Bullying And Discrimination At Workplace

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Human beings have the prospective to mistreat each other with verbal abuse and bad behaviour. It is aimed at an individual or a group of people to make them feel ashamed and damage their reputation. It can be physical bullying by speaking in abusive and aggressive language or using social sites and make rumours about a person or a group of people to make them feel disrespected. (Leymann, 2015).

To begin with, bullying at workplace has become very common and the people with high standards make rumours about others and plays with their feelings for their enjoyment. Moreover, people with dominating nature speak in harsh and bitter language which becomes difficult for a person to tolerate. Innocent people usually fall prey to inappropriate behaviour of the leaders or the dictators. Further, it is observed that people working at different places are sometimes maltreated by their bosses just for some silly reasons. Apart from this, people also prejudice the workers of a different culture working with them just for their pleasure because of which some influenced and disrespected workers try to commit suicide and therefore, it becomes a crucial factor. Further, bullying cannot be easily claimed because it does not leave any proof of the spoken words and some witness can be effective to make the complaints against a person or a group of people. Moreover, workers with weak physical body are also bullied and it affects the person to a great extent for long time. People speaking different language at workplace are also discriminated by being treated in inhuman way through either making fun of their religion, culture or the nation by some people which reflects the hollowness in their thinking. In addition to this, it further creates a plethora of dilemmas for the victim in the form of depression, tension and loneliness. Bullying is also observed when some people misuse their power out of mercy and behave negatively with some workers and the victims fail to defend themselves or take any action against this inhuman activity. Apart from this, people at workplace are sometimes overloaded with work to make them distressed or sometimes their work is not recognised and appreciated and workers feel that they are treated partially which affects their feelings and emotions. Further, if a worker is treated with intimidating and aggressive behaviour it creates a sense of fear among them which not only affects their concentration on work but also diminishes their interest in work. Moreover, some workers are also bullied due to their different body language and people make their joke and it hearts the victim to a significant extent. Further, people also insult some workers due to their inability to perform particular work and unfortunately it creates a stress in the mind of the affected worker. Apart from this, some dominating people also make fun of the workers if a worker is very short or very tall and it eventually breaks the victim completely and makes them feel insulted and abused. Further, workers working under the leaders with dominating nature unluckily suffer from discriminating which makes them dissatisfied with the work environment and it further decreases their efficiency making the productivity and prosperity of the business to decline and as a result of this the business starts suffering losses. Bullying creates a sense of insecurity among the workers and often it’s consequences on the victim are long lasting. Apart from this, the person who is bullied is also called target and mostly the person who is bullied is an honest employee, an ethical and independent thinker and result of bullying is not only headaches or vulnerability but also it makes the target to withdraw from going to work which further inclines the count of absences and eventually the business starts incurring losses. In addition to this, workers at workplace are also subject to caste discriminations and usually the people who bully try to affect and disgrace the religious sentiments of the unimpeachable workers which makes the target discouraged and demotivated to perform the work. (Anonymous, 2016).

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Further, some people try to make fun of the dress code of the target and calls them with an improper name and treat them differently from others which ruins their lives and tears their confidence down. Apart from this, the workers belonging to a different country also fall prey to discrimination by some cunning people at workplace and sometimes it is impossible for the victim to understand that he is bullied due to some tricky ways used by dominant people to insult the worker. Moreover, workers are disrespected by speaking wrong about their nation, people living in their country, illiteracy in a group of people to make the victim feel inferior and less important than others. Some teasers also degrade the workers on the basis of their age and often the old workers are discredited due to their slow speed of work or their unattractive appearance which compels them to resign from the job. In spite of the regulations at workplace some mockers bully the innocent workers due to their gender difference for their entertainment and to make the target feel slandered. Further, in most cases the women working in a group of men is mocked at by some workers which is a sign of negative behaviour of some workers at the workplaces where the strict rules and regulations are neglected by the harasser and the victim becomes helpless due to no witness or the proof of being abused by the insulter. Moreover, this type of discrimination may occur to anyone in numerous ways which creates the hindrance of gender inequality at the workplace. Further, intolerance has also been an impediment at workplace in terms of the women not being promoted and paid less even though women can perform a particular job in exact manner as a men can and it further evaluates the chances of favouritism at workplace. Moreover, in certain cases male workers are given more demanding tasks than female who are equally qualified but given less formidable engagement which creates a sense of unfairness for women workers. (Veazie, 2019)

In addition to this, inequality is also observed at certain times at the workplace by not appreciating the work done by women which makes them demotivated. Moreover, while a person is bullied the victim is trapped in such a way that the target becomes helpless to defend himself and suffers from bullying and by the passage of time it becomes a very serious dilemma for the victim and in that situation the target cannot sleep properly and remains distressed and scared. Apart from this, bullying can be for the fun of some dominant and cunning people but it has very serious consequences on the victim and in some situation a person is bullied to such an extent that the victim is compelled internally to commit suicide in this way it causes the loss of the lives of the victims. Further, due to discrimination the target feels isolated, and ashamed and they become incapable to take any action and victims think that if they would report about the circumstances then the situation may become worse and their silence provides the opportunity to teasers to take the wrong merit of their quietness and discriminate the workers. Apart from this, the workers who are disabled are also vulnerable to bullying and discrimination because teasers target those people who are different in certain ways and who cannot fight back against the ridiculer and instead of helping the paralyzed in any way the teasers speak in aggressive and harsh language with the victims and it has critical impacts on the targets usually when they are insulted in front of their subordinates and it further impel them to abandon their responsibilities at work and lastly they leave the job. Moreover, if a worker is not looking smart due to weak structure of body the other people make fun of the victim by calling the target with inappropriate names and speak in injurious language with them and in certain cases the members of the family of victim are also disgraced in talks with the target which makes the victim angry, burdened and upset and this frustration creates problems like depression to the victims. (Alex Diaz, 2017)

In addition to this, the disabled workers are ignored in front of other workers and others are embarrassed and the contributions of the victim are omitted and it makes them under pressure to take strict action but due to their helplessness victims fail to inform about the discrimination and makes them bored continuously for long time which after a bit causes various serious health problems to the targets and spoils their lives. Moreover, victims also become tensed due to the loss of their reputation at the workplace and it makes them to think that they are unimportant than others and finally becomes the reason of the risks to their health.

To conclude, bullying and discrimination is elevating at various workplaces and it causes a plethora of difficulties to the victims and the government should make strict rules and regulations to prevent workers from this issue. Thus, employers should punish teasers strictly so that others should not be courageous enough to behave in such an inhuman manner and that the workers can work and earn their livelihood in a safe and unscarred environment.


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