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Brains Ability To Acknowledge Different Advertisements

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Racism takes multiple forms and can occur in several places. It involves bias, discrimination or hatred against a person due to his or her colour, race, nationality or beliefs Racism is often related to abuse, harassment and even killing. However, vicious or intimidating behaviour does not need to be involved. This esse will go into depth about the impact of racism on communities and families of mainly African American people.

On August 9, 2014, Darren Wilson, a White Police Officer, fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was an unarmed Black teenager at the time of the shooting, in the St. Louis suburb Ferguson, Mo. The shooting caused protests for weeks in the area and on 24 November, the procurator of the St. Louis County announced that a grand jury had decided that Mr Wilson would not be convicted for murder. Another wave of protests began with the announcement.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is the biggest issue in the United States. The US is a world leader in its imprisonment rate, this exceeds almost every other nation’s rate. African Americans are more likely to be arrested than White Americans and they will be more likely to have been convicted once arrested, and once convicted, long prison terms are more likely to occur. As at the time of this article, 1 in every 3 black children born that year could expect to go to jail in his/her lifetime.

To see those statistics at first, it tells us how badly African American citizens including children are treated and there is little to no way of stopping it and you wonder why there are so many black people in prison. I believe it is due to how they are brought up as children. The most common stereotype for black people is that their father is either dead, in prison, or in a gang. This will influence their child to follow in their father’s footsteps and do what they do. This is one of the main reasons why there are many young African American people in highly known gangs like the ‘bloods’ and the ‘crips’. Although the amount of young people in gangs are lowering, a study done by the National Gang Centre (Also known as NGC) has shown that in 1996, 50% of all juveniles (under-18) are in a gang and that 45.2% of those are Hispanic or Latino, 35.6% are Black or African American, 11.6% are White and 7.5% are of other ethnicities. In 2011, percentages of juveniles being in a gang have dropped to 35% with 46.2% of them being Hispanic or Latino, 35.3% being Black or African American, 11.5% being White and 7% being of other ethnicities.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been addicted to race for the whole time he has been a public figure. He has a history of racial comments when he was a New York real-estate agent in the 1970’s and 80’s. Recently, his rise in political world was based on the lie that the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama was born in Kenya. After that, he launched his presidential campaign with a speech describing Mexicans as rapists.

The media is always commenting on Trump’s comments regarding race: racially loaded, racially charged, racially colourful, racially sensitive. And Trump himself has stated that he is “the least racist person.” However, how he talks and how he treats people does not confirm what he believes. He has been doing this for many years, and he’s still doing so.

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Hate crimes have been on the rise since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. White supremacists believe that they can say or do what they want, Anti-immigrant feelings has also increased. Although, we criticise these examples of hate, the American public have felt more comfortable in showing their racist feelings in public, as their President is always putting messages on Twitter which makes them feel that it is Ok for them to show their feelings and therefore makes them to feel safe to speak out.

A good example of the President allowing people to show their racism, was when a white supremacist driver ploughed into a crowd of people who were protesting against racism. The driver killed a number of people. President Trump’s response to the event did not show any sympathy for the victims, as he stated that the protesters provoked the white supremacist driver into driving his car deliberately into a group of peaceful protesters.

President Trump continues to blame a number of reasons for crimes against African Americans and Latin Americans, such as people may have had a mental illness, or people are just defending themselves. This type of thinking by someone in power just tells people and makes them believe that it is OK to continue to act in a racist way.

Racism in all aspects of life

Racism in America especially for the African American can be seen through all aspects of life. For example, looking at the education sector, compared to white children black American children are three times more likely to be suspended.

When we look at employment, over the last 60 years the unemployment rate black Americans is twice that of white Americans. This is the case even if the person has a college degree.

African Americans are also more likely to be stopped by the police compared to white Americans. The statistics show that black Americans are “30% more likely to the pulled over by the police”.

So, despite President Trump and other white Americans stating that they are not racist, the evidence provided above would point to the opposite opinion. Whether it is in the justice system, education, employment the level of racism is still very much a big issue in the US.

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