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Brazil Research Paper

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Archaeologists have found that Brazil has been inhabited since 9000 BC. After more than 10,000 years, in the year 1500, Portugal finally discovered Brazil, which at the time was occupied by about two million to six million indigenous Indians. In 1533, Portugal tried to establish government by dividing the land into 15 fiefs or territories. 300 years later, on September 7, 1822, Dom Pedro declared Brazil’s independence. In 1831, Dom Pedro resigned, left for Europe, and declared Pedro II as the Emperor of Brazil. Under the control of Pedro II for over 58 years, Brazil had progressed drastically, starting from a population of 4,000,000 and growing to 14,000,000. Today, Brazil has a population of over 211 million people, ranking as 6th most populated country in the world. Brazil has a unique culture due to its interesting history and development, flag, food, everyday activities, education, occupations, and attractions.

The Brazilian Flag originated in 1822 when the country became independent. The flag was then altered when a republic was proclaimed in Brazil on November 24, 1889. The flag was again modified due to the addition of more states in 1960, 1968, 1971, and finally in May 12, 1992, which is its current form. The flag is made up of a green background with a yellow diamond and the imperial coat of arms in the center. The colors were specifically chosen by Dom Pedro’s wife. The yellow color comes from the house of Habsburg, and the green color comes from the royal house of Braganza, where Dom Pedro belonged. The 27 stars of the flag represent Brazil’s 26 states and its federal district. The motto across the flag ‘Ordem e progresso’ stands for ‘Order and Progress’.

Brazil has a wide variety of food due to its diverse culture and people. The most famous dish in Brazil is feijoada. Feijoada is a stew of black beans with various types of pork and beef. It is served with farofa, rice, braised collard greens, and sliced orange, among other sides. Brazilians also enjoy churrasco, Brazil’s take on barbecue. Another favorite dish of Brazil is bife à cavalo com fritas (meat with egg and French fries). During Christmas, some Brazilians may eat ceia de Natal, a Brazilian Christmas Turkey Feast, including turkey, fruits, and white rice. During Valentine’s Day, people could have some Brazilian chocolate bonbons called brigadeiro, using taza chocolate and rolled in a variety of tasty toppings. Beijinho de coco (little coconut kisses) using unsweetened coconut and condensed milk, and torta de pão, a classic Brazilian casserole featuring chicken.

Brazil also plays many sports, the most popular being soccer. Brazil hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup and got 4th place. The second most popular sport in Brazil is volleyball. Brazil has been recognized as the world champion in beach volleyball.

Brazil also hosted the 2014 Summer Olympics, being the first country in South America to do so. Some activities to do in Brazil include strolling beaches or visiting amusement parks. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they have Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon beaches side by side which gives you a choice between which of these incredibly beautiful beaches you’d like. Everyone can also visit fun amusement parks in Brazil such as Beto Carrero World, Hopi Hari, Terra Encantada, and Rio Water Planet.

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Education in Brazil is somewhat different from Florida’s education system. In Brazil, their elementary school is our elementary school and middle school into one thing. They attend elementary school from age six to fourteen. High school is attended from age fifteen to seventeen. They have one more year of elementary school then us, however, they have one less year of high school. However, in their school year, they have 200 days of school compared to our 180 days of school. School is mandatory from age seven to fourteen. However, this law is rarely followed because many children live in rural areas or must work to make money for their families instead of spending time at school. This has led to a high rate of illiteracy and unemployment in Brazil, which has led to even less schooling as these ones must then involve their children in the work sector to bring in extra funds. The vicious circle continues. The number of Brazilian children that make it to high school is dropping at a steady rate. In fact, only about a third of school children ever get to grade six. Their grading system works like this: A: 90% – 100% (Excellent); B: 80% – 89% (Very good); C: 70% – 79% (Good); D: 60% – 69% (Satisfactory); E: < 60% (Failing grade).

In terms of universities, there are many public and private universities. However, there it is much more beneficial for public universities because they are completely financially supported by the government and offer a better education compared to privately funded universities. A Bachelor’s degree in Brazil takes between four and six years to complete. It exceeds the level and category of a European Bachelor’s degree and is alike to the European Master’s degree.

Brazil has a thriving agriculture industry being the world’s largest producer of beef cattle, tropical fruits and sugar cane and world-leading coffee producers for more than a century, which shows that the most popular graduate jobs in Brazil agricultural jobs. Some other popular jobs in Brazil include automobiles, banking, oil and gas, and textiles. In the ManPowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2018, 34% of employers in Brazil reported difficulties in hiring new staff. This is significant because this shows that Brazil has many open job opportunities. Companies are lacking sales representatives, accountants, auditors and financial analysts, healthcare professionals, IT professionals, and engineers (chemical, civil, electronic and mechanical). People in need of a job could very easily find an occupation in Brazil.

There are many beautiful attractions in Brazil. The Christ the Redeemer Statue on Corcovado Mountain is the most known attraction in Brazil. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Some other famous attractions in Brazil are the Amazonia National Park and the Amazon River, Iguazu Falls, Fernando de Noronha, and Sugarloaf Mountain. All of them are famous throughout Brazil and are main attractions that you must visit when you’re in Brazil

Brazil is a very famous country and has millions of tourists each year. The facts in this essay show how important Brazil is compared to the world because of its unique education system, its beautiful scenery, and its contribution in the world of sports. It’s a beautiful country to visit and will continue to flourish in the future.

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