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Capital Punishment As A Violation Of Human Rights

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Every single day, people around the world are being unjustly executed by their own state for varying crimes. In some countries, one can be killed for stealing, while in other nations, it is reserved for murders or terrorism. The death penalty is inhumane and degenerating and should never be an option to punish someone. It is not only an easy way for a corrupt government to abuse it but is also morally hypocritical and ineffective. Thus, our country should have the duty to persuade nations worldwide to follow our lead and eliminate capital punishment once and for all.

The Capital punishment system is a violation of all the human rights law. In 1948, the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of human rights, a law to protect every person in the world. Article 5 in the Universal Declaration of human rights states: “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” Yet in many countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and China, beheadings, hangings and other execution methods are the most prominent punishment and are often shown to the public to mock the person and use it as a tactic to instil fear to the public eye. Is it not worrying that these corrupt nations are resorting to these methods? No matter how drastic the crime is, murdering someone does not solve anything, it only promotes more violence within the nation. Therefore, capital punishment should never be allowed again as it is absolutely going against the human rights.

Secondly, capital punishment fails to administer the ultimate purpose of our criminal justice system: to deter crime. Criminologist around the world have done research on this issue and have came to a conclusion that countries without the death penalties have significantly lower crime rates than those with the fatal punishment. Isn’t it ironic how countries that don’t promote violent acts and promote rehabilitation, end up with a safer nation? Kenyatta Leal now a very successful businessman, who was once given a life sentence in the San Quetin, California prison at the age of 22 for dealing with drugs, and robbery with firearms. Many of these issue began due to him having to deal with an abusive mother an absent father causing Kenyatta to fall into the wrong path. During time in jail, Kenyatta went through a program called “the last mile” aimed to teach these inmates how to code and navigate the tech industry, giving them a better option in life and help change their lives. In no time, Kenyatta’s life changed completely and in 19 years he was released from prison, now working for the company “the last mile”. Thus, would it not be so much more beneficial to help change someone’s life who might have gone through some trauma in their teenage years, rather than executing them for their behaviour in the past? It would be a crime if you think otherwise.

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Moreover, everyone knows that court cases in todays date is very unreliable. It is often determined based on race and power not who is right or wrong. Furthermore, police have been founded cutting corners in high profile cases in the past, sourcing unreliable information to make their jobs much easier. What is more shocking is that countries such as China currently administer execution by extracting confessions through things like torture. Such atrocious acts should never be tolerated by any nations. For this reasons we must urge the rest of the world to terminate this practice for good.

Some people claim that the justice system claims that it is never wrong because of modern technology and DNA testing, but they are wrong. 1 in 25 prisoners in the United States have been proven to be innocent after they have been executed. Taking a person life that is especially been proven innocent, is unacceptable. It is impossible to reverse time and bring back an innocent person back to life. Everyone has one life and on earth, every life is precious and should never be toyed or risked with.

Ultimately, the death penalty has been banned in Australia for the rights reasons. It is an evil form of punishment that does not go well with modern society; it is useless and often is misused by the government to make it easier for them. If we as a country believe in the fundamental rights of all human beings in every nation, then we have to convince every nation in the world to realise that violence is a not a solution that is effective.

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