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Role of Biomedical Science in Cancer Diagnosis

Biomedical science involves using a range of laboratory techniques to diagnose and find treatments for various diseases. In this essay we will focus on the role that biomedical science plays in diagnosing various types of cancers. The different approaches in biomedical cancer diagnosis that will be covered are: biomarkers (i.e., miRNA), biopsies (i.e., liquid biopsies), blood tests and histology image analysis. Biomarkers are found in blood, tissues as well as other fluids in the body. These are biological molecules that...
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Career Prospects of Biomedical Scientist

Biomedical science is a fast paced and constantly developing field of biological analysis in the healthcare sector with long term career prospects, biomedical science involves carrying out investigations on samples of human tissue and body fluid in order to diagnose disease and correctly monitor the treatment of patients that have been affected by disease. With over 55,000 registered healthcare scientists in 51 different disciplines work in areas such as biomedical science makes up for 5% of the National Health Services...
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Nanotechnology in Biomedical Sciences

Targeted Drug Delivery Targeted drug delivery has improved cancer therapy drastically over the decade. There has been successful development in cost-effective anticancer drugs mostly based on liposomes and polymers. Targeted drug delivery is an important biomedical application that aims to deliver anticancer drugs to the specific site of the tumour and avoid damage to surrounding healthy cells. Currently, Iron oxide nanoparticles are the main source of magnetic materials used for the delivery of anticancer drugs to target specific areas. Chemotherapy...
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The Peculiarities Of Biomedical Engineering

What is Biomedical Engineering? Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineered products that advance information in biology, engineering, and medical purposes, and improves human wellbeing through interdisciplinary exercises that incorporate the designing sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice. It incorporates: The education of new information and comprehension of living structures (systems) through the substantive and innovational use of test and systematic strategies based on the engineering sciences. The improvement/development of new technologies, calculations, systems and procedures that advance...
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The Inequalities In The Access Of High Quality Biomedical Equipment

Biomedical engineering technologists should consider the improvement of health care access in developing countries. Biomedical technologists have a professional responsibility of ensuring that health care facilities in developing countries access high-quality medical equipment. These professionals can achieve this by supporting repair and maintenance of the broken medical equipment in the hospitals and support developing counties in acquiring high-quality refurbished medical equipment for their hospitals (Henkels, 2017, February). Effective professional practice will involve assisting the hospitals in obtaining, finance, and support...
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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Contributions In Engineering

Introduction Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) is considered one of the greatest artists in history, and is also an inventor, scientist. (Pevsner, 2002). Hence, he had a profound impact on the development of the arts and sciences. For example, in the field of art, he left the classic paintings such as Mona Lisa, The Last Supper; in the field of science, he invented a large number of mechanical structures, leaving a lot of manuscripts for anatomy. In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci...
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Biomedical Technology Improves The Potential Of Medical Equipment

Biomedical Engineering is a part of engineering where the technology focuses on medical equipment. It focuses on the precision and automation of the current equipment used by professionals or doctors. It was shown in the seminar how the old equipment looks. In some people, it can be as scary as it can be a reason to not go to a doctor. The equipment is long, pointy, and rusty as opposed to what we are using today, with soft edges and...
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Exploring the World of Biomedical Engineering

The guest speaker, Engineer Maureen Moral, is a graduate of Adamson University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She took her Master’s degree in Engineering Management at the Collegio de San Juan de Letran and is a professional electronics engineer. Since November 2008, she is a part time faculty member at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna whereas she handles major subjects in Electronics and Communications Engineering. More than that, she is a part time...
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Ethical Issues in Biomedical Science

Abstract This report includes a definition of ethics and morality. I combined them and how can it be embodied in biomedical engineering. Then I will give 2 examples –Biomedical Imaging and Neural Engineering, Which contain the main challenges they face in ethics. Introduction What is ethics? The term ethics comes from the Greek ethos, meaning “custom.” It means human relations and the rules for dealing with these relations.[2] With the tremendous infusion of technology into the practice of medicine[1], the...
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