Bullying: Persuasive Essay

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Bullying: it is repeated and deliberate misuse of energy in relationships through repeated verbal, physical, and/or social behavior that aims to cause physical, social, and/or mental damage. Bullying usually takes place online or in person, through numerous digital platforms and devices and it can be seen or hidden. For many years now bullying has been an issue, especially among youth. This speech will address how there is too much bullying in today’s society. There are many short and long-term effects of bullying. From studies, it can be seen that there are more people who have experienced bullying than haven’t experienced it. This is seen as 59% of people have experienced bullying. Something must be done about bullying and we need to work together.

Bullying can have a huge impact on a kid's schooling life. Not attending school is one of the first problems the people being bullied do. The statistic of kids staying at home is over 100,000 students because they feel unsafe and insecure. This is not right to see all these kids stay home because of these tough bullies that try and ruin someone’s life. It is a very important issue as the school sets up your future as it gives us general life skills to help with daily living activities and can set you up financially. If they do not attend regularly this can result in lower academic outcomes and have effects on having friendships at school.

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Also, you can experience general life things like sleeping problems due to nightmares. Parents definitely don’t want to see their kids upset all the time because of bullying. It is an extremely difficult time for the parent to go through. So we must put a stop to bullying.

Mental health is another effect of bullying. Do you want to see your kid have mental health problems? Interestingly having a mental health problem is a very serious issue. Bullying can affect someone for their whole life. It scares them for life. The mental health problems that they can experience are anxiety and depression. Do you want to see your kid lonely all the time? They will be doing everything themselves because they are scarred from being bullied. Bullying can go as far as your child is suicidal. This is not right. From being bullied to going all the way to being suicidal is not okay. “Students who are bullied are 2.2 times more likely to have suicide ideation and 2.6 times more likely to attempt suicide than students not bullied”. There must be more education around this to stop the bullied from being suicidal. It can be found that there is a least 3 suicides a week to bullying. This adds up to 1,095 deaths a year or more. This statistic is alarming and something needs to be done very quickly!

There are many ways to prevent bullying. So we must put a stop to bullying. Ways to prevent this is to teach kids what bullying is. So for this, kids at school should be taught what bullying is by showing videos at least three times a year so they can get it into their heads. When getting bullied they should be taught how to stand up for themselves so that if they get bullied they are not acting like they are scared. Another way to prevent bullying is the parents should show their kid or kids how to show respect to other kids so no bullying happens. These ways are implemented in today’s society but it needs to be done more often so it gets into kids' heads.

This persuasive speech has demonstrated that there clearly needs to be something done about it.

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