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Gender Identities and Sexualities Constructed for South Korean Boy Bands: Analytical Essay

The aim of this thesis was to understand how gender identities and sexualities are constructed for South Korean boy bands and their fandoms. An attempt was made in tracing the development of boy bands over the years, their changing images, their popularity and the way their fandoms are perceived, and how gender and sexualities are constructed for their fans through empirical research using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods as well as articles and other such secondary sources. The image...
3 Pages 1186 Words

General Stereotypes about Korean Boy Bands: Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Methodology: Interviews Interviews were conducted with three different people who subscribe to a Korean boy band fan culture to know their thoughts on the reception of boy band music, how gender and identity are constructed for the artists on the basis of their appearance, and how gender and sexualities are constructed for the fans of these artists. The first interviewee Ms. Angela (name changed) is a 23-year-old student pursuing a master’s degree in Industrial Psychology who has been...
4 Pages 1677 Words

Analytical Essay on South Korean Boy Group BTS

Introduction Every year, award shows and other musical events are being held in the music industry in order to honor and praise what was popular that year, what made a cultural impact or changed the musical boundaries for the future of the music industry. In South Korea, at the end of every year, the same thing is done but on a bigger scale than in most countries. The South Korean popular music festivals (SBS’ Gayo Daejeon, KBS’ Gayo DaeChukje) and...
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Black Boy: Richard Wright’s Autobiographical Novel

Richard Wright’s autobiographical novel, Black Boy, describes his life during the 1900’s, especially of the segregation and discrimination the Negroes had to go through. As Richard grows up, he notices bits and pieces of the unjust treatment blacks are given, eventually having to conform to this culture. Richard never really understands how and why his character is unacceptable, but unwillingly forces himself to change his identity to someone whites expect him to be for the sake of surviving. Even though...
2 Pages 1059 Words

Ideas Portrayed in a Small Boy Dreaming and The Egg

Being able to imagine allows us to escape reality and find relief and freedom in different situations. We search for new ideas and thoughts that can influence reality. Through different concepts of imagine, Fletcher Kinnear with his artwork, Albert Herzing through “A Small Boy, Dreaming” and Andy Weir in “The Egg”, we are able to get different representations of many aspects of life. Though we have multiple obstacles in life, we can find ways to overcome them in our imagination....
1 Page 521 Words

The Boy In Striped Pyjamas' Analysis

A universal theme represents a central idea about the human condition , that applies in both the boy in the striped pyjamas and the book thief in both a positive and negative aspects . These aspects give people something they can relate to and giving them a larger understanding of the context . ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ Written by John Boyne and “the Book Thief ”directed by Brian Percival ( 2006 ) both explore the universal theme childhood...
1 Page 629 Words

Evaluation of Beyonce Knowles’ Song, if I Were a Boy

Beyoncé Knowles started her music career at a very young age with a group compiled of her childhood friends. Her father quit his job in the cooperate world to help manage the group. After reaching some success; Beyoncé later broke off from the group and started the path for her own solo career. Her platform increased, and her fame exploded. The singer, dancer, entrepreneur, and actress never looked back and throughout her success she instilled in her fans from the...
3 Pages 1470 Words

The Influence of a Binary Understanding of Gender on Children's Experiences

In this essay I will be discussing the different ways of how an understanding of gender as a binary, has an impact on the experiences of childhood and/or youth. I will be discussing several ideas/understandings of gender as a binary and review the influences on childhood and youth experiences. I will split this essay into three parts, starting with how binarism affects boys and young males, how binarism affects girls and young females, and the part will be how society,...
3 Pages 1349 Words

Analytical Essay on Gender and Identity in Children’s Literature: Boys Versus Girls

Research Task This essay will be addressing Gender and Identity in children’s literature. These books are children’s first glimpse into education and it is partially what helps to shape their minds and opinions of the world around them, this includes how they view their own identity and how they view each gender. When referring to “Gender Identity” I will be addressing how people view what they should act like, what they should like, and what interests them based off their...
4 Pages 1598 Words

Stereotypes in Bringing Up Boys: Discursive Essay

The culture had created stereotypes that have clearly molded how both genders should behave and speak. In America, girls are taught to be weak and polite while boys are told to control their emotions because real boys don’t cry. Furthermore, these expectations have altered the way society defines men and women. Even in extreme cases, as some people will try to silence those who will test these gender roles. In this new millennium, nothing has changed by the ancient roles...
2 Pages 737 Words

Essay on Sports Development Initiatives for Girls and Boys

Big World Impact is an international charity that aims to create safe sustainable futures for the youth of the world. Their mission is to educate, empower and sustain. They also aim to keep the youth out of trouble and instead get them interested and involved in different sports and areas within sports. An example of their work would be the progress that they have made in Leigh Park since 2014. After just 3 months of delivering activities at Leigh Park,...
4 Pages 1922 Words

The Major Characters And Their Roles In Lord Of The Flies

“Lord Of The Flies” is a novel about a group of young boys who get stranded on an island after a plane accident and need to depend on one another to get help. They are a group of older boys called ‘biguns’ and younger boys called ‘littluns’. Piggy, Ralph, and Jack symbolizes the significance in society. Ralph becomes the chief and battles a great deal with Jack to be boss while Piggy stands uninvolved being the brains behind the chaos....
2 Pages 891 Words

The Psychological Consequences of Trapping Young Boys on an Island

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies follows the narrative of an airplane crashing into an uncharted, uninhabited island, of which the impact quashes the lives of all adults on board and leaves behind a young group of English boys to fend for their survival. Ralph and Piggy are the first two characters to interact, and per Piggy’s input, Ralph blows on a conch shell as a method to signal all the boys from the island; the first show of power....
5 Pages 2421 Words
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