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Case Study Report: Google SWOT Analysis and Analysis of Strategy

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A search engine is used to carry out search on World Wide Web. The search result is mostly a mixture of articles, audio, video, visual presentation and research papers. The search engine uses algorithm which is usually maintained by real-time information which is also known as web crawler. Search engines were basically invented in 1990 by Alan Emtage who was the student at McGill University located in Canada. Google is arguably the widest used search engine around the world. Google was launched on 4 September 1998. It was found by Sergey Brin and Larry Page who were the student of Stanford University located in California. Google carried the idea of search engine from a little company called This idea changed the fortune of Google from struggling to one of the most profitable company in the world. Google also provides services like mobile manufacturing, operating system, advertisement. Google works on a basic but creative business strategy and generate handsome income. The report will portray Google’s working strategy, market strategy, how business strategy aids organization, advertisement and working of search engine

Company overview

Google begin as a search engine but later launched different new technologies. Google vision is always changing and they launch new technology every year. Gmail was brought by Google in 2004, while Google map and YouTube were bought in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Now each product has extraordinary market value and millions of users are using these technologies each day. Google just did not stop there. In 2008, they bought Android to get involve in operating system and later launched Google Chrome.

Google works in designated way. They have consistently released new technology each year since the last five years’ period. Yahoo is facing tough time dealing with Gmail and Google utilizes android to challenge other working framework such as IOS and Windows. Even in operating system, Chrome is way ahead in comparison to other browser. Google tried their luck in 2011 on social media platform with Google+ trying to catch Instagram, Facebook and other platforms market share, but failed to do so.

Over the years, Google has collaborated and partnered with different mass producers such as Motorola. In technological world, Google see itself as a worldwide leader and focuses on upgrading its technology. Motorola obtaining by Google in 2011 may have been misjudged for Google’s aspiration in mobile production. To maintain excessive market share, Google provides free items for advertising incomes. In certain occasion, Google also earnings from multiple sources, for example, mobile production but Google primarily focuses on its center business

Google has several advertising tools. AdWords does the work of target marketing while organization that are third party to Google, they use the service of AdSense. Google Play was launched in 2011. Google play is same like Apple’s App Store where a person can find different kinds of app from music, food, sports, technology, every area is covered. Google Play consist more than 700,000 apps. Google Play is a great example that shows how Google work and exhibit its presence in all environment. Google Play is available in every android mobile and it is always a go to area for users. But still after this, Google core source of income is advertisement marketing.


Alphabet Inc.

It is a multinational company whose headquarter is situated in Mount View, California, America. Alphabet Inc. came into being because of Google’s corporate reconstructing in October 2015. Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were the two founder to Google now held the role of CEO and President respectively. Alphabet reside on 4th number on the list of largest technology company. Sergey Brin and Larry Page resigned from their position on December 2019 which paved the way for Sundar Pichai to become the CEO of both Alphabet Inc. and Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin continued to be co-founder and shareholder in Alphabet Inc.

a. Why Creating Alphabet and how it’s a Good Move

Alphabet is basically of combination of companies. The largest companies among them all is Google. The Alphabet was created to manage things with more efficiency and independently. A major reason Alphabet Inc. acquire Google was to please investors. Wall street in particular didn’t like Google funding on “moonshot” that doesn’t provide good result. Most of Google’s income come from ad search because of which former CEO Page was heavily criticized.

Alphabet combining with Google won’t change much for a Google user. There won’t be any new Alphabet search engine or new Alphabet OS. Alphabet provides safe place to companies which allows them to conduct experiment. This will turn Google into conglomerate and separating its advertisement and search. The newly Google can now narrow down its scope and focus more on its several businesses such as Android, Maps, online and mobile. Each different companies can look into their respective scope without getting blend with Google.

Google SWOT analysis


  • Search Engine
  • Ad services


  • Social Media presence
  • Privacy Issues


  • AI growth
  • New features in search Engine


  • Competition
  • Censorship


Discovering knowledge though internet may seem nothing special but it takes a lot at the back to search through the internet and get the desire information. To get the useful piece of information from countless website is a gigantic task. Such huge task is done with search engine with the help of complex algorithm. Search engine other than algorithm consist of mathematical calculation that directs PC how to finish allocated task.

1. Google Search Algorithm

Google as search engine as arguably most widely used on the internet. With the help of keywords that user enters, Google algorithm does the search and gives the desired result. Then it allocates the page rank based on number of times a keyword has appeared. Pages with elevated ranks are seen at the top in Googles search engine result page, implying that the best link with user search question are the initial ones on Google records. For a website to be placed at the top page of Google is a big uplift. The search engine of Google works just like any other web search engine upfront. Google’s catchphrase search work is like other web crawlers. Computerized programs called crawlers or spiders venture to every part of the Web, moving from connection of link to link and working up a list page that contains several keywords. When a user enters a query then Google reference the page index. An indexation is done by Google when a user enters a query. The web then lists the pages that contain similar keywords that were used in the users search query. There is further advancement in Google’s spider, for example, having the option to decide the contrast between Web pages with genuine content and that diverts to different webpage also known as clickbait.

