Brand Elements and Personality

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Brand Elements

The brand elements are the keys that uphold a brand and makes it complete for people to recognize it. For the new Crescent we will be discussing the following brand elements:

  • Name
  • Logo & Symbol
  • Color
  • Slogan
  • URL


We kept the name same as before, as the mother company name Crescent has its own recognition as a leather brand. So, keeping Crescent at the start of the brand name will save us from creating brand identity from the scratch. Crescent Footwear will be the brand name. It will be easily recognizable by the people and they can associate it with a leather footwear brand, for the name Crescent. Adding Footwear will indicate our niche product offering and will differentiate us from the mother brand. This will also help us to be in the top of mind of our target market who are looking for the minimum premium experience in their footwear.

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Logo & Symbol

The new logo is a fully reinvented one with a rustic feel in the logo design. The narrow shapes that has surrounded the brand name has a leather texture. It covers edge to edge around the whole logo. The fonts used for the brand name is sharp and bold which represents exactly a confident person. Very bold and sharp. The fonts for the tagline is in a scripted form which shows elegance and also has a clear view with the bold font of brand name above it. It will be very easy for everyone to remember the tagline whenever they see crescent footwear logo or brand name anywhere.


The color of the logo and brand is brown (a mixture of caramel & brunette). The color brown represents reliability, confidence & comfort. Which totally forms the strong emotional association that we are trying to portray in our rebranded Crescent Footwear. A brand that upholds confidence with a rustic look as well as gives comfort with 100% pure leather. This gives the brand the perfect finishing correlating with its slogan.


The slogan for rebranded Crescent Footwear is “Confidence comes in pure leather” which replaces the previous tagline “100% Pure Leather”. The previous slogan used to portray the functional offering only. Now, with the redefined slogan Confidence comes in pure leather it not only has kept the brands authenticity of functional offering but also gives the strong emotional connection and associated the target market with the slogan perfectly. The slogan has the perfect combination of the emotional and functional approach to the consumers. It defines the target market who are looking for such a footwear that suits their productive and progressive lifestyle with a touch of elegance on their attire and posture.


We will have a website for Crescent footwears which will be – where there will be bunch of segments. First of all, the portfolio of both Crescent Signatures and Crescent Everyday will be there. Which are our two footwear categories. Also, the concept of Your Crescent category will be based on full web mass customization. Anyone can open a free account in the Crescent Footwear website and can pick bunch of options according to their own preferences. Suppose anyone has bought a suit for a party and now wants to match the shoe color with it. He/she can upload the full image of the shoe and then they can get suggested colors matched with the suit from our available stock. If the color doesn’t match the available ones, one can completely select the shoe color by a color picker and get the exact same color as the suit with his/her crescent shoes. From shoes color to lace, anything can be customized on the website. Every customized and non-customized product will be available for home delivery and for free home delivery in specific regions. Last but not the least, the Crescent Footwear community will be on the website where all the free account holders of the website can showcase there crescent collection and moments and can interact with each other. All the Crescent Footwear events will also be published on the website.

Brand Associations

There will be two kinds of associations for the brand: a) POD Association b) POP Association. The selections for these two kinds of associations will be based on keeping the desirability and deliverability criteria in the mind.

POD (Point of Difference) Association

These will indicate the elements that will set Crescent Footwears apart from the available footwear products in the Bangladesh market. These are the ways in which it should be done -

  • a) Function Design: The collection of Crescent Footwear will have a unique rustic series of products that will have the attractions for the customers. Every design will have different supplicated approaches to the feeling of the customers who visit the crescent outlets or the web stores. The bunch of confident people will find their personality associated with these elegant designs of the footwears of Crescent.
  • b) Key Attributes: The key attribute will be the pure leather that has been associated with the brand for a long period of time in the Bangladesh market. Crescent’s promise on delivering the absolute pure leather footwears will be the core of the product. It will ensure the utmost comfortable experience yet with a premium outlook.
  • c) The One Strong Persona: This is where the Crescent Footwear is completely distinguishable with the other footwear brands, and that is the personality that is created by the rebranded Crescent Footwear: Confidence Comes in Pure Leather. The opportunity for the customers to relate to one of the strongest emotional appeal that they want to achieve and want to relate it with their lifestyle and activities. The urge to be confident in their every important stage of life will be connected with their choice of footwear, which is Crescent Footwears. The Crescent Footwear will not be selling a series of product only, but also will be perfecting a lifestyle and persona among the consumers.

POP (Point of Parity Associations)

Among three kinds of POP associations, Crescent Footwear will have two of them and they are:

  • a) Category Point of Parity: Crescent footwear unlike any footwear will offer most of the variety of footwear products in both physical outlets and web store. Outlets will have first-hand (foot) experiences for every product available in the outlets.
  • b) Correlational Point of Parity: Despite of being a premium footwear brand, Crescent Footwear will have a segmented category for the people who seek for a regular usage with a quality offering. This will correlate the core offering with this subsidiary model.

With the above POD and POP associations we can see that from the consumers perspective the associations are certainly desirable because the premium experience and the footwear has a demand in the market and the differentiation personality association lets the consumer decide to go for Crescent Footwear. As for the firm’s approach, it surely is deliverable as the positioning is feasible and also profitable for the brand.

Brand Personality

The kind of brand personality Crescent footwear upholds can be defined by a) Competence and b) Sophistication.

Competence: The Progressive Ones

People full of competence are the ones who are successful, hardworking, competitive and who wants to feel accomplished in life. The desire to keep progressing in life is what Crescent Footwear users wants. So, the brand personality associates with these people through its competence. These usually incorporated people who are in the corporate workforce and also business man with prestige.

Sophistication: The Elegance and Prestige

The success of life offers elegance and prestige to people and that is something they want to sustain. The feeling of self-confidence is the utmost sophistication that the people want in their lifestyle. By associating with it Crescent makes sure that the customers are preferring crescent rather than any other brand to sustain their elegance and prestige in their important moments of life.

Media Selection and Strategy

The promotional activity for the launching will be of three kinds: ATL, BTL and Public Relations. These activities will start from the beginning of the year and will be conducted till the end of the year.

ATL Promotion

The ATL promotions will incorporate mass media such as print media, TV, radio and digital media for its promotion. ATL promotions will be conducted throughout the year

BTL Promotion

To create the experience directly to the customers the BTL campaigns will incorporate activations, guerilla marketing, events etc. Customers will get the chance to connect with the brand physically. The BTL campaigns will also be digitally broadcasted to the mass media to give a glimpse of the activity. It will bring more people to the first-hand experience.

Public Relation

This segment will focus building up the community with keeping confidence at its core. The public relation will incorporate live seminars, talk shows and conferences about professional life grooming, featured by Crescent Footwear. These kinds of events will give the customers more window to get associated with the brand.

The Media Buying

The forms of media that will be used to showcase all the campaigns are TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine and Digital Media. For the TVC broadcasting we will be choosing three of the most popular and most viewed channels of Bangladesh and to keep the cost management precise. The choice for radio channel will be Radio Foorti for its maximum number of listeners. Prothom Alo and The Daily Star will be the choice of newspaper as the target market revolves around these two newspapers mostly For the magazines the selection will be picky as well, featuring Shouts, ICE Business Times and Corporate. Last but not the least for the digital media, we will be covering, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn for publishing the digital contents. LinkedIn and Facebook will be used to connect with the target market directly.

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