Boxing Essay Examples

The Causes And Impacts Of Boxing Day Tsunami

What is the Boxing Day Tsunami? The Boxing Day Tsunami was a magnitude 9.2 tsunami which negatively affected society and the environment (University of Southampton,2017) which was caused by an earthquake and could have lessened by the use of buoys. There was no technology used...
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How To Box Properly?

In everyone’s life there comes a time in life where they’re going to have to fight, even if they don’t want to, such as to keep themselves safe. Yet, some people may grow up in rough places and must fight for their survival as if...
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Muhammad Ali And The Art Of Boxing

The art of Boxing is one of the most widely practiced ideals/sports to date. Boxing is one of the biggest sports amongst almost every generation as it is still relevant today with Pay-Per-View charts being topped in some of its biggest events. Having been raised...
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Should Boxing Be Banned?

I should start this essay by saying that one of my good friends is a professional boxer about to compete in his first championship match and like his father, himself a former commonwealth boxing champion, he has a love and passion for the sport that...
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Are Contact Sports Becoming More Dangerous?

Over the past few decades, sports, in general, have seen a major improvement in taking safety precautions in dangerous contact sports like rugby and amateur boxing. More young professionals are wearing headgear to help protect themselves from crucial head injuries which could heavily affect their...
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The Problem of Racism In Sports: Football And Boxing

Introduction A literature review is the process that critically analyzes various reports, books, writing and journal and find out methodological and theoretical concepts related to a specific topic or subject that has been discussed and on which the papers have projected their views (Hart, 2018)....
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What Are The Boxing Regulations?

Should boxing be a professional sport, well there are some different opinions worldwide. Some say that boxing is a great sport and that it should never go away. While others think that it should be gone. Lots of boxing fans say that the sport is...
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Travelling And Boxing

Boxing is a sport that demands a lot of travelling especially if you are a highly ranked player who is internationally recognized. You have to be present in different nations during a calendar year. However, the same applies if you are not a boxer but...
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