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Positioning of keyword has an impact on how Google discover web pages. Google searches for keyword located each Web page, yet a few areas are a higher priority than others. It is a good idea to put in keyword in the title of Website. Additionally, Google scans heading for keywords. There are different sizes of heading and bigger headings with keywords have much more chances of appear on page before short heading. Another valuable thing is keyword dispersal. More than enough usage of keywords should be avoided by webmaster, however numerous people encourage them to consistently use all through a page. There are multiple search engines that are still active and some of are not from the early 1990s


  • W3Catalog
  • Web Crawler
  • JumpStation
  • Running
  • Running
  • Deactivated


  • SAPO
  • Daum
  • Magellan
  • Running
  • Running
  • Deactivated


  • Google
  • MSN Search (Now Bing)
  • AlltheWeb
  • Running
  • Running
  • Deactivated


  • Running


  • SearchMe
  • Deactivated

2. AdSense

AdSense started by Google in 2003 and as now is one of the most mainstream advertisement program on internet. It gives decent chance to website admin and site owner to devise their traffic. Each year, publishers receive around $10B dollars from Google. Reliable security, protection for both distributors and advertisers is an additional component of AdSense. Google behave as a mediator between the different sides and makes entire procedure being straightforward and clear for everybody. In Google Analytics Account, all the fundamental measurement can be followed. There are multiple ad templates in AdSense. A user can run ads with HTML code, pictures, plain text of different sizes, videos and a lot more. Being a publisher, a person can run various advertisement template and make some research about which template generate more revenue according to target audience

3. AdWords

It is PPC – Pay Per Click advertisement. AdWords perform advertisement in two ways, from Google Display and from Google Search. The Google Search Network permits you to demonstrate your promotions to clients who are effectively looking for the keywords that you’ve chosen. The Google Display Network works unlike Google Search. Rather than demonstrating advertisements to clients who are effectively looking for an item, ‘banner advertisement’ and ‘display advertisement’ are put on the site. AdWords is not the only PPC ad available. There are different PPC ad such as Facebook Ad, Pinterest Ad, Twitter Ad. Among all competitors, AdWords is as yet perhaps the most ideal approaches to target audience


The company’s strategy is pretty simple. It provides high-level technological solution along with innovation that is encouraged in working environment. Google produces state-of-the-art networks, applications that makes it easier for flow of information in every part of organization

1. How is Google’s mission statement related to its business strategy?

Google has a definite expression “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. As seen in the case study, Google allow its employee along the tools and strategies to be in the driving seat of the assignment. Due to such flexibility, many new features have been showing up on Google platform. Google is famous for taking risk that takes off and this assist the strategy because it keeps on extending the advancements and applications at Google, which at that point further help their statement of purpose.

2. How does Google’s information systems strategy support its business strategy?

Google releases its source code encouraging the utilization of open source code software and support tools that are build inside the company to carry out creativity and collaboration. Google has a policy that allows its employees to select application of their own choosing. Employees then pick up applications that suit their liking and business needs. Google additionally executes organizational level security that permits clients to keep up liberty of communication

3. How does Google’s organizational strategy support its business strategy?

Google has made structure that supports advanced creative thinking rather than inflexible corporate framework. Representatives are urged to take a day from seven days to examine their thoughts. Google implement projects that have clear goals and deadlines to guarantee responsibility and execution. Google organizational strategy doesn’t concentrate on cost control but focuses on practical application

4. Which of Porter’s three generic strategies does Google appear to be using based on this case? Provide a rationale for your response.

In my opinion with Porter’s three generic strategies, online advertisement has stayed as the ideal objective for Google’s product. Google has applied the idea of differentiation in its Android product to be unique from its rivals. Google has consistently kept up its status as a powerhouse by concentrating on online advertisement, search engine and mobile manufacturing

5. Analyze Google’s strategy and the type of market disruption it has created using a dynamic environment perspective.

On different structure Google has used a blue sea technique in which whole industry is transformed. Google has included different new products that gives value to its customer (AdWords, AdSense). It consistently searches out new information through its innovation style and making investment in project with risk because such projects have great capability of high-return. Google continually innovates by setting constraint on to what extent it will take to make changes to its service and product. With such innovative method, it can remain on the forefront of technology and head the industry market of the IT world. Google leads the market discovering new and finer approaches to serve its users and it has also changed the market dynamics with its economical marketing and services like AdWords and AdSense


In conclusion, we previously talked about how strategy of Google is developed and what impacts of their strategy results in market. It also includes Google mission and strategy supported by system. In the end, there is no doubt that Google is a successful company providing efficient services to its customers with AdWords and AdSense and making everyday life easier for users through search engine. Google has also worked to increase knowledge and skills of their employees. It has excellent working environment that gives enough free hand to their employees to work on the project of their own chosen. Such initiatives promote friendly environment, talented employees and greater work production.


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