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Buddhism Theology Versus Greek Theology

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Theology since ancient times is a mysterious topic. There are two kinds of typical branch of theology, Greek theology and Buddhism theology. They are more popular than many other theologies. People may think that they are so similar in many aspects that they can’t be distinguished very clearly. As a matter of fact, they are different in some ways. This essay will show 3 similarity and 3 differences between Buddhism theology and Greek theology.

Admittedly, there are many similarities between them, but the most typical one is their nature. The two theologies are both a kind of belief. People believe in them so that they can get explanations of the Incredible things. Because people can’t always explain everything well, people must find something to make them feel reassured. In addition, both kinds of theology are very mysterious. It is difficult to figure out when they came out, who created them, and if it is true. People can only believe or not. Also, an important similarity is that the theology was often created because of human’s explorations of nature. The human’s spirit of exploration can often create a lot of interesting things, and theology is a typical symbol of them. It shows many demands of human, such as career, love, health, and study.

[bookmark: _Hlk19628624]Although the two kind of theology are very similar in some ways, there are some difference between Buddhism theology and Greek theology. An interesting thing is that, although the gods of two theology are all strong, their moral qualities are different. Usually, the gods of Buddhism are almost perfect, like the Bodhisattva, is thought the most holy one in the world. However, in Greek theology, the gods always have some flaws. Like the head of the gods, Zeus is unfaithful in love, or the Cupid, the god of love, loves to play tricks on people. But the Buddhist gods like the Bodhisattva, is the most holy one in the world. I think this difference is due to the definition of god between the east and the west. Most people in the east believe that gods are holier than everything and should be perfect, while westerners tend to believe that gods are the projection of human, so there will be some flaws of gods. Different ideas produce different cultures, different cultures influence people's thinking in turn. That is the reason for why there are so many interesting theologies and varied cultures.

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Another significant difference is about the popularity between the two theologies. It’s easy to see that the Greek theology is much more popular than Buddhism theology. Many gods of Greek theology are adapted into various films and cartoons and are widely known around the world. But although Buddhist gods have also been adapted into film and television, the popularity is poor. Why? Because of the cultural output. Chinese culture output is not enough to let most of the world know the Chinese culture like the Buddhism theology. Maybe China should learn from American culture output. As we all know, American Superhero Movie has become very popular around the world. And the strong culture output can take a lot of benefits to a country.

The last but also important one is the division of labor. Each Buddhist gods usually controls a larger sphere, and the most powerful god can do some other gods’ job. But in Greek theology, each god always controls one or two things, even the head of gods can’t do all the other gods’ jobs. Maybe this is also because of the different understanding of gods between two kinds of people. One may think the gods should do many things because the gods are almighty, while another people think the gods should be like human, just do one or two things with whole heart.

In conclusion, different environments determine different cultures, and then show discrepant theological systems. But the essences between different theology are both derived from people’s explorations of nature and pursuits to a better life. And, no matter what theology is, it is a treasure of human wisdom. We should protect it, respect it and keep it alive. Only in this way can later people enjoy these wonderful cultures.

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