the fabricate of biogas or conventional microbial matured nourishment items like pickles, vinegar, purpose, and kumis may offer assistance the poor people in producing a source of salary by learning the correct abilities required for deciphering these strategies into an genuine commerce. Microorganisms, even though their small size, play an vital part within the evaluation and support of...
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Significance And Sources Of Protein

Protein is an important nutrient. Aside from its many benefits, it can also help you shed that stubborn weight you have been trying to lose for months, and make you feel full for longer hours. However, it is essential to control the intake of protein as too much of it can cause more harm than good. There are many sumptuous dishes that can supply you with proteins, regardless of the diet you need. Contrary to people’s opinions, healthy protein sources...
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Mantle Cell Lymphoma: An Epidemiological Review Of Hong Kong Patients

Introduction Mantle cell lymphoma, previously known as diffuse small cleaved cell lymphoma and centrocytic lymphoma , is a low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It is a mature B cell neoplasm, consisting of mature B cells which have exited the bone marrow. Traditionally, MCL is known to be a very aggressive NHL despite its low-grade nature, and is considered to be incurable with current therapies. It typically afflicts the older population, with the median age of presentation of patients ranging from 60-68 ....
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A Review On Microbiology Of Biogasification

Abstract The biodegradation of natural matter to create methane and carbon dioxide requires the intuitive of assorted populaces of microscopic organisms. The parts of each of these living beings within the handle and how they connected with each other is caught on as it were in a simple way. This paper depicts the examination of the microbial biology of the anaerobic debasement of biomass feedstocks. The paper presents comes about of tests comprising in biogasification of difficult and brown coals....
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Features Of Emerging And Re-emerging Viruses

Abstract Infectious diseases remain a major cause of human and animal morbidity and mortality leading to significant healthcare expenditure.However, enormous successes have been obtained against the control of major epidemic diseases, such as malaria, plague, leprosy and cholera, in the past.The vast terrains and extreme geo-climatic differences and uneven population distribution present unique patterns of distribution of viral diseases. Dynamic interplay of biological, socio-cultural and ecological factors, together with novel aspects of human-animal interphase, pose additional challenges with respect to...
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Stem Cell Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

In his brilliant and award-winning, yet slightly disturbing and controversial novel “Stuck in Neutral”, Terry Trueman narrates the fictional story of Shawn McDaniel, a fourteen-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Shawn, self-portrayed as happy and more intelligent than most, is robbed of his ability to control his muscles, suffers from frequent seizures, and is viewed by others as retarded. This leaves him feeling trapped in his own body, and completely dependent on caregivers, mostly his mother, for his activities of daily...
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Novel Control Of Cell Migration In Cancer

Popeye domain-containing (POPDC) proteins are effector proteins that bind to cAMP to create a second messenger response that can influence the behaviour of cancer cells (Amunjela & Tucker, 2016). There are three different genes POPDC1, POPDC2 and POPDC3 that encode these proteins, however only POPDC1 and POPDC3 have been related to cancer cell behaviour. POPDC1 and POPDC3 are organised in tandem on chromosome 6q21 and POPDC2 can be found on chromosome 3 (Andree et al., 2000). All three of these...
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Microorganisms And Their Relationship With Humans

The main aim of this study is to know how microorganisms(especially bacteria)interact with human beings.At some point in this essay,it would discuss; the structure and function of different types of microorganisms, how these organisms are studied in the laboratory, factors affecting the growth, survival and death of microorganisms, how microorganisms can be classified based on their nutritional carbon source, phases of bacterial growth in relation to the growth curves, how bacteria causes food spoilage and the last but not the...
1 Page 625 Words

Cell Therapy For The Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Summary Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide with myocardial infarction being the frontrunner for morbidity and mortality. Although medical and surgical treatments currently can significantly improve patient outcomes there exists no treatment that can generate new cardiac tissue or reverse the damage caused by cardiovascular disease. With new research being available that challenges the idea that myocytes are incapable of regeneration, a new avenue of treatment presents itself this being cell therapy. Increasing evidence is showing that...
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How To Prevent Your Body Form Cancer Cell Formation?

Normally people use to intake food for being active and to make the bodywork properly. People used to take hygienic and natural types of food for getting a cure for diseases. Some disease is getting a cure by taking of health food items. The food habit creates immunity power to fight against the virus or bacteria which affect the body cells. Every day the body cells need the energy to do their regular work. One of the dangerous and deadly...
1 Page 517 Words

Microbes And Their Interaction With Humans

Microorganisms are very tiny organisms that has a great impact in life activities. These microorganisms have been a subject of research and more of microbial functions are yet to be discovered. The aim of this essay is to explore the classification, structure and functions of microorganisms, Microbial growth with growth curves and factors that affects microbial survival and lastly, the positive and negative interactions with humans and foods. Microorganisms are classified into eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells based on their structures....
4 Pages 1980 Words

What Will Happen When Covid-19 And The Flu Collide?

Nowadays, we are facing a bad situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many reports stated that covid-19 does not have effects during the summer season but it is totally faded out.and it is also makes suffered lots of people by this disease. As a result, winter is also nearing along with the Covid-19 pandemic. Doctors called this a twindemic. However, it is spoiling our life completely, and we could not know what to control and stop spreading this virus. So,...
2 Pages 773 Words

The Motility Of Cells

Bacteria is an example of a unicellular prokaryote. Several bacteria move by turning the flagellum (Kojima, 2015). Several movable bacteria move in fluid or on a firm exterior utilising their flagellum. The flagellum has a spiral shape and expands from the cell body. The flagellum’s turning movement causes the bacterial cell to swim. The rotary motor located in the inner membrane and cell wall (cell envelope) operates the turning of the flagellum. The motor gets energy from the electrochemical gradient...
1 Page 616 Words

The Effects Of Temperature, Ph And Oxygen Levels On The Enzymatic Activity In Red Apples

Introduction The browning of an apple or other foods like potatoes and bananas are something that we have all seen in our everyday life. This phenomenon is caused by the interaction of enzymes, that are naturally found in plants, with oxygen. These enzymes oxidize to create the brown colour that we are familiar with. Enzymes are natural catalysts that help to speed up certain chemical reactions within plants and animals (DiGiuseppe, Frazer, LeDrew, Vavitsas, &White-McMahon, 2012, p. 50). Enzymes bind...
2 Pages 916 Words

Microorganisms: Definition, Types And Effects

A microorganism is an organism which is microscopic, which means so small that people cannot see them with the naked eye. Most microbes are unicellular and small enough that they require artificial magnification to be seen. However, there are some unicellular microbes that are visible to the naked eye and some multicellular organisms that are microscopic. Microorganisms differ from each other not only in size, but also in structure, habitat, metabolism and many other characteristics. Some microbes, such as viruses,...
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