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California Drought Essay

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According to my earlier point, Mostly drought is caused by climate change. Due to greenhouse gas emissions trap heat, causing global temperatures to increase. Moisture will be absorbed by hot air, resulting in less rainfalls. Reducing water in lake or river is occurred by evaporation in the hotter air. The consequence is reduced rainfall that makes the plants die. Normally plants retain moisture in the soil, if they die, it will lead to even drier conditions. According to NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA), explained that climate change is a major factor in the western of US for a long period time of drought.

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Drought affects people in several ways. According to lacking of water which is counted to be an essential material to our life, people will experience to unavailable for consuming water that will affect to human health respectively. And water is also needed for crops to grow. If the plants are not get enough water from rain, We need to use the water from irrigation such as from the groundwater, lakes or dam. During drought, these water sources are reducing because of human consumption and may even dry up, crops are eventually died from not being irrigated or watered them. Moreover, Drought affects water transportation because it make the water evaporate, lead to amount of water in the river or lake is less than the normal level that we can use the boat or ship to transport and also being the cause of wildfire too.

Besides, using electricity production as an energy from plants is another problem that need to concern because during a period of drought, this energy may not enough and eventually unavailable for using, due to this energy needs cooling water to keep safe procedure. In the future, drought can be ruined to an area’s economy and can cause to human’s bad health. For instance, California drought, California has experienced to drought for 2 times. First time, the drought that leads to snowmelt ended with rainstorms in February 2017. Then, the drought reappeared in 2018, leading to massive wildfires. Aridity make people use 40%-80% of water supply from irrigation. So California nation’s fruit and nuts would be affected. The California drought cost an estimated $3.8 billion in 2014-2016 which are the two worst years of drought. According the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, mostly, droughts will increase in subtropical regions, such as the U.S. southwest, Australia and parts of Africa and Europe, due to increasing global temperature, Earth become warming causes more evaporation and changes weather patterns, altering the paths of storms that bring abnormal rainfall.

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