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Role of Competitive Strategy for Business Success: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction Based on the first assignment report, various frameworks were being used to evaluate on RMIT Business College’s internal and external environment in the private higher education industry in Singapore. Through the analysis, we were able to recognize that the combination of both factors has resulted in a management challenge, which thereafter was redefined as a problem statement. However, the frameworks used in Assignment One did not fully address the problem statement as it only briefly identifies the weaknesses...
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Costco As Retail Deal Organization: Analysis of Business Success, Use of Low Price-Competitive Strategy, and Leadership Theories

Introduction: Costco is the one of largest retail deal organizations in the U.S. It has in excess of 500 stores in 37 states and eight nations. The organization’s fundamental procedure of high caliber at low-value precedent incorporates Rolex and Movado watches this technique of impermanent uncommon deals makes client energy Understanding the Background Founded in 1983 in Seattle, Washington by its founders Jim by Senegal and Jeffrey Broman. Costco’s business model is about selling high quality and volume but at...
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Business Success in Tourism and Hospitality: Analytical Essay

1.0 Introduction Unlike other sectors, Tourism & hospitality is dependent on the direct exchange among workers and clients. Therefore, there has to be a dynamic avenue for building the worker-customer experience (Kusluvan, et al., 2010). Available facts show that T&H is plagued with issues of recruitment, worker turnover being high, and constraints in alluring and holding onto very good employees, which all end up in unfortunate product/service and very little business growth. Bratton and Gold (2012) consider that human resource...
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Strategic Contributions of Human Resource Management to Business Success: Analytical Essay

Unlike other sectors, Tourism and hospitality is dependent on the direct contact of humans with their clients. Therefore, there has to be dynamic ways of making the employee-customer experience a successful one (Kusluvan, et al., 2010). Available facts show that Tourism and hospitality is plagued with recruitment issues, high staff turnover, and challenges in attraction and retention of skilful employees, which all culminate in poor service delivery and very low business growth. Bratton and Gold (2012) believe that human resource...
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Importance of People to an Organization’s Business Success: Analytical Essay

Introduction For an organization, people act as an important asset that helps the entity capitalize on its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses as much as possible (Kerr, 2017). An organization’s business success is largely dependent on its people who provide their services differently as stakeholders. Therefore, to elaborate on the importance of people to an organization’s business success, it is imperative to examine how different groups of people stakeholders play their contribution. People are divided into two categories: internal and...
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General Motors' Competitive Advantage

GM is primarily engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of automotive products worldwide. We employ 266000 people around the world (not including employee at joint ventures) and manufacture vehicles in 33 countries. In 2007 GM sold 9.4 million vehicles in 149 countries. GM industry continues to experience significant change, increasing complexity, and intense global competition in both mature and emerging markets. The key to winning under these circumstances is to consistently provide cars and trucks that customers will...
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Working Capital Management of Yudron’s Delight – 'Everything is a New Delight'

In the economy of production, manufacturing, tourism and micro business industries, the management of working capital is out most important to maximize the profit or sales of the business. The management of working capital is the managerial accounting strategy designed to monitor and utilize the two components of working capital, current assets, and current liabilities. The Objective of Working Capital Smooth operating cycle; Lowest working capital requirement; Minimize the rate of interest and cost of capital; Optimal return on current...
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Analysis of Toyota's Business Strategy

Toyota Motor Company was founded in 1937, in 1950 Toyota Motor Sales was created and finally they merged into Toyota Motor Corporation in 1982. The headquarters of the company are located in Toyota City, Nagoya of Aichi Prefecture and Tokyo, Japan. Later on, in 1984 General Motors (NUMMI—the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.) made a joint venture with Toyota, which was the first step for production of vehicles in the USA as well as the creation of new brand “Lexus”...
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History of PepsiCo Success: From Pharmacy to Transnational Company

Introduction: In 1893, Pepsi was produced by Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist, in New Bern, North Carolina. He made it in his drugstore when he found that it gets sold very quickly. Before it was called Pepsi-Cola in 1898, he named it Brad’s drink. He started selling Pepsi at a repository instead of his dispensary in 1903. He started his own corporation “Pepsi-Cola” for years where he faced fluctuations, successes, and failures. In 1965, PepsiCo was created by integrating Frito-Lay with...
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Tesla's Leverage Dynamic Capabilities to Succeed

Professor David J. Teece explains that ‘dynamic capability’ is “the firm’s ability to integrate, build, and reconfigure internal and external competences to address rapidly changing environments”. The basic assumption of this framework is that core competencies should be used to modify short-term competitive positions that can be used to build long-term competitive advantage (David J. Teece). Ambidextrous organisations, such as Tesla Motors, are categorised by their capability to simultaneously explore and exploit existing knowledge. By using the dynamic capabilities of...
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Is Competition Necessary for Success: Persuasive Essay

Competition is a fundamental influence on a business for a successful outcome in the market economy, becoming the pinnacle of who we are. Competition occurs in continuous everyday events, for example through sports, businesses, and so on, which influence our daily lives. My favorite brand is Apple Inc. (Apple), Apple is a well-known American multinational technological company, that designs and instigates a series of computer software and smartphones. Within the wide range of goods Apple offers, the smartphone would have...
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Success of William Wrigley Jr.'s Chewing Gum

This case study explores the success of William Wrigley Jr.’s Wrigley company success by using advertising methods and customer preferences regarding chew gum products. Commenting on the challenges of promoting the product, this study found that it was highly competitive from other companies and lack of the ‘chewing gum trust’, which led to Wrigley’s bankruptcy several times. Although the company has faced many challenges in promoting chew gum products, William Wrigley Jr. has been looking for ways to develop and...
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Connections between Use of Communication Technologies and the Success of Rural Businesses: Analytical Essay

