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Canada Criminal Justice: Youth Gang Involvement

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The most common problem is reducing gang wars in Canada. The Canadian government has consistent to reduce gang crime with applicable criminal laws. Though the criminal activities are increasing rather than decreases in the social platform, the main reason behind the criminal activities is a huge attraction in gang crimes. The government has tried to locate and detect all reasons before gang activities occur in social life. The government has taken many policies and builds a strong team to prevent this kind of gang crime activity. Recently, It was found that many of the gang crimes are directly related to politician's support. Many of the youth are directly attract and involve in this kind of criminal activity. Easily money and power build these two are mainly the backbone of this underworld. They are not promoting crimes only also create terror in human daily life. The gang members have work on a perfect plan to achieve success in their mission. The assignment was based on 'Canada criminal Justice'. The main target behind the case study is to prevent any kind of criminal activity and destroy the main chain of the system. In the assignment, it has assumed that youth involvement and their interest to promote terror in social life. If the government has to fulfill all the basic needs of the youth then it is easy to change the tract of the common youth people. The government has created a proper structure to prevent gang activities with youth involvement.


The Canadian criminal jurisdiction plays a vital role to provide overall security, safety, maintain the productivity and wellness of citizens. The main highlighted part is to create a suitable and effective law for every citizen and prevent this kind of criminal activity in public life. The government has ensured its citizens to prevent this kind of terror in daily life. The government has introduced different kinds of laws and punishments to provide a better secure life for the nation's people (Ferdous, Khan & Dulal, 2018). The whole process totally depends on proper structure and route map to prevent this kind of social threat. The government has completed a basic survey on this project. Ultimately, they found some suspicious things that mainly charged up the youth's to join the gang of a mafia group. A study controlled by the 'office of Juvenile Justice' examined all related factors which generate illegal criminal activities in social. In this assessment, the chosen topic is Vietnamese youth gangs. The gang has maintained some rules and follow the proper structure before they engaged in any kind of criminal offense (Woodbury, Furimsky & Chaimowitz, 2018 ). The major problem is that they don't reveal their gang policies. From many other topics, the chosen topic is more interesting and easy to analyze all the government laws.

The reason behind the criminal activities in the Canadian nation has depended on some politician's support, competitive smugglers deals and greediness to achieve power in the nation. This assessment is based on Vietnamese youth gang activities. The assignment report has found that most criminal activities are encouraged and planning by Vietnamese gang involvement. In this case, one of the most interesting points has found that most of the criminal activities are the involvement of Vietnamese refugees. The Vietnamese refugees are living in a small place name 'Little Saigon'.

The Canadian government has declared that 18 percent of total democracy and 49 percent of the Asian population are directly involved in the gang wars activity. The Canadian government has provided different policies to protect its citizens from criminal activities and gang wars. The social life is highly affected by criminal activities. Many of the cases some general casualties occur during the gang wars in public places. The Canadian government has improved its law structure and introduces some punishable laws to prevent criminal activities. The research has truly based on the general life of Canadian citizens and their problems. The gangs are developed by the common and general male Vietnamese. The age of the common gang members are between twelve to twenty-one age groups (Flannigan et al. 2018). This research has identified all related environmental issues that mainly influence the people in this kind of criminal activity.

Some non-governmental organizations are promoting education in this refugee camp to move back them in general life from criminal activities. Some youth development projects and skill development projects are also introduced by the Canadian government. In some correctional homes has provided skill development facility to the Vietnamese in their language or English. It is easy to differentiate two different groups based on their activities.

Canadian justice policies are best compared to other world nations. Many of the nations are follows the Canadian jurisdictional system and introduce the laws, rules, and regulations in their constitution. 99 percent of Canadian citizens are satisfied with all government crime-related policies, personal safety, and security.

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In this assessment, it was found that the particular reasons behind the gang involvement.

It is easy to distinguish between non-gang people and gang members in this case study. In the first assumption, the gang members are more efficient in their work and believe in the traditional workflow. The head of the gang is also known as a gang leader or Don. The leader has maintained and follows the rules to select gang members for their team arrangement (, 2019).

The most important second definition is known as a social activity. One of the group members must be provided basic knowledge of social criteria. Through this process, it is easy to train other members and influence them to join this youth gang group. It is easy to motivate youth in this kind of activity and brainwash to change their correct track. The worst part is the Government could not locate the main gang leader due to his financial strength and foreign support. The definition is defined as the nature of the gang members. In this assessment, most cases of gang members are distracted from their real-life for the avoidance of government policy. But it is possible to identify the youth characters at an early stage and motivated them with proper guidance and education. The government has identified the current situation and rectifies them with an implication of proper law. In the case study, it was found that many youths are left their education in early life and join the gang movement. 12 percent of common youth people are traditionally joining gangs (Crocker, 2018). On the other hand, 85 percent are deflecting their track due to social disturbance.

The focus of the study is Vietnamese culture and the traditional behaviors in the gang. Through, the research based on cultural movement and non-traditional cultural aspects which help to promote youth gang development in Canada (Dawson, 2018). The most interesting part of this study is a mixture of three cultural traditions and five non-traditional culture hypotheses using build a strong gang involvement in social areas. Cultural hypothesis depends on cultural issues such as acceptance and people's rejection of refugee Vietnamese.

One cultural hypothesis denotes that low Vietnamese identity is mainly involved in gang culture. They promote own cultures in gang activity to highlight their presence in Canada. On the other hand, non-cultural hypotheses are suggested to youth to join criminal gangs for their benefits (, 2019).

The above study has indicated that culture explanations are not important in the presence of known cultural tradition. The study has indicated that Vietnamese who refuse their origin identity and difficult to adopt American identities are not common Vietnamese youth. The belief is to locate the real identity of the Vietnamese gang members through their traditional behavior. Through, the above study has found the two major factors that easily identify the Vietnamese gang involvement (, 2019).


The above study has pointed out and highlighted all the reasons behind the youth involvement in gangs. The main reason is acceptance in the social environment and the negligence of the government system. Many of Canadian citizens are degrades the Vietnamese refugees and punish them with false case involvement. Many of them were lost their tradition due to proper behavior and education in different fields. The overall achievement of this assignment was a recommendation for a successful gang interruption program. The four recommendations found in this study. In this case first two of them are one is the prevention of gang involvement and another one is a rehabilitation of youth activity in gang involvement. It is important to gain an education and implication of the study to overcome this situation. Most of the NGOs have built a proper educational structure for backward class people to overcome youth gang involvement. The NGO creates a milestone to prevent gang involvement through their campaign.

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