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Bloodstone For Strength, Willpower, And Courage

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Since it is closely associated with Mars, Bloodstone naturally boosts its holder’s courage and determination with an abundant amount of masculine and fighting energy. It also stimulates the ground chakra to ground those who are spiritually adrift. Bloodstone gives us the power to get through our failures. It fuels us with determination to keep moving forward despite our mistakes, and instead see them as experiences to learn from. With this mindset, we will challenge ourselves more, which then helps us gain more strength, willpower, and courage. Wearing Bloodstone jewelry on a daily basis is a great reminder that we got whatever it takes to achieve our destiny.

Crystals to combine with Bloodstone for Enhanced Strength, Willpower, and Courage

Do you want to be stronger emotionally and spiritually? Do you want to have the courage or willpower to combat things beyond your control? There are some stones you can combine with Bloodstones to make your intentions manifest. Sunstones are known for their ability to bestow the wearer with the comforting warmth of the sun. This warmth helps dispel self-doubt, so you can keep moving forward. Combining the two stones will help you easily bounce back from your recent failures by revitalizing your strength and motivation.

Known as the stone of courage, Ruby helps you face your fears. It motivates you by boosting your mental concentration, thus helping you focus on your tasks. It is a stone worn by those who want to achieve their dreams. By pairing Ruby with the courage enhancing properties of Bloodstone, one will be granted a huge boost in courage which makes them fearless in the face of any challenge. As a stabilizing stone, Carnelian has the ability to renew your motivation and strength. It infuses you with courage while dispelling your doubts. Wearing one will help you strive for success. Pairing Bloodstone with Carnelian further grants the wearer with determination and helps you overcome your shortcomings.

Tiger’s eye is a fantastic stone to boost your determination. It can imbue the wearer with the combined energy of the earth and the sun to accomplish any task. Aside from that, it drives you to try new things by eliminating your self-doubt. With the boost of willpower from Bloodstone, their combination will increase your focus and aid you in achieving your goals.

How to use your Bloodstone to manifest and activate healing properties

I’ve mentioned above how you can use Bloodstones during meditation in a crystal grid. But there are other ways of incorporating Bloodstones in your crystal grid formation. You just have to reflect on your intentions and research the best gemstones for building your own grid. But aside from crystal grids, are there other ways to incorporate Bloodstones into your daily life and routine? Yes, there are.

One way is to use Bloodstone mala or prayer beads. These beads were originally used by Buddhist monks to keep track of their sutras or the repetition of their mantras. It’s usually composed of 108 beads, reflecting the sacred properties of that number in Indian and Buddhist practices. To use a mala, you can write up some affirmations and continually recite them while you meditate or as you work. Use the prayer beads as a guide to the number of repetitions.

Meanwhile, Bloodstone jewelry can also be used to enhance your willpower, self-confidence, and strength to face adversity. That’s why if you’re feeling down, maybe a Bloodstone pendant or waist chain can help cleanse the negative energy surrounding you. Another great way of using the Bloodstone gemstone is by using it in meditation. You can flip around a Bloodstone tumbled stone in your hand while meditating on your intentions. At the same time, you can also hold the crystal near the base of your spine, where your root chakra is, to help balance it. As long as you focus on your intentions, you’re sure to manifest them.

How to use Bloodstone for Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Bloodstones are infused with wood energy. That means it contains the energy of growth, new beginnings, and health. Feng Shui states that Bloodstones are particularly helpful in enhancing vitality and growth. It’s also a great stone for cleansing and protecting a space.

Bloodstones are typically placed in your home when you’re starting a new project. Since it contains wood energy, Bloodstones should be placed in the east or southeast areas of a home so it can influence the family, health, and prosperity areas of your house. When done correctly, Bloodstones can bring good health and long life to the inhabitants of the home.

Bloodstone in Folklore and Ancient Times

There are a lot of stories and folklore surrounding Bloodstones. Accounts of its use in Ancient times vary, but one thing’s for sure–everyone’s entranced by its magical beauty.

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Ancient Greek and Roman athletes are said to have used Bloodstones to enhance their endurance and physical strength, especially during public games. Ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, used these stones to give their soldiers a great advantage to overcome their enemies in battle. It’s also believed that if this stone resonates with you or speaks to you, you’re in a dangerous situation.

Ancient Ayurveda beliefs dictate that if this stone is ground into a fine powder, it can be used as an aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual stamina and passion.

Some people believe that the red spots on Bloodstones are droplets of Jesus Christ’s blood during the crucifixion. Others believed that Bloodstones predicted future events by altering weather. A handful even believed that the stone can turn a person invisible. No matter what the belief that surrounds Bloodstones is, this handful just proves that Bloodstones have a rich and colorful history.

How is Bloodstone formed?

Bloodstones are Silicates, particularly Chalcedonies of green jasper with iron oxide flecks. These stones have a hardness of 7 and are usually cut into cabochons. Bloodstones form at shallow depths and low precipitation from silica-rich ground waters in fractures and cavities. They are mined primarily in India but are also found in Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Russia, and the USA.

How do you care for your Bloodstone?

Crystals and stones need to be cleansed because the amount of energy they go through from the mining and shipping process can’t be healthy for them. Not only that, if they’re used regularly, they can accumulate negative energies that can potentially harm the user if not cleaned properly. So, how do you properly cleanse your crystals?

A popular method is using the light of the sun and moon. Most people cleanse their crystals on normal days and nights, while some wait for special days or nights with a full moon. To cleanse your crystal with natural light, set the stones out where moonlight and sunlight can touch them. Make sure they’re secured. Leave the stones out from midnight until 11 am, so they can bathe in the light of the sun and moon.

If you have larger crystals and Bloodstone stones, you can use Tibetan singing bowls or any source of pure sound you can get your hands on. The sound must be loud enough to encompass and bathe the stone. Do this for 5-10 minutes for as often as you need it.

Lastly, you can use sage or your favorite smudge sticks to purify your Bloodstone. Sage is a plant with many healing properties and is used to clear stones of inharmonious vibrations. You just have to light up your sage, transfer the stick to your non-dominant hand, and let the smoke envelop the stone for 30 seconds. If it’s been a while, you can do this for another 30 seconds more.

In conclusion

Bloodstones really are one of the most helpful stones out there. They help you stay on the ground instead of floating off into La-la Land, and they give you courage when courage just can’t be conjured.

It’s a stone that wants what’s best for the person no matter what circumstances they’re in. Bloodstone healing properties just prove how strong your life force and drive can be and supports you in everything. If anything, I’d call it my personal cheerleader in life. Does anyone agree?

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