This study explores the connections between the use of communication technologies (ICT), the advantages that an organization receives from membership in a rural industry cluster, and the success of rural businesses. A study of 333 companies located in northern Lower Michigan showed a strong association between (a) ICT adoption and business cluster gains, (b) ICT adoption and self-reported business success, and (c) the business cluster profits and the business success. While analysis suggests that these partnerships may be industry-specific, results...
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Amazon's Key Principles for Success

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, got the idea to start the internet enterprise Amazon in 1994 after he began to see the internet revolution take place (, 2008). He instantly recognized the extensive possibilities of selling products online and set up his own internet business in the garage of his home (, 2008). During an interview at the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Forum on Leadership, Bezos credits four principles for Amazon’s success along with his day one mantra...
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Google's Path to Success

Google is a well-known company founded in Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4th, 1997. They created an online search system that became an international essential for researching. Google is known for its reputation as the worlds largest search engine, a quick and simple cost-free service that appears within seconds. No matter what language you speak Google can recognizes it. Google also shows you different maps around the world, breaking news from across the globe, to...
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Benefits of Diversity in Organization to Lead the Success: Analytical essay

Diversity in organizations represent to the equality in employees and also opportunities are given without any kind of gender bias, culture, age, language, regional bias. In organizations diversity is really essential because while working with different kinds of people at one place it helps to improve the company’s name and fame by their various sort of modern and improvised thinking procedure. In every organization diversity is a most important factor for their success criteria. It has enormous benefits for every...
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The Analysis of Costco’s Business Model

Costco’s business model and overall strategy is very interesting, they only keep a selection of approximately 3,700 items in their store that could be provided at a lower cost. However, supermarkets like Walmart keep around 125,000 items stocked for shoppers, this is a large difference that I don’t think Costco can maintain and continue to be competitive with Walmart. Costco’s mission statement is “to continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowers possible prices”. They achieve...
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The Strengths of the Costco’s Business Model

For those who are not familiar, Costco is a retailer know as a warehouse club or wholesale club where you can go buy items in bulk for a discounted price which ultimately saves customers a great deal of money. According to the case study, Costco’s business model is quite simple. Their goal is to generate high sales volume and rapid inventory turnover by offering fee-paying members low prices on a selection of nationally branded and selected labels in a wide...
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The Main Competitive Strategies of Costco Wholesale Corporation

Costco is one of the largest retail brands in the United States. Being a retail brand, it faces stiff competition from other players in this industry, such as Loblaws as well as Walmart among others. However, despite Costco having such a colossal success level, it doesn’t invest in technology, human resources, or even in advertising; instead, it focuses on customers’ satisfaction, employees’ growth, and it’s business model different compared to those of its competitors (Chuang, n.d.). Costco has implemented the...
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Costco: Prime Example of Successful Business Strategy

Costco’s business model is to generate high sales volumes and rapid inventory turnover by offering their members lower prices on a limited selection of national brands and some private label products in a variety of merchandise. Costco’s business model is built through customer memberships, who join their membership and renew on a yearly basis. With this model, it shows how customer loyalty is satisfied and that customers will renew. Costco’s business model is an amazing model to use, all customers...
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Strengths and Weaknesses of Costco's Business Strategy

This assignment is based on the well-recognized firm named Costco. It is the second largest retailer after Walmart and sells its products in many countries like US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and many more. This company sells products in large stock as it is a wholesale business. Jim Sinegal was the co-founder and CEO since 1983. He got retired and transferred his business in the hands of Craig Jelinek in 2011. Now, he is continuing the business in effective manner....
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Analysis of Costco's Key Success Factors

Costco, the nation’s largest discount wholesale merchandiser, was founded in 1983 by Jim Senegal and Jack Brotman (Gamble, Peteraf, Strickland & Thompson, 2016). Since the company’s inception it has been a leader in the retail industry, and a shining example of the success of the warehouse club model. Costco debuted with a stellar financial performance that solidified their legacy within the national retail marketplace. Additionally, Costco became the first United States based company to generate $1 billion in revenue in...
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The Competitive Advantages of Costco Wholesale Corporation's Activities

Costco is wholesale organization that is running a chain of warehouse clubs; the organization is providing the different services across the globe. The organization is ranked as number 5 in the fortune 500 companies. The organization is having 770 warehouses in the different countries across the globe. The organization is only started with few offices but after that as the time passed the organization is becoming famous and due to that the organization is now best organization but there are...
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Costco's Key Success Factors

First, in the US employee satisfaction survey, Costco surpassed Apple, Facebook and inter, second only to the number one Google. The employee satisfaction of retail companies is very difficult to fight, and Costco’s employees are more than many top companies in Silicon Valley. According to the survey, a cashier at Costco earned an hourly wage of $20.89. This is almost twice the size of competitor Walmart, so the treatment of such employees enables employees to be more active in their...
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Why Critical Thinking Is Crucial For Entrepreneurs

The ability to actively think and solve complex problems is a major differentiating factor between humans and other organisms. Deductive and inductive reasoning are executive functions that can only be performed by the human brain. Though we are naturally equipped to be able to carry out such an activity, it is safe to say that not many people know how to employ this God-given capability to the best level possible in the different areas of life. Critical thinking, therefore, is...
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Business Management Essay

Executive Summary This report intends to demonstrate crucial aspects of business management to absorb and strengthen the value proposition of a business. The following will discourse in the report, (1) the role of management in businesses; (2) business management issues within the country, region, and the world, and finally (3) business management professionals. Furthermore, recommendations will be given on how to enhance the effectiveness of business management and better manage the business management professionals. Introduction Business management is the act...
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