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Bipolar disorder is a mental illness in which people suffer from emotional instability. Depression, anxiety and schizophrenia are the only more common mental health problems worldwide. There are extreme changes to their mood where they can be overly happy and energetic for a period of time but severely depressed and ...

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Bipolar Disorder in Society

“The great hope of society is in individual character “ (Channing) According to the dictionary, “Individualism” is a social theory that advocates the liberty, rights, or independence of an action of an a specific person.(Dictionary) Individualism is being your own person and making your own choices that set you apart from the world. I did research on the individuality of a specific mental illness. I was curious how much of the world is made up of people who suffer from...
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Bees and Bipolar Disorder

B is for beehives and buzzing and bipolar and bloodlines and Bryant, my mother’s maiden name. My great-grandfather, the beekeeper, died from taking too much from the hands that feed him, from the bees. My great-grandfather, the beekeeper, spent a lifetime bee-keeping to quiet the buzzing in his mind. And although he has since passed, he also passed down this buzzing that infects my mind. It all comes down to structure, intricate structure much like the structure of a beehive...
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Bipolar Disorder: What Really Happens

What happens inside the head of one who has Bipolar Disorder? Is it easily controlled or does your body take over? Within the scope of this bipolar disorder essay, I explored the intricate dynamics that unfold as individuals navigate through ever-changing perspectives. Over the course of time, people view the world differently and their moods could change within a split second. Staying inside, secluding yourself from what life has to offer. Sometimes, it is not easy to see from the...
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Bipolar Disorder in Children: Argumentative Essay

Introduction Bipolar disorder, once believed to be exclusively an adult mental health condition, has increasingly gained attention due to its occurrence in children. This argumentative essay aims to explore the topic of bipolar disorder in children, examining the controversies surrounding its diagnosis and treatment. While some argue that bipolar disorder is overdiagnosed in children, the urgent need for accurate identification and appropriate intervention cannot be ignored. By presenting evidence and addressing counterarguments, this essay advocates for a comprehensive understanding of...
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PTSD and Bipolar Disorder: Comparative Analysis

Bipolar disorder is a condition that has several diagnoses. These are, Bipolar Ⅰ, Bipolar Ⅱ, Cyclothymic disorder, substance/medication induced bipolar, bipolar and related disorder due to another medical condition. According to the DSM Ⅴ, in Bipolar Ⅰ, there has to be at least one manic episode while in Bipolar Ⅱ, there has to be at least one hypomanic episode and at least one major depressive episode. Manic and hypomanic episodes are defined by an expansive, euphoric or irritable mood marked...
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Analytical Essay on Bipolar Disorder: Literature Review

Introduction This disorder has been passed down in my family for generations. My dad’s family had it and I do as well. Sometimes I do not like to talk about most days but since this course is about abnormal psychology and around this subject, I want to have a discussion. This disorder is quite serious and needs to be discussed and hope it is as interesting to you as it is to me. Bipolar Disorder DSM Criteria Bipolar disorder is...
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Essay on Psychological Disorders: Analysis of Bipolar Disorder Causes and Consequences

Psychology comes from the Greek words “psych” meaning soul and “ology” meaning logic, it translates to “the science of the soul.” It was founded by a man named Wilhelm Wundt, he founded experimental psychology which later led to others discovering more in psychology. Psychology is both a science and a profession, it is counted as a science because it’s about understanding people’s behaviour. The topic I have chosen for this assignment is psychological disorders, more specifically bipolar disorder. I have...
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Analytical Essay on Bipolar Disorder: Causes and Treatment

Bipolar disorder is a common chronic illness. The characteristics of bipolar disorder are change in moods, shift in moods, behaviours, normal day to day activity and their energy stages. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, bipolar disorder was not differentiated from major depressive sickness. it’s a brain disorder. It is a lifelong condition. Bipolar disorder is preserved with medications and psychological counselling. According to new researchers their say “Bipolar disorder is now recognized as a potentially treatable psychiatric illness...
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Analytical Overview of Bipolar Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Diseases often manifest physiologically, when a person is diagnosed with an illness oftentimes you are able to see it with your own two eyes. If it’s the flu; you may see that they are flushed with fever, lethargic, and congested. Mental disorders, on the other hand, are not always easily identifiable and cannot be seen at first glance. The brain is an organ that is still very undiscovered, and mental health is not widely acknowledged around the world and is...
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Analysis of Major Mood Disorders: Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

Is it possible for an emotionally traumatized person to develop some physical pain? The answer is yes, moreover, most of the physical pain such as stress is highly related to brain function, which contains our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Furthermore, our emotions and mood changes within the normal range, but it is possible to be dysfunctional and create some moods disorders. Mood disorders, additionally recognized as mood affective disorder, can defined as bothering emotions that can affect one’s mind, which...
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The Aspects of Bipolar Disorder

“It’s a disorder NOT a decision.” Bipolar Illness is a health issue that creates imbalanced mood changes with a certain amount of time and strength of each emotion. Some may call the mood changes mood switches or even an episode. This mental disorder can influence the person who may have been diagnosed and whomever cares for that person. It usually starts in children or young adults and can have effects on their mental and physical health, educational/occupational functioning, and interpersonal...
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The Use of Mobile Applications and Systems in Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

Bipolar disorder are growing among youth as well as adults in an alarming rate. Still today doctors rely on taking daily accounts on pen and paper to keep track of the patients. This method is old and harmful in ways that doctors can’t keep timely record of the conditions of patients and this can also lead to deaths of patients. Thus this system needs improvisation. The system I am proposing to research about is an automated system which will keep...
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Borderline Personality Disorder And Bipolar Disorder

According to the DSM-5 book to get a diagnosis of bipolar I disorder individuals must have all of the diagnostic features.. The onset age is said to be 18 years old when diagnosing bipolar I disorder. Individuals that re separated, divorced or widowed individuals also have a higher rate of bipolar disorder. Family history is also one of the strongest and consistent risk factors. Individuals with adult relatives that have bipolar disorder have a higher increase as well. (American Psychiatric...
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Bipolar Disorder: Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction From the summit to the abyss. From the trance of passion and madness to the abyss of depression. From recklessness and impulsivity to indifference. These are the extreme cases attributed to bipolar disorder (or: Bipolar disorder, formerly called Manic Depressive Psychosis), a psychiatric disease characterized by an imbalanced mood. The Journal., Bipolar disorder is also known as ‘bipolar disorder’ when extreme manic behavior is one side of the disorder, while severe depression forms the other. Extreme mood changes in...
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Bipolar Disorder In Canada: Symptoms And Causes

Introduction In any given year, one in five people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness, and about one percent of Canadians will experience Bipolar Disorder. (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2013) Bipolar 1 Disorder formerly known as “manic depressive” disorder is characterized by one manic episode, which is usually followed by a major depressive episode but not always. “A person experiencing a manic episode often has feelings of self importance, elation, talkativeness, coupled with the characteristics...
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Bipolar Disorder: Theories And Impact

Introduction to Topic Writing this bipolar disorder essay example, I will delve into the intricate ways in which positive and negative emotions, along with various personality traits, exert their influence on the daily life of an individual dealing with bipolar disorder. Another name for Bipolar Disorder is that it is a Manic-Depressive Illness. This illness is a type of brain disorder that influences many abnormal changes and or switches that affect moods, any sorts of activity levels, energy, and any...
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Madness in Art: Linking Creativity, Mental Illness and Breakdown in History of Art

Introduction “No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.” Aristotle. The link between creativity and mental health is a very difficult one to define and even harder to prove. Mental illness as long as history can record has been a taboo subject. It has always been something to be feared, hidden and ashamed of. However, displayed in the artistic form, whether fine art, prose, poetry, or musical composition it becomes acceptable. It becomes easy for the viewer to...
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Silver Linings Playbook: Mental Illness (Bipolar Disorder) Essay

Bipolar Disorder as Presented in Silver Linings Playbook Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental illness that affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans. It is so serious in fact, that on average, it results in a 9.2-year reduction in expected life span, and as many as one in five patients with bipolar disorder completes suicide (DBSA, 2009). Bipolar Disorder is complex, and patients often suffer from a broad spectrum of symptoms. Treatment for bipolar disorder often requires medication, therapy and even...
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Bipolar I Disorder: Pathology and Treatment Considerations

Introduction Bipolar disorder is a highly complex condition which is less than fully understood but believed to stem from numerous genetic, developmental, and physiologic factors (Sigitova, Fišar, Hroudová, Cikánková, & Raboch, 2017). Bipolar disorder is not a single diagnosis but an umbrella term that encompasses Bipolar I, Bipolar II, cyclothymic disorder and hypomania (Sadock, Sadock, & Ruiz, 2016). This paper will focus on bipolar I disorder. In order to meet the criteria of bipolar I disorder, a patient must demonstrate...
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Model Of Disability: King Saul And Bipolar Affective Disorder

In this essay I will be focusing on the notion that King Saul suffered from Bipolar Affective Disorder (BAD). According to the NHS, “bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another” (NHS 2014). BAD also includes periods of mania and depression. I will be concentrating on the idea that Western interpreters, who in my opinion heavily conform to the medical model of disability, are very quick...
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