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Categorical Imperative In Life

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Immanuel Kant is one of the many philosophers that have contributed in the field of philosophy. Much more, his ideologies and philosophies in life draw me closer to reality due to realization of things that truly matter. His Categorical Imperative made me philosophize things over and over until I reached to the point of introspection – a time well spent for myself continually seeking for truth and wisdom.

A Categorical Imperative is a rule of action which is unconditional orabsolute for all agents, the reality or statement of which is not contingent onanydesire or end. There was only one Categorical Imperative for Kant, in the moral realm, that he expressed in two ways. The Categorical Imperative says, therefore: First, act only according to the concept by which you can at the same time makeita universal law. This is simply a structured reaffirmation of a concept that hasbeen around in all the major religions for a long time: ‘Do to others as you wouldhave them do to you.’ It is a purely formal or logical statement and representsthe state of behavioral reasoning rather than its morality. In life, I have beencircumvented by the notion that what we do will be reciprocated.

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Since young, I have always planted a seed of love and not a seed of grudge. I always believethatwhat comes around goes around. It is right for me to start at a young agetheessence of love towards myself, my family, and the people that surrounds me. Andnow as I have slowly grow and develop, I continuously enjoy the fruit of myharvest – and that is receiving love from the people whom I love and treasuredfor since then. Second, act as to treat people always as ends in themselves, neveras mere means. This was intended for the general love Christian directive, therequest ‘to love one’s neighbor.’ To regard an individual as an end, since Kantimplied remembering that they had their