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Brain Control Vs. Self Control

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Close your eyes. Breathe in. Feel the oxygen fill up your lungs. Focus your mind, do you feel something interrupting your thoughts? If all of that feels a little saccharine, perhaps now is the moment to turn to science for the truth.

The simple, swift movement of a surgeon implanting foreign cells into your mind may seem a lie at first. It was until recently when, renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Maddy Wilson performed research on Pretty Surgery. She began stating, “The lesions aren’t an accident. They’re part of the operation, just like all the bone sculpturing and skin scraping. It’s part of the way being pretty changes you.” For some, indulging into the premise of ‘Pretty Surgery,’ may seem enticing and much awaited. For others, it is the insinuation of unease and discomfort. The mere thought of being susceptible to mind control at any given moment would put an end to pretty surgery. This is explained by none other than Tally Youngblood, 16 year-old. Miss Youngblood would often dream of being a Pretty, and it was not until she ran away from New Pretty Town where she learnt about the surgical implant. But if mind-control has taught you anything, it is that just because something is popular, does not make everything else worthless. It’s the surgery that has made sane, ugly men into disturbed ‘pretty,’ men! A line needs to be drawn between sanity and insanity to put an end to this madness.

Governments with totalitarian control intend to be feared. With this come select individuals who choose to oppose their government views. With the ability to restrict undesirable thoughts and actions, governments are able to shape their citizens based on a single dictator. Likewise, this is exactly what the Special Circumstances have intended: intentional exploitation of citizens. In a surgery which nearly the entire population undertakes, the Special Circumstances can ’beautify,’ their population with a common, large scale solution.

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Perhaps the enduring appeal of going to sleep every night, to know that you are being controlled by a group of cells, is not enough. Yet the possibility that the Special Circumstance are controlling the words you read and admire, are disappearing right before you. A particular point of debate is that, “lesions bring peace and solitude in society.” Whilst true, you are restrained like a Rusty era horse; unable to think for yourself other than engage in self pleasure and sensual gratification, all of which were intended for a greater purpose. The higher purpose of course being, a restricted mind.

With a restricted mind, comes no diseases, given there is no need to look better than anyone; since well…everyone is the same! So, what is the harm in removing personal freedom from the equation? All of course, for a little harmony…? Looking through the lens of a Smokie, however things are much, much different. Az Wilson, leader and resident Smokie thinks differently. “This operation is nothing but a hoax! Once you take a surgery, you have been brainwashed! They tie you to the system for life, and never will they escape it! You are being stripped of your individuality!”

People have wanted the surgery, because it is all they could think about growing up. Many have wanted to live the life of a pretty. But would they still want to be a pretty, knowing that her brain would be filled with lesions, removing self inhibitions?

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