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'Chi cheng!' the sound of money passed over my ears again. Do you love this kind of sound? Yes, there is someone purchasing something but there is none of my business again. Everyone said, money is not everything, but you can't do anything without money. Even though there are some people who feel that there is still something that could not be bought. However, what I wish to ask is, will you be happy without anything even like necessary goods? I believe that your answer may be 'no'. This is because everything has to be bought with money in this realistic world. In my opinion, money can buy happiness, without money we may not be happy.

First of all, why do we think that money can buy happiness? This is because money could protect us or we could say that it is giving us a guarantee to our life. I believe that there are a great majority of people in this world who love themselves and their family members. Thus, I think that having a healthy and joyful family reunion may be great happiness for us. However, sometimes fortune may change in the blink of an eye, and there are always chances to have diseases that cannot be avoided turn up in people’s bodies especially elders. Therefore, at this moment, buying adequate insurance could be an ideal way to ensure that our family members are being protected. But if we do not have enough money to afford the value of adequate insurance, our life or even our family members’ life may not be guaranteed. This may cause us to be thrown into confusion when accidents come. For example, a family without buying any insurance may miss the best chance to cure a sick family member and this may cause a very big chance to lose their loved one. Hence, I believe that no one may be happy by losing anyone from their life. But if there is a family that could afford the value of insurance, their life and health may be guaranteed by the insurance company. Hence there is a higher chance for a sick family member to be cured as they may have lesser worries about the fees like operation fees. In my opinion, money can indirectly protect us from dangers, if family members reunite, then it brings happiness, that's why money can buy happiness.

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Furthermore, through money, we can enjoy our life better. Enjoyment is nothing but we can get satisfaction after achieving something that we are seeking. There are many ways to describe enjoyment such as achieving or trying something new. To achieve enjoyment, we always need to spend some money for better experiences and safety. For example, we cannot ski without any equipment. We have to buy and wear a complete set of equipment so that we can get a good experience and ensure our safety. Through money, we have more choices to enjoy our life better. Also, travel is many people’s dream that can make them feel happy, relaxed, and enjoy the beauty of life. At the same time, it can also be defined as an unnecessary activity that would only make people spend their money on those people who cannot afford it. In order to cultivate and sustain a happy life and increase the quality of life, money is necessary. Therefore, we think that money can buy happiness.

Opponents may claim that money could not perfectly fulfill people's needs, especially the most important thing to everyone which is the relationship between one another such as family bonds, friendship, relationships, and even business relationships. Unfortunately, these are those who cannot buy with money. The relationship between one and another is all maintained with the sincere appreciation that shows by an individual to others. For example, we gain trust from others and a feeling of belonging in society through caring for others and matters that we handle. As a result, love and a happy life come when we are having a lovely family, caring friends, and classmates who will always care and think about us. We will not fear anything and we will be getting stronger as they always show their strong back to us. Our life becomes meaningful and happy when we are around loved ones. Through that, we have proved that money could not buy happiness. If the relationship is priceless, then why there are so many families fighting because of the financial problem? This is because they do not have enough money to afford their living cost. For example, from the newspaper, we have known that there are nearly half of the marriages which end in divorce in Malaysia break down due to financial problems. The Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh said, “Couples never underestimate the impact of financial challenges that a marriage faces. When a couple faces financial issues and are unable to solve it, this leads to a divorce.” (Jay, 2019) So, we can see how much important of have money in our life. If we do have enough money, we might not have to face financial stress. If we don’t have financial stress, then it might lead us to a happier life.


In conclusion, money can buy happiness. We should have money then only my own happiness. This is because money could solve too many of our life problems. Therefore, we should give our best effort to earn money by doing the right things in the right ways in order to have a better life. Lastly, I think that money can buy happiness.


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