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How can I improve my employability prospects to reach my career goals?

My career goal as of this moment is to complete my degree course to the best standard I can and to get a job in the real estate property development sector. I hope to improve and add employability skills ...

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Essay on Career Goals

How can I improve my employability prospects to reach my career goals? My career goal as of this moment is to complete my degree course to the best standard I can and to get a job in the real estate property development sector. I hope to improve and add employability skills to my knowledge with the aim to make myself as good a candidate as possible to get a job in the future. I want to also achieve full professional...
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The Factors Of My Career Goals

My preferences, what I like and do not like doing, are both innate and conditioned by my experiences. I was born with the desire to have a positive impact on society. I prefer improving the lives of others than increasing my own personal wealth. However, I also want to be intellectually stimulated and I know that greater knowledge will allow me to be more successful. Deci and Ryan’s self-determination theory frames these preferences to be either motivated by my own...
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300 Word Essay on Career Goals Examples

For a better understanding of my career goals, I pursued my under graduation in management degree in Bachelor of Hotel Management from Kolkata, India. I have completed a three-year degree which has enhanced and provided me with a lot of opportunities both at the academic and experiential levels to explore my study of interest. I want to learn and achieve much more in my life. I have researched extensively about the educational opportunities and advancements in the United States of...
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500 Word Essay on Career Goals Example

I believe that building a personal and professional network that is both strong and reliable is one of the most critical assets to possess. From my experience, I have discovered that the secret to building strong networks is helping others without expecting anything in return. This results in impactful, strong relationships that not only present great opportunities but also build on personal growth. In addition, by interacting with people who are more knowledgeable in various fields, I have gained invaluable...
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Career Goals and Aspirations Essay

This is a career plan expressing the aspirations for my career upon graduating from university, and how is wish to achieve these aspirations. Where am I now? Currently, I am in my second year at the University of Lincoln studying Criminology. During my time at university, I have completed the Lincoln employability award, ‘which provides recognition of the activities you participate in, and supports you to identify the competencies, skills, and attributes employers are looking for (Careers and employability, 2021(a))....
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The Factors Influencing The Career Choice

Choosing career is most important phase in a student’s life. These days it is very common to find students who are confused or ignorant about their career path. Career planning is no longer an event that just end with the decision of the right university or college. It expands until we get the satisfied job. (Anon., 2019) So, factors that affects one making career choice and set targets; are discussed below: Childhood Fantasies What do you want to be when...
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Academic and Career Goals Essay

Reflective report Introduction 1-In this reflective report, I will be reflecting on and discussing my academic goals, employability goals, and well-being goals that I have set up for myself. In this report, I will include different skills. I have learned and what I have done to build and develop my skills. Additionally, I will also talk about what it took for me to achieve my goals and the different problems I faced during my time at university in order to...
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Career Aspirations Essay

Ever since I completed my recent four-week internship at BP, I knew for sure that there is no better career path for me other than Engineering. Electrical Engineering amazes me, especially the way different components work in digital systems. The prospect of vast career opportunities that will become available to me as my further education and career progress is one of the many reasons why I wish to study Electrical Engineering. Previously, I wanted to go into Aviation. This was...
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Career: Plan, Goals And Self Assessment

Career Career play most important role in our life. When we all are Teenager we all are worried about Career . We don’t know what is good for us and what is bad for us. Some students take the advice of their parents some take the advice from their elder brother sisters , teachers some go for consultant but the only wh advice us in a worth way is know one is just we.we know that what is good for...
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Educational and Career Goals Essay Example

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” was a question that was often asked when I was little. My answer would always be different when asked because I never really knew what I wanted to be, or what I wanted to do. I was asked a similar question when I was entering college such as “What do you want to study?” or “What career do you want to pursue?” It took me a while to figure out...
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Goals And Skills For Business Management Career

Introduction My chosen area of graduate employment aspiration is to work as “Business manager” in the retail sector. In the role of business manager I will be in charge of designing the business strategies and managing everyday operations to ensure company’s efficiency, profit and success. Being a business manager requires strong interpersonal and leadership skills which are vital for this role and stupendous teamwork is essential for any business success. The job of a business manager requires both excellent written...
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Essay on Public Health Career Goals

