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Case Study of Diversity in ABC Company

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Case Study Answers

Question-1 Why should ABC analyse existing practices in relation to diversity?

ABC should analyse existing practices in relation to diversity because neither company mission nor the current operational plan contains any detail for the implementation of the diversity which implies that all the benefits of the diversity that have been mentioned will not be reaped by the company so they should carefully examine their existing practices in accordance with diversity.

Question-2 Explain the benefits of diversity in ABC and how diversity relates to achievement of business objectives?

Following are the benefits of diversity in ABC: –

1) High degree of profitability: –

Representatives who communicate in various dialects or originate from abroad have exceptional aptitudes and encounters. Representatives from multiple foundations can present new arrangements and points of view that were beforehand obscure. When working with various groups, be that as it may, it is imperative to organize the representatives’ government assistance through legitimate pay and human services. These guarantees representatives feel sure about the organization, paying little heed to their experiences.

2) Exchange of assortments, thoughts, and collaboration

Every individual from the group contributes various thoughts and one of a kind critical thinking viewpoint. By having numerous personalities at the table, organization workers can tackle issues all the more rapidly and proficiently.

3) Learning and development

Being presented to new societies, thoughts, and points of view can possibly change the manner in which representatives think, work together with each other, and even influence one’s feelings of compassion. To be fruitful, an organization ought to endeavour to interest various populaces and situations. This social introduction considers wide-running customers and a superior open door for the organization to be effective.

4) Effective correspondence

Clients who communicate with delegates from his/her topographical zone or social childhood will cause the client to feel increasingly good with the agent and the organization itself.

5) Diverse experience

A various blend of abilities and encounters helps colleagues become progressively responsive and adjust to changing conditions without any problem.

By Following ways diversity relates to achievement of business objectives-

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1) Various sentiment and viewpoints

Representatives with various foundations and encounters will unite an assortment of viewpoints, accordingly inspiring elective arrangements and approaches while talking about a point or issue. Whenever oversaw well, the qualities and best bits of knowledge of each individual can be saddled to elevate profitability and convey better outcomes.

2) Unity of assorted qualities

Decent variety likewise presents the chance to join specific qualities to the upside of the association. As each individual has various abilities and has fluctuating qualities, these can be joined for more noteworthy execution and profitability. Specialized attributes in a single individual can be merged with the administration qualities of another, and the business quality of one more.

3) The planning advantages

There is additionally a favourable functional position of having a different workforce. As people have special time responsibilities, having a changed gathering guarantees that work undertakings can be satisfied consistently throughout the year.

4) Makes organization appealing

From the commercial centre point of view, an organization that advances working environment decent variety and a comprehensive workplace adds to its appealing quality as a business. A working environment that is available to investigate new thoughts and styles is particularly engaging for the bold receptive representatives of Generation Y. If an association makes it realized that they centre around what people can bring to the table more than the up-and-comer’s financial foundation, ethnicity, and so forth, they are bound to pull in various scope of candidates.

Q-3 Why might it be a good idea to access and review diversity policies from organisations that are similar to the ABC?

It might be a good idea to access and review diversity policies like that of ABC organizations because these policies need to be updated from time to time. The meaning of diversity keeps on changing from person to person. For one, it may mean something, and for the other, it may mean something else. So, overall, it means that the policies have various benefits, as mentioned in the question. They need to be reviewed to have a check whether they are being followed or not, and if not, then what changes are required so that policies and their implementation are updated.

Q-4 What other sources of information might be useful? List 2 sources and briefly describe the information that might be collected from these sources?

The other sources of information that might be useful are: (i) Curriculum vitae of the candidate (ii) Government id-proof

From curriculum vitae, we will be able to gather information about the gender, educational qualifications of the candidate and from government id-proof, we can have information about the residence of the candidate so that we know what is the variation in diversity in the company so that talent of varied skills the organization possess.

Q-5 – Who should be consulted and involved in the development/ amendment/ improvement of diversity policies for ABC and why?

I think it should be the employee representative members of all the departments that should be consulted and involved in the development of diversity policies along with the higher authorities. A meeting should be conducted over this. The reason is that the employees on the ground level will be better able to tell what changes they need in terms of diversity in their organization.

Q-6 – Note and describe the steps that would be followed, after the initial research phase, to prepare a diversity policy and develop an action plan for the policy.

  • As a manager my target would be to keep at least a mix of 50% diversity and every work division.
  • I will choose a combination of a mix in age group (that will have somebody from the age of 45 and somebody in their 20s)
  • Mix of creativity and experience also would be chosen.
  • In the initial role out model I will roll out these changes temporarily and after evaluating the flaws and outcome the final diversified policy will be rolled out.

Q-7 – Diversity policy has been developed and finalized. What are the next steps? Consider tools, presentation, communication and stakeholders. Develop benchmarks and indicators to measure impact of policy implementation. Explain how to monitor business activities, team plans and staff performance to ensure diversity policy is effectively implemented.

  • Once the policy is formalized, I will sit with the stake holders and with the help of flowcharts and intrinsic study analysis will show them how our new vision of diversification and inclusiveness is met.
  • I will take to SPOC leaders from the various divisions and explain how we plan to implement the policy in phases.
  • As a HR manager, since that my motive shall never be to force people, I will have meeting cum presentation with the employees, where I would address all their queries in this respect and also release a FAQ flyer. I will assure them that no change shall be mandatory for them and they could out of the policy freely at their own will.

Q-8 – Once the policy is implemented and has been operational for a period of time it will be necessary to review it. Explain why this is necessary, how it might be done and what might occur as a result of a policy review.

Of-course policy review is very critical. As mentioned above, the current policy has been revamped after a period of four years. We need to respect the fact that the dynamics keep rapidly changing and we need to inspect each and every aspect of diversification policy. We need to have critical reviews from those on who it has been implemented and how is it affecting the results of the company. Is it going in the upward direction as planned or is the other way round? Critical thinking is required. Satisfaction levels of the employees will also have to be looked into.

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