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Book Review of The Jungle

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Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle. New York: Penguin Books, 1985. Print. Chapter 1

I will be using this quote from The Jungle to talk about how the Jurgis family still believes in the American dream. This occurs in chapter 1 after the wedding. This will help my paper in that it will open up the (not so) bright future the Jurgis family expects to have when they travel to America. A quote I will be using is, “Little one,” he said, in a low voice, “do not worry—it will not matter to us. We will pay them all somehow.

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I will work harder.” That was always what Jurgis said. Ona had grown used to it as the solution of all difficulties—“I will work harder!” (Sinclair 21). I will dive deeper into my analysis in my conference paper but here is to show the quote I will be using from the novel. The Jungle, written in 1906, is a novel about the harsh conditions and struggling lives of refugees in the United States, written by the American author Upton Sinclair. In describing the meat industry and the harsh working conditions, his main aim was to advance socialism in the region.

The novel reveals hardship in the working class, lack of social care, harsh living and working conditions, and hopelessness for many workers. The corruption of people in power is contrasted with these elements. In 1905, Sinclair published the book in serial form in Appeal to Reason, the socialist journal that funded the undercover investigation of Sinclair the year before, inspiring Sinclair to write the novel. Because of how socialist he was, President Theodore Roosevelt (at the time described Sinclair as a ‘crackpot.” Theodore wrote to reporter William Allen White privately about concerns about the quality of Sinclair’s work. But Theodore agreed with Sinclair’s findings after reading The Jungle.

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