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Bipolar Disorder: Types, Symptoms And Treatment

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From the summit to the abyss. From the trance of passion and madness to the abyss of depression. From recklessness and impulsivity to indifference. These are the extreme cases attributed to bipolar disorder (or: Bipolar disorder, formerly called Manic Depressive Psychosis), a psychiatric disease characterized by an imbalanced mood. The Journal., Bipolar disorder is also known as ‘bipolar disorder’ when extreme manic behavior is one side of the disorder, while severe depression forms the other. Extreme mood changes in manic-depressive illness can last for weeks or even a few months, causing disruptions in the management of normal life in people who suffer from it, also affecting the family and the circle of close friends. Recent research into the subject suggests that bipolar disorder carries many symptoms, which is why many people with the disorder are undiagnosed. In general, manic-depressive disorder worsens if not treated. The proportion of people who commit suicide due to bipolar disorder is high. However, with proper and effective treatment, life can be managed normally, enjoyable and productive, despite the presence of bipolar disorder. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are generally characterized by a change in behavioral patterns when you feel the peak of mania (or mania) or when you feel that you have reached the perihelion (depression). Initial signs and symptoms can range from very mild to very severe and very serious. There may also be periods of life during which there is no effect of this disorder.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms that may appear at perihelion (depression) in bipolar disorder can include: Sorrow, Despair and lack of hope, Suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior, feeling guilty, Sleep disorders, Appetite disorder, Exhaustion, Lack of attention to daily events, Problems in focus, Anxiety and nervousness and, Chronic pain without visible cause.

Causes of bipolar

  • Genetic factors. Family history of the disease increase the probability of occurrence.
  • Biological traits
  • Brain-chemical imbalances. The difference in the level of neurotransmitter may lead to bipolar disorder such as serotonin, norepinephrine and serotonin.

Symptoms of mani appear in high level of norepinephrine, but depression occurs in low level of it .

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  • Hormonal problems
  • Change in the level of hormone
  • Environmental factors
  • Emotional stress.

Types of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder (bipolar disorder / two-way disorder) can be divided into two main types: Type I bipolar disorder: If the patient has in the past, for at least one period, experienced mania, whether or not it includes a previous period of depression. Also, Type II bipolar disorder: If the patient has suffered in the past, for at least one period, from depression and for at least one period of mild mania (Hypomania). In a symptom, a manic episode is similar to a typical manic episode, but its symptoms are more moderate, lasting only a few days, and not as dangerous. Moreover, In a manic-depressive episode, the patient may feel exhilarating, with certain anxiety and changes in his or her daily functioning, but in general, he or she can continue to live normally, without having to lie in the hospital. In type II manic depression, depression periods are significantly longer than in mild mania. In addition, Cyclothymia: Cyclothymia is a mild type of bipolar disorder. Circulatory disorder involves mood swings and swings at a great pace and speed, but peak and perigee moments are not as serious as bipolar disorder at its peak.


Drug therapy

  • Lithium carbonate is the most used drug to treat long-term episodes of depression and mania or hypomania. The duration of treatment is about 6 months.
  • Anticonvulsants drugs are used to treat mania episodes.
  • Antipsychotics drugs are used in sever condition such as Aripiprazole, olanzapine and risperidone.
  • Psychological treatment
  • Psychotherapy helps in reduce the symptoms.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family has a role in reducing the relapse.


there is no method to prevent the disease but early diagnosis is important and good management with suitable drugs that help to decrease the symptoms and the episode


To sum up, some people with bipolar disorder remain at risk of recurrent and frequent bipolar disorder. This definition applies to at least four mood swings within twelve months. These mood swings occur quickly, sometimes by a few hours. When talking about a mixed situation of bipolar disorder, the symptoms of both mania and depression appear simultaneously, in parallel and in parallel. Very severe depressive episodes can lead, in particular, to general psychosis (psychosis) or even absolute separation from reality. Symptoms of absolute bipolar disorder may include hearing sounds or seeing things that do not exist (hallucination) and a strong and true belief in things that are not true (illusions – deception, visual or sensory – Illusion )

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