Bottled Water vs Tap Water Essay

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Writing 5A Flash Draft Plastic Water Bottles - December 2019Zaira Shaker The argument of plastic water bottles is complicated because many say that plastic water bottles are a good source of water and should be able to use all the time. However, this is really not the case, because plastic water bottles ruin the environment, are killing animals, and the bottles and water can be contaminated.One reason that plastic water bottles shouldn’t be used all the time is that they are ruining the environment. For example, when people throw away plastic water bottles and don’t recycle them, they end up in landfills where they get compiled under more pieces of trash.

Once in the landfill, it will never decompose and will stay there for the rest of eternity. This is significant because it shows how with how many people use plastic water bottles, billions of water bottles are piling up in different landfills around the world. In addition, when plastic ends up in rivers, they can lead to lakes, which lead to oceans. Some of those bottles can work there a way to The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, located in the Pacific Ocean, where trash circles there forever, never decomposing. To add on, the process to make and transport bottled water use up many greenhouse gases, burning fossil fuels and causing climate change. Many skeptics claim that climate change isn’t very much a big issue right now and that we have plenty of time to fix these problems, but this is very important because climate change will bring on massive effects on the Earth ‘s biological and ecosystems. So next time you see a plastic water bottle on the ground, or have just finished a bottle give yourself, and the Earth a favor, and recycle it.

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Another reason bottled water shouldn’t be used is that they are killing animals. For example, most water bottles are produced with polyethylene terephthalate plastic. This type of plastic doesn’t biodegrade so it doesn't break down for thousands of years. However, they do break down into smaller plastic fragments over time. When these fragments are in the ocean, animals like salmon can mistake it as food and eat them. That salmon could be caught by fishermen, and then put onto our dinner plates.

Meaning, that we could be eating plastic contaminated fish. In addition, other animals could also eat that plastic and clog their system, making them think that they are full when in reality, they are starving to death. One last reason bottled water shouldn’t be used is that the bottles and water can be contaminated. For example, microplastics are little fragments of plastic that can be found in bottled water. These microplastics are less than 5mm long. In 2018, the World Health Organisation launched a health review in which microplastics were found in 93% of well known bottled water brands. Furthermore, this showed how they are a lot of hidden truths behind bottled water.

To add on, in the last few years, more bottled water companies are getting recalled for E.coli and other issues. Mae Wu, a senior attorney in the health program at NRDC stated, “The overall point was that people shouldn’t assume that bottled water is any safer or cleaner or purer than regular tap water”. This sheds light on how advertisers can make consumers want to have that so-called pure and natural spring water when really there are actually many flaws that come with consuming bottled water. In conclusion, bottled water has many faults. Some of these can include that they are ruining the environment, are killing animals, and can actually be contaminated, and is not always natural. So next time you have to choose between taking it from the tap or grabbing a water bottle, consider these new factors that come with the usage of bottled water.

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