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Breastfeeding As A Prevention Of Breast Cancer

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An enormous increase in the incidence of breast cancer among women is widely seen. Prevention is always the better option, than fighting the disease. Mostly women do initiate the practice of breast feeding soon after giving birth, but majority does not put much effort to continue it .The exact relationship between duration of breast feeding and breast malignancy is not understood or rather, neglected by the public. Hence forth it is pivotal to know how longer or shorter feeding practices increase or decrease the risk of breast malignancy. So, as a registered nurse, author can gain a better knowledge if ,the length of breast feeding can bar off neoplasm of breast.


According to an article published on a study, (Breast cancer and breast feeding: 2002), data was collected individually from 47 studies,which was epidemiological studies and involving 30 countries.The data included patterns of breast feeding .This was done among women diagnosed with breast neoplasm accounting for 50302 and women without the disease as control groups accounting for 96973.A collaborative reanalysis of the data collected was performed.The findings were quiet interesting since it paved the way to a link between duration of breast feeding and possible chances of getting a breast cancer. Only a few women with beast cancer provided breast feeding when compared to the control group.(71% and 79%) respectively and that too for a very short duration,9.8 months which is far less than control groups with 15.6 months.For every 1 year of feeding, there was 4.3% lesser risk of developing malignancy.The study ,without doubt, concluded that the more prolonged the duration of breast feed is , the lesser is the risk of getting malignancy of breast.

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Another study published( Kim Y,Choi JY,Lee KM et al( 2007) , was carried out in a hospital setting in Korea.It was a case - controlled analysis where the candidates were Korean women who had a positive histology findings for cancer of breast.They were a total of 753 in number and controls were also in the same number.The assessment of risk was carried out by unconditional logistic regression models.The inference from the study was that, The risk of cancer of breast was directly proportional to the months of breast feeding.For a women who breast fed for one year , there was an alarming, 56% lesser risk of breast malignancy than a women who fed for 1 to 4 months.


After thoroughly analyzing the studies and evidences, it can be concluded that there is a strong relationship between the occurrence of breast cancer and length of breast feeding. The longer a women breast feed, the slightest is the chance of getting a breast malignancy. The findings are appropriate and applicable for women in countries like Australia, where the breast feeding time period is considerably short among the new mothers and cases of cancer of breast are intensifying day by day. Various awareness programs and campaigns on promoting breast feeding for a longer duration and its preventive effect on breast malignancy, from both the side of health care professionals and government is highly recommended as an eye opener for all the women.

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