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Can Cell Phones Be Educational Tools? Essay

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Learning can be done in several different ways, methods, and procedures. As what Marvin Minsky, an American computer scientist concerned with research of artificial intelligence, “You don’t understand anything until you learn in more than one way”.

We are now in the 21st century a modern world full of vast technologies to provide wider platforms, and tools. Moreover, what is mobile phones? It is a cellular radio system without any physical connection or wiring that can be used to connect to other people far away from them in just a tap. Cell phones are now developing, the old models are re-invented to create more opportunity, and quicker ways. However, what is the connection of cell phones in learning?

People often see mobile phones as an entertainment, but not a formal usage for educational purposes because it can only lead to distraction. But this statement is so old from the modern situation.

Here are the reasons of this statement, according to 2019 Oxford Learning Research and Studies:

1) Educational learning apps, can help the students be more responsible and at the same time interested that can help them to be on top of their school works, improve study habits, and organizational skills.

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2) Digital platforms in lessons, by using this technique students will be hook and give more opportunities to the students who are not comfortable speaking in front of the class, and to do a better and quicker ways to do interaction with tons of class works.

3) Easy access for more information, mobile phones can open up hundreds of information that a student needs to understand and gain more knowledge about a certain lesson or topic without bombarding the teacher with loads of questions repeatedly.

In addition, as seen in these studies, and as stated by Becton Loveless, cell phones will help students complete different tasks at the same time without creating much noise and movement because they are focused on their tasks.

Teachers can benefit from using cell phones as teaching tools, which can help them interact more effectively with their students, especially those students who pay more attention to their mobile phone. For example, by providing a presentation, video, and photos to capture the attention of students.

It can be said that cell phones are harmful and will have a negative impact, however it is a fact that cell phones help students in more ways than just the same traditional ways. People need to change or improve their thinking, especially when it comes to education and learning. We need to accept more changes so that mobile phones are used as learning tools. Teaching should cover more than one method and it is a flexible effort to gain knowledge and explore what students have to give and challenge.

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