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Ever since the time of the Greek and the Romans, lawyers have been an important part of society. They were the help needed in any legal case. The need for them is very high but there are also ways to become one. It is a very rewarding job that requires a certain amount of education. A lawyer is a career for a very patient person because of its need to help others while gaining lots of money as well.

Lawyers don’t just sit around all day filing papers and things like that. They have a purpose. Lawyers can represent their clients in court. Lawyers can also just give you legal advice. They aren’t only there to help in a court of law. Legal advice is a big part of being a lawyer. Lawyers and attorneys serve as advocates or advisors. As a lawyer, they can represent businesses and individuals. As advocates, they represent the rights of their clients.

The legal system is one of the pillars of the modern community. They are needed to communicate with their clients, colleagues, judges, and others involved with the case to come to a conclusion. They also need to advise and represent their clients in court, in front of agencies to help solve the case. They conduct research and analysis of legal problems. They present facts and come up with great ideas or arguments to verbally present in court. They file legal documents such as lawsuits, appeals, wills, contracts, and deeds. They also interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses. To be a lawyer isn’t very easy. It isn’t easy at all, but you are accommodated with many advantages.

It is very time-consuming to become a lawyer. Some people may spend 10 years of their life trying to accomplish such a task. Here is the education you need to be a lawyer. First off, you definitely need to get a high school diploma. High school education is very important for any good career. You must also have a Bachelors’s degree and an undergraduate degree. College is also a crucial part of becoming successful in any career. You would also need a Juris doctorate degree. That is the degree that gives you the name Dr. That alone must be at least 7 years of education in college. To become a lawyer, you must spend a good chunk of your years reading books and taking tests. Speaking of tests, you must take a very important one after the education of it all. You must take the LSAT test. That is an exam that is taken to see how much you know about being a lawyer. There are 100,000 tests taken every year in law schools. Education and preparation are both needed to become a great lawyer.

It is very difficult to be a lawyer, but it sure does pay off. The amount of salary you can make is not only different for everyone, but it is very high. The average salary for a lawyer in New Jersey is $144,190. Imagine being a very successful lawyer in new jersey. You can be paid a lot more. This isn’t the only state that pays well for lawyers. Did you know that the District of Colombia pays lawyers a salary of $189,560? Well, they do. It is incredible the amount of money you can make just by helping others in court or giving advice. That is a very important advantage of being a lawyer

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Adding on to the difficulty of being a lawyer. From education and training, comes another challenge. Every year more students graduate from laws schools all around the world then there are jobs available. It is expected that the employment of lawyers is to grow 6% to 2028, but that means that the competition for spots is also going to increase.

When becoming a lawyer, your options don’t stop there. There are many branches of the justice system that you can choose from. You can become a personal injury lawyer, an estate planning lawyer or even a bankruptcy lawyer. You can also become an intellectual property lawyer who makes sure that your creations, inventions, or artwork stay yours. You can become a corporate lawyer, an immigration lawyer, or even a criminal lawyer. There are so many options and all of them differ. They differ is hours your work, The amount of money you gain. They can also differ from where you work. You can work at home and stay with your family, or work at an office for certain hours. All of the options are very valid reasons to become a lawyer.

If being in court defending a client or filing papers in a big office doesn’t suit your style, there are other things you can do with the same education. Lawyers can become professors in law school to teach their students how to become lawyers in the real world and choose their own path. With all the training you have done you can decide to take a bit more training and become an FBI agent. With your knowledge of the law, a law enforcement position would be perfect. If action and rush are your styles, then you might have found the perfect occupation. Lawyers can also take positions as tax collectors, insurance adjusters, credit investigators, probation officers, and process servers. There are many options when you have the education of the law. So many options to choose from and change your future.

There are many major benefits of being a lawyer. Not only do lawyers get medical and dental insurance at no cost, but they also get a list of advantages and benefits in their lifetime. Lawyers have the most stable careers available. It is very versatile. They have a wide selection of career options. They gain skills in many things and experience that transfers to other legal careers. They have very good financial rewards. Lawyers are ranked 27 highest paying jobs in New Jersey. Lawyers can gain over 140 thousand dollars per year. Getting a high paying job is a very important part of being successful. Not many jobs can provide that for you. Intellectual challenges are also a very great benefit of being a lawyer. You are challenged mentally o make sure you use your intellect at it’s very highest every day. You don’t have to be in an office every day of your life. You can be an in house lawyer. That means you can work from home and spend time with your family. If needed, you can work at an office for certain days of the week and the rest at home. When in court you have the permission to debate and argue. You can prove your points or disprove others. Debating is a great way to develop your mind. It helps you open your eyes to new ideas or concepts that you weren’t seeing before. When being a lawyer, you can choose your work environment so you don’t have to be set to work somewhere you don’t feel comfortable or you don’t like. A very major benefit that you gain from being a lawyer is respect. Many people don’t know what it’s like to be a lawyer. They then think it’s a difficult life so they admire how you are living it. It may be difficult at first but then you strive. You gain vast amounts of respect in society. So people look up to you or look to you for advice when they so desperately need it. You are the one person that does know what they are talking about so you get admired for it.

With many advantages, come disadvantages. Lawyers can have very boring lives. They are very busy people at most times. They might have little to no time for family, friends, or even fun. Before being able to choose their environment, hey might have to work long hours in an office filing papers. Lawyers go under a lot of stress. They have very difficult litigation processes that interfere with their energy levels or even will to try and win the court case. There is also a lot of lawyers in the industry. This makes it a very competitive market. Lawyers spend lots of money on school and education. Expenses are a big disadvantage when trying to become a lawyer. There may be many advantages but there are also disadvantages that you have to take into consideration.

There is a lot of information to know about becoming a lawyer. It isn’t an easy job. As Charles Dickens once said, “If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.” The legal system may have some flaws, but it can also work wonders. Lawyers help people with they are in need of it. They give advice when people are in need of it. They solve cases when cases need to be solved. In the legal system, they are always there.

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