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Bullying Children with Mental and Physical Disabilities

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Bulling is a social problem that leads to negative outcomes among the individuals involved. People with mental and physical disabilities are likely to be bullied more than normal students without any form of disability. The risk of bullying among the people under these groups is much higher. Individuals suffering from mental disabilities are likely to develop poorer mental health once bullied. It is probable that they will experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and other risks that are associated with bullying. One of the potential ways to handle the situation is changing the focus of anti-bullying programs to focus more on disabled students.

Everyone is different but having a disability can make children become a target of bullies. A child can be physically bullied by being hit by someone, whom is not disabled. Many of the teachers and parents are aware of physical and mental bullying, which affects the child’s peer relationship, thus leading to self-isolation. Teenagers who are intimidated face many social and emotive risks since they can easily become depressed and have low self-esteem. As a result, some face problems of sleeping, poor attendance to school, and low motivation, amid others. There are measures that have been placed to prevent bullying, so far they still occur. Different measures and techniques should be utilized to prevent bullying. Bulling children with mental disabilities leads to poorer mental health, while those with physical disabilities feel socially degraded.

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Getting rid of bullying among children and teens could make a huge difference in their health, learning, and well being. Therefore, there is a need for schools acknowledging that there is a problem of bullying that is linked with a mental and physical disability. Most of the teens affected are those going under the adolescence stage. This is the stage at which many young people are much active in their social and cultural environment. Therefore, their health is much related to social issues. Considering that there is already a mental problem existing, it intensifies the situation and triggers the problem to a more extent. Bulling is one of the leading causes of poorer mental health status; this is to show that if high levels of bullying to teens with disabilities are eliminated, it could make a huge difference to their health status. Consequently, individuals with disabilities are likely to be bullied compared to those who do not have any form of disability. In the United States, disabled children are 2-3 times more apparent to be bullied. Individuals that have visible disabilities are likely to be left out from social activities. It can also lead to feelings of helplessness, which can later lead to suicidal thoughts. Those are some risks that are associated with mental and physical bullying among children with disabilities. Children can be very vulnerable since they are less likely to handle such social situations that have much pressure on them. Since bulling is much associated with children and teens, parents and teachers have a huge role to play to ensure that their children do not bully others or become bullied. There are other forms of bullying that linked to workplaces; these areas can also be a threat to someone’s health despite them being adults. Moreover, workplaces with individuals who have disabilities should be to address the issue by setting guidelines are rules that govern its employees.

Importantly, one of the potential future directions is changing the focus of programs that deal with anti-bullying. Most of these programs are focused on groups that are vulnerable specifically indigenous and ethnic minorities. However, the focus on groups that have mental and physical disabilities is less since they are perceived not to be bullied. Eliminating bullying should be a focus that is directed to every group that is likely to be bullied, thus reducing any form of inequalities. Schools should be able to take interventions by training teachers on how to handle students, having individual counseling and policies for students, and creating a plan that can be used for conflict resolution among students. It is inappropriate for children undergoing mental and physical disabilities to be treated poorly by their peers. The programs should focus on ways that aim at improving the lives of students with disabilities while creating a greater social relationship with their peers. Teachers should also be able to work with parents since this is a shared responsibility.

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