The main aim of writing this Statement of Purpose is to Pursue a Master in Public Health Program from one of the most popular universities in the USA. Here in this statement, I am presenting you the list of my academics, personal background, qualities source of inspiration, and objectives, for graduate studies. I am well prepared personally and academically. I would be especially honored if I were selected for your distinguished Master in Public Health Program at your prestigious university....
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Achieving My Career Goals with Your Scholarship Program

I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy(PharmD) program at University of Health and Allied Sciences Ho, Ghana. My educational goal is to acquire a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy which will enable me pursue a career as a pharmacist and pharmacotherapy practitioner. After becoming a pharmacist, I plan to specialize in pharmacotherapy, the use of medicines in the treatment of diseases, conditions, and symptoms. My interest in the pharmacy profession is rooted in my desire to be involved...
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Professional Goals in Nursing Essay

Motivated to care: Holistic Nursing Nurses are an important part of nursing care and more intricate than is perceived. Understanding what motivates and drives most nursing careers will open a new world of understanding of the core values that drive the profession. Nurses draw inspiration from mentors such as family members, friends, educators and those great people such as Florence Nightingale whose passion for nursing care has made nursing the revered career it is today. Building off these values as...
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Career Plan And Goals For Marine Environmental Expert

I focus on establishing a career as a marine environmental expert. Thus, following returning, I intend to continue my job at the Department of Fisheries. This is a unique public organization to achieve my career goals, to work intimately with both government and development partners. Subsequent to going along with, I need to present my Individual Activity Plan (IAP) to the ministry with subtleties of my procured information and its applied territory. As per the FAO report, Bangladesh is 3rd...
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Women's CFA® Scholarship as a Great Opportunity to Achieve My Career Goals

Early in my academic pursuit, I had an unusual understanding about Life that results are a function of choices, especially as it bothers around the allocation of scarce resources, hence my interest in finance and investment. Owing to the investment knowledge gap that exists around the globe, particularly in Africa, I seek to expand my knowledge on how best available resources can be effectively managed, while considering the attaching risk factors, in order to achieve optimum asset allocation, that would...
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Personal and Professional Goals: Exemplification Essay

Personal and Professional development Within this assignment, I will be discussing professionalism, collaboration and teamwork, and professional communication within midwifery. I don’t feel like the word count is high enough to reflect on the start of my journey as a student midwife. In this assignment, all organizations and individuals that have helped me develop my learning will be kept confidential and anonymous. I will be using Gibb’s (1998) reflective model to help me reflect on this assignment as it is...
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Personal and Professional Goals: Narrative Essay

My Personal and Professional Development Throughout this assignment, I will illustrate my take on professionalism and cooperative work practices. I’ll also go over the various ways we may interact and care for our patients, as well as the varied learning styles. Throughout this assignment, I will also be highlighting and reflecting on the communication, and care styles that I have found to be most effective for me, as well as learning styles and how they have aided and improved my...
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How Will You Be an Asset to the Company: Argumentative Essay

Introduction In today’s competitive job market, it is crucial for individuals to highlight their unique skills and abilities that set them apart from other candidates. As I embark on my professional journey, I am confident that I will be a valuable asset to any company that I join. Through a combination of my education, experience, and personal qualities, I will contribute to the success and growth of the organization. In this essay, I will present a compelling argument for why...
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My Dreams and Goals: Personal Narrative Essay

When I was a kid, somewhere in the 3rd or 4th grade, I was thinking what I want to be when I grew up. Should I be a nurse? But I am afraid of blood. Should I be a teacher? But I am not that smart. Should I be a police woman? But I am afraid of guns. I am quietly searching and thinking what I want to be. While in the 6th grade, I realized what profession fits for...
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Linda Hutton: Career Case Study

Mrs. Linda Hutton is a South-African visual artist and qualified educator, having developed a successful career in the education industry. Hutton is the current Head of Faculty for the visual and dramatic arts department, teaching visual arts and mixed artistic media. Her qualifications as an educator are notable, fulfilling roles as the Head of Art at the Roedean School, Johannesburg in South Africa, and Head of Faculty at St Ursula’s College, Toowoomba. Hutton described the rewards of her educational profession...
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What Does Hospitality Mean to Me and Why Do I Want to Join the Hospitality Industry? An Essay

Hospitality involves showing respect for the guest, treat them equal and providing what they need. When they are in the property, people like to stay or eat in a restaurant, they expect good service, quality products and satisfaction in the first place. Hotel industry is the only industry where many traditions and cultures meet under one roof. This industry is basically related to maintain and establishing friendly relations with guest and staff also. Hotel industry teaches punctuality discipline and grooming...
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Features of Deloitte's Company Culture

Corporate culture is the personality of a company. It is important for employee engagement, happy and retention as well as outlining the blueprints for a healthy business without regard of the economic climate. Hence, getting to know about the company culture is vital for applicants to know if their personalities and characteristics are fit with the company which will make them enjoy their time at work. The same applied for an upcoming graduate student who is looking for an entry-level...
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My Future in Real Estate Essay

Introduction Real estate has always intrigued me. The idea of helping individuals and families find their perfect homes, negotiating deals, and being part of significant life milestones has always fascinated me. As I envision my future, I see myself pursuing a career in real estate, where I can combine my passion for helping others with my entrepreneurial spirit. This narrative essay explores my journey and aspirations as I embark on a path toward a fulfilling career in the real estate...
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Personal Motivation for Getting a Ph.D Research in Cybersecurity

I am interested in doing a Ph.D. research in cybersecurity because I aspire to become a renowned cybersecurity expert and join the fight against cyber threats and attacks. I understand that there is an obvious shortage of professionals, especially women, in the field of cybersecurity. So, I aspire to reduce the dearth of experts and women in the field of cybersecurity and eventually mentor secondary school students in West Africa to take cybersecurity as a career. For my Ph.D. research,...
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Personal Motivation to Study Geographic Information Science (GISci)

The prominence of GIS and Remote Sensing has gained immense importance over the past few years, especially for environmental management. My primary motive to study Geographic Information Sciences (GISci) at Central Michigan University (CMU) engenders from the massive advances in GIS and Remote Sensing Technology in the U.S., which I would like to replicate in India. Although India is making significant strides in that direction, we are not quite there yet. I believe education from the CMU would be the...
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Hard Work to Make Dreams Come True

Ever since I can remember, I have been intrigued by how things in the world go round. I like getting my hands dirty and trying to invent my own unique creations like, my own homemade restaurant with bad sketches of multiple blueprints of how I wanted it to look like. Blueprints just sucks me in and I can spend hours looking at how every detail pulls together the end product. My grandfather used to show me how clocks work and...
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Great Adventure Being a Nurse

Although I earned an Associate of Arts Degree, I became interested in nursing when my country of birth (Sierra Leone) was faced with an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus which decimated hundreds of the population. As more people lost their lives, I became increasingly aware of the importance of medical care in our society. Within that same year, I became a mother to a beautiful and precious little girl. My daughter was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia, which is...
2 Pages 703 Words

Education as a Tool to Empower the Society

Education needs to instill the belief in its recipients that they are the master of their lives, have sizeable control over events happening to and around them and empower them to be valuable and respected members of the society. This paper seeks to illustrate how education can be applied to achieve empowerment amongst the masses and in effect help alleviate and eradicate certain societal inequities including poverty, substance abuse, criminality, illiteracy, and marginalization. I believe that children are different especially...
3 Pages 1347 Words

Statement of Educational Philosophy

Before pursuing my dream of furthering my education to become a teacher, I would get asked multiple different questions. “Why do you want to become a teacher?”, “What grade level would you prefer to teach?”, “Where and what type of school could you see yourself teaching?”, “Who do you want to be as a teacher?”. All of the questions seem rather simple and easy to answer. However, I feel as if these questions are rather difficult to answer. Even though...
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