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Business Analysis: Reflective Essay on Job of Business Analyst

Introduction: A Business Analyst is responsible for knowing what the goal of a project is, how to achieve it, managing any changes to the goal, and ensuring that all deliverables are aligned with the goal. Most of the people fail to understand the meaning of Business analysis, Business analysis is the process of determining business needs and providing solution for the issues. Some say it is not really a profession, but more of a line of work or collection of...
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Business Case for Effective Execution of System for a Victoria Infringement Management System: Business Analysis

Introduction The critical duty of a business analyst is incorporating new techniques for new procedures, making and actualizing it effectively in business. They had the responsibility of reducing any barrier between information technology and business by utilizing constant examination and information process by determining the business procedure. They can adapt and implement sophisticated innovation for the effective usage of the system by accomplishing business destinations and objectives (Podeswa, 2009). Infringement Management and Enforcement Services (IMES) is starting at now using...
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Business Analysis, Planning and Monitoring: Analytical Essay

Abstract The case study is about the Victoria Infringement Management System (VIMS) that is used by the Sheriff’s Office to enforce all infringement notices, court orders and warrants. After being the topic of concern for almost two decades, warrant enforcement appears to be an important, ongoing problem with more warrants being released than executed. This scheme presents a major issue because not all violation notices, court orders and warrants are being followed up by the Sheriff’s office. Infringement Management and...
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Case Study of Discourse Community: Business Technology Analyst

I am interested in both business and technology but is there any job that combines both business and technology? The answer is yes. Although there are not a lot of these kinds of jobs. The one that I know is business technology analyst, which is the one that I wanted to do as my future career. An analyst is an individual who performs an analysis of a topic. The term may refer to one of the following professions: accounting, business,...
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PEST Analysis of Google

Google or Alphabet was founded in 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Both of them attended Stanford grad school initially the search engines name was BackRub. Their first office was a garage in a suburban neighborhood owned by Susan Wojcicki who is the current CEO of YouTube which is another subsidiary by Alphabet. Google They now have hundreds of products mainly software related. The full form of google is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth and also...
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Comparative Analysis of BMW and Chevrolet Car Companies

The following report features an in depth analysis and comparison of two major automotive giants being Chevrolet and BMW. This report aims to explore in depth the history, practices, management between the two companies, so that we can better understand how two vastly different companies dominate their field. BMW BMW is a German motor vehicle manufacturer that was officially found on the 7th of March 1916 and is now one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. Although during...
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Implication of Trends on Business Analysis

A business systems analyst (BSA) can be described as someone who undertakes business analysis tasks as stated in the BABOK Guide. A BSA is responsible for finding, extracting and interpreting information from a range of business sources including tools, procedures, documents and stakeholders. A BSA ensures that the requirements of the stakeholders are well elicited. This involves examining and articulating their stated needs to establish the problems in a system and its causes. The role of a BSA is to...
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Lego Brand Structure Overview and PESTLE Analysis

Lego is the world’s and most profitable and successful toymaker (Bhattarai, 2020). “Lego is a Danish company, best known for the production of Lego-brand toys which consist of interlocking plastic bricks” (Barakaat, 2019). Since it was founded in 1932 the brand has made innovative and ground-breaking designs to entertain children, and others worldwide. The iconic brand has a major influence and significance within the toy industry as it is the leading competitor and holds a major market share and a...
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Lego Business Identity Analysis

Lego is world’s famous and largest company of plastic toys manufacturing. Lego was using petroleum manufactured ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) to make its toys’ bricks, which is not environment friendly. Lego is proactively decreasing their carbon footprints and they also announced and took initiative in 2015 that by 2030 Lego’s products will be entirely sustainable. LEGO company efforts towards their sustainability is significantly appraisable. Lego partnership with World Wildlife (WWF) promotes globalization which helped them to reduce their carbon dioxide...
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Analysis of the Netflix Business Model

Operational Excellence 2017 – Netflix wins its 1st honour, with ‘The White Helmets’ for Best Documentary movie. Netflix hits a hundred million members globally. Netflix signs producer overall deals with Shonda Rhimes and Jenji Kohan. Netflix premieres ‘BRIGHT’, its 1st tent pole action film, major can Smith. 2018 – Netflix wins honors for Best Documentary Feature for ‘Icarus’. Netflix announces overall deals with Ryan potato, African country Barris, Jason Bateman. Netflix’s ‘Summer of Love’ brings back classic rom-coms together with...
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Reasons Why Sony Betamax Fails in the Market and How to Avoid it

The company named Sony is successfully running in the market but there is the product which is failed when they open the company or newly start. The product was video cassette recording which is also called vcr. The name given to the product was Betamax and in the market it was called sony Betamax. This product has several features but there are many demerits of that product due to which the product was failed in the market. The company sony...
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Nike's Company Business Analysis

Company Overview Nike manufactures athletic apparel and equipment. They produce tennis shoes, cleats, performance clothing, etc. Their main competitor, especially in North America, is Adidas. Some other competitors are Reebok, Under Armour, Oakley, and even Crocs. In Nike’s previous fiscal year which ran from May of 2018 to May of 2019, they brought in a total revenue of almost $36.5 billion and continue to increase their revenue every year. Throughout the entire world, Nike employs approximately 76,700 people. This means...
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AT&T and HBO Max Business Strategy Analysis

Summary Business strategy of AT&T AT&T are industry leading provider of wireline voice communication services in U.S through subsidiaries, affiliates and operating companies. In addition to this they provide telephone, Internet, voice, IP services. They provide corporate sector clients with services like conferencing, managed network and wholesale communication. AT&T prime focus is to provide high quality innovative products that helps consumers to connect efficiently. Making the use of the innovative technology and advance network provides solutions to customers and business....
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Main Challenges of General Motors

When companies compete in the economic market, there will always be threats of risk and uncertainty. Although the two phrases sound like they are similar, they are quite different. The difference between the two is the fact businesses are able to measure risk and control it. Risk is the chances of either gain or loss of something important. Uncertainty on the other hand is quite the opposite. Uncertainty can’t be gauged and business cannot control the outcome. It is suggested...
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Thorough Business Analysis of General Motors Corporation

In the 20th and early 21st centuries, General motors’ company, formerly knew as General Motors Corporation was a big auto maker of the world and historically had been the largest and successful. It built some of the famous and classic vehicle during his days of glory, vehicle which portrayed modesty and displayed class consumers who range from working class to superstars. General motors’ was founded on September16, 1908, in which the company’s largest national market was United State. It manufactures...
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Business Analysis of ZARA's Company

Zara is a clothing and accessories retailer based in Spain. The company designs, manufactures, distributes and markets clothing and accessories for both men and women. Its product portfolio includes coat, jeans, knitwear, shirts, t-shirts, shoes, handbags, lower garments, upper garments, coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, cosmetics and complements. The company markets its products through its brand, Zara. The purpose of this report is to undertake a business analysis of Zara, based on the current position within the company. Zara’s story...
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Role of Business Analyst: Analytical Essay

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the leader adjusts the sails!” – by John Maxwell aptly describes the crucial role of a leader in transforming a vision to reality. Leadership in organisations has been a topic of grave interest to work and organization psychologists and been extensively researched. While leadership approaches prior to the 80s mainly focused on a leader’s traits, style and the contingency of circumstances, more recent models have evolved to include...
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Software Engineering in Business Analysis: Analytical Essay

Abstract— Using different concepts of software engineering this term paper shows the reluctance of software engineering to the elements of business analysis like business model, E-commerce and E-business trends with technologies and change management processes. Current scenario is business analyst make business model and do other processes with own method and processes. However, business models, e-business and change management done by business analyst is best at its extant but we can improve its efficiency and accuracy by applying software engineering...
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Operational Analysis of Zara Fashion: Strengths, Weaknesses and Recommendations

A. Introduction Zara, a fast-fashion retailer, is founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in Spain 1975. It is the world’s largest clothing retailer owned by Inditex. Zara operates in 2,238 stores across 96 markets and 48 online markets, reacting to the ever-changing business environment quickly. By having the core values of beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability, the company expanded through Porto, Portugal and globally. The headquarters of Zara is located at Arteixo, leading by the CEO Óscar Pèrez Marcotte....
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