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In a world where racism inevitably exists, Brent Staples is one who personally shares his firsthand experiences with issues of racial inequality and unjust treatment in his remarkable essay “Black Men and Public Space”. As an African American man with a BA from Widener University and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago (139), people disregard his multiple qualities of success in both his school career and work career and judge him based off stereotypes because he is seen a...
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People today make generalizations about others every day creating a reluctant change in their own behavior towards strangers. This been a big anger issue that been going on for years. Brent Staples essay ' Black Men and Public Spaces' presents this topic which can be ranked as an intense reading because it shows the anger and embarrassment people feels when walking in public and being judged by people. Staples article talks about a man in his twenties being stereotyped as...
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How many racism problems occur every year? The racism problem has happened for hundred years, and we never know when it ends. It often happens to the black people. Has anyone ever imagined ourselves as black people, living a life of them, and experiencing how others treat a black person? 'My first victim is a woman' (Staples 502) is a quote from an essay of Brent Staples, who was treated as a criminal because of his black skin. Brent Staples...
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The civil rights movement was a historical time stamp in the fight for equality for all African Americans. “Black Men and Public Space” by Brent Staples and “Juxtaposing The Black Boy & The Bullet” by Danez Smith work together to bring a coherent image to the reader through the use of irony, personification, and juxtaposition to show that although many events in history, like the Civil Rights Act which ended segregation and employment discrimination, African Americans have yet to reach...
3 Pages 1269 Words
For over a thousand years, Race has and still is a topic that is associated with different emotions, views and thoughts. From the beginning of time, African Americans have always been judged and harassed just because of the color of their skin or where they came from. Brent Staples himself went through the hardship of being judged because of his race, but with him being a writer he was able to fight against the stereotyping with his article “Black Men...
2 Pages 921 Words
Identity is the characteristics, beliefs, personalities, and experience of a person or a group. Identity is a part of us and helps us make decisions. Identity is who people are, as they think about themselves, the way they view the world, and the characteristics that define them. In “Graduation,” Angelou wrote about her 8th grade graduation where a white person tries to belittle her and her race. Orwell records his incident in “Shooting an Elephant,” when he had to live...
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