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BMW's Brand Philosophy and Corporate Culture

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Controlling is a management function that control the performance of a company and process of carry out the plan that have been set. It recognizes the leeway between the plan that have been set and the real outcome. After that, it will make the correction to the deviations and also make sure the company is going on the achievement of its goals (Satyendra, 2015).

BMW’s brand philosophy, only through continuous innovation, can enable the company to maintain a strong life and continuous freshness. As the first brand, BMW definitely needs the first brand in terms of styling, material selection and quality, and needs to be constantly updated (Martina, 2017).

VPS is a value-added production system and is BMW’s main production system designed to create value (PSP Specialist, 2019). BMW VPS expert team completed a number of VPS production practices. In order to repair all quality defects, the BMW Quality Inspector will confirm the status of 100%. Every morning and afternoon, hourly quality meeting, according to BMW quality standards, 30 cars per day in the BMW test environment for road test and rain test.

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In fact, in order to improve product quality, BMW VPS systematically cultivated the quality awareness of its employees. Next, the checking process include the vehicle conducts road test and rainwater test in the BMW test environment every day, and conducts a round of regional review every week according to the BMW quality standard to fully guarantee the product quality.

BMW always views corporate social responsibility as an integral part of its sustainability strategy. As an advocate and practitioner of strategic corporate social responsibility, BMW is committed to combining its own resources and core competitive advantages to effectively promote the long-term development of all stakeholders through innovative and sustainable ways operating. Actively participate and create shared value.

Industry 4.0’s highly digital production method, the use of facility 3D printed thumb protection and sunroof adjustment to shorten the development cycle for small batches and custom chemical installations. Frontline employees can get accurate production information and instant messages through smart terminals. The mechanical exoskeleton (without seats) in the assembly shop provides physical support to employees who require extensive physical operations to help employees reduce labor force and increase productivity (Oliver, 2019).

The employee experience day is more about internal employees, because many employees work long hours in the company, but they don’t have the opportunity to drive, or even have no chance to get close to the car, so we did the employee experience day. For example, everyone can made an appointment on the reservation platform (when we were doing BMW 7 series activities), there will be BMW 7 series of handlebars staff to send home, so that employees can better understand the brand power.

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