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Milk Wars: Public Opinion On Breastfeeding

Introduction Over the past few decades, infant feeding has been under the spotlight of public opinion. In the United States and other developed countries, debates have arisen about maternal leave policies, breastfeeding in public, and formula food risks. A similar infant feeding debate also exists in developing countries, yet, the discussions are focused on corrupt infant formula promotion, the lack of sanitation, and infectious diseases linked to infant feeding practices. Since 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recommended...
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Breastfeeding In Public: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography 1. Boyer, K. (2018). The Emotional Resonances of Breastfeeding in Public: The Role of Strangers in breastfeeding Practice.Emotion, Space and Society,26, 33–40. In this article, breastfeeding is discussed as being a “iconic symbol of succor” and “comfort giving.” The article is explaining how breastfeeding is natural and has many health benefits for not only the baby but for the mother as well. It also goes into detail about how breastfeeding may also cause physical and psychic discomfort....
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Breastfeeding In Public: Social Shaming

The topic we have chosen is Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is important because it provides babies with the essential nutrients needed for growth and development. Breastfeeding also creates a strong bond between the mother and child. This is why babies who are breastfed are usually calmer because they feel a great deal of safety and security when nursed. Lastly, breastfed babies are less likely to develop certain illnesses that formula fed babies develop. This is because breast milk contains antibodies that are...
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Breastfeeding in Public Versus Bottle Feeding: Advantages And Disadvantages

Most people debate on whether to breastfeed or formula feed their infants, most people say they should breastfeed their infant because it’s a more natural option, but what if you can’t because of medical issues, then what are you supposed to tell them that you would just rather not breastfeed, and risk getting judged because you can’t breastfeed? In this paper, I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding and the effects on the...
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Breastfeeding In Public In Hong Kong

After analysing whether Hong Kong is a breastfeeding friendly society with reference to parameters based on facilities, government support and public policies, I believe that Hong Kong is not a breastfeeding-friendly society. I will further explain with the evaluation in aspects of coverage, protection and discrimination below. Parameter 1: Coverage of support for mothers to breastfeed is low Currently, there are only 2 hospitals are accredited by BFHIHKA to be a Baby-friendly Hospital in Hong Kong. The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative...
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Social Shaming Issue Due To Breastfeeding In Public

My article is about how breastfeeding is publicly shamed and experts think that mothers should be able to breastfeed in public without the worries of people criticizing them for either inappropriate behavior or just for being disgusting. In the article, it states “​Breastfeeding moms have been ​asked to cover up at pizzerias​, ​confronted at malls​, ​singled out on flights​ and ​booted from water parks​.” This shows how breastfeeding is not accepted everywhere. ​My article doesn’t describe one single person but...
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Is Breastfeeding In Public An Acceptable Social Norm?

INTRODUCTION The subject of breastfeeding in public has never usually been a controversial one, until now. In a world where everyone’s different views are valued, some cases of discrimination to new mothers trying to feed their babies has caused a riot in the political domain. My PIP addresses the topic of, is breastfeeding in public an acceptable social norm. This research aims to cover different gender views on breastfeeding mothers in public and the impact that is has on mothers...
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The Reasons Breastfeeding In Public Should Not Be A Shame

Everyone loves to eat, especially babies and once they are hungry, they must be fed. No matter when, and where they are. Breastfeeding is the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Breastfeeding is for a woman to feed her own child with milk produced by the breasts. Human breast milk is produced by a woman’s body and is used to feed a baby. It is produced by the mammary glands...
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Breastfeeding In Public: How Do Newspaper Journalists Frame The Issue Of Breastfeeding And Nipple Exposure

Main argument: (205) The hypothesis of this project is: ‘How do newspaper journalists frame the issue of breastfeeding and nipple exposure?’ Attention was drawn to the way media uses language in order to resolve the way they enculturated sexism. Women can gain control over how their bodies are represented if supported by health care news regarding the word ‘nipple’. The shame of public breastfeeding can be removed if the word ‘nipple’ removes stigmatisation. There is room for change as constructivism...
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