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Business Information And Administration

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The walls of the organizations work environment, in addition to the entire layout and interior, says a lot about the organizations vision and mission. Everything from employee engagement, financial stability and work theory can be expressed effectively by the means of investing in correct décor and layout in the workplace.

Productivity is the soul of an organization, for employees to enhance their productivity, it is all dependant on the structure of the workplace which also includes the flow of communication between employees and the general atmosphere of the office. With some minimalistic adjustments in the workplace infrastructure and surroundings can promote strong employee engagement and efficient productivity.

There are certain aspects in a workplace environment that work simultaneously to achieve the organizations goals while having a beneficial psychological impact on employees.

Layouts are designed keeping in mind the various organization departments, their functions within and the relationships they have with each other. The departments that are co-structured are generally put together while other sections require privacy. As computer systems are becoming modern and increasing, flexible environments that promote mobility is substantial. Movement in the workplace helps with posture development and employees foster better relationships amongst their co-workers. Offering rejuvenation zones such as break rooms, a café and even a game room for employees to interact and unwind has become an essential factor in today’s workplace as it will also decrease the rate of boredom and absenteeism of employees.

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The organisation needs to ensure they have adequate lighting and ventilation in the workplace as this plays a vital role on the employees’ health, moods and quality of production. Inadequate lighting and ventilation such in the attached video (The Worst Things About Working in an Office, 2014), leads to sick building syndrome which includes fatigue, headaches, trouble concentrating and other deficiencies in the body and by improving this it brings a range of health benefits and improved decision making. A lack of natural lighting in the office can lead to lower vitamin D levels which in turn leads to weaker immune systems, therefore there must be enough natural light or a substitute. This can also lead to the spread of sicknesses between employees.

“A recent University of Texas study found that bland grey, beige and white offices induced feelings of sadness and depression” (Shandrow, 2015). The biggest element in the video (The Worst Things About Working in an Office, 2014) was the office colour scheme which was on basic dull colour and lead to the employees being unmotivated. Colour in an office design impacts factors such as communication, production and creativity and there are many choices to pick from ranging from cool colours to warm colours and many more. When choosing there are many factors to consider as each come with their own benefits, cool colours make employees feel calm and refreshed but also result in isolation or detachment whereas warm colours cause stimulation but can also result in volatile behaviour therefore all characteristics and what the colour impacts need to be considered. Colour also affects employees morale as it has a psychological effect on them, influencing their moods, emotions and both physical and mental health (Ferrerira, et al., 2016).

Scientific research have established the positives of greenery in offices environments as it motivates employees to be more energetic, creative and helps produce cleaner air (Post, 2020). Employees need to ensure cleanliness by the workstations and overall office, especially with the ongoing pandemic they need to ensure sanitation and correct way of disposing dirt to minimize the spread of germs.

Organizations are changing at a rapid rate and so does the layout of the business designs, as many factors are dependent on the office layout. Most importantly the overall success of the organization is dependent on how the office is set up and how productive employees are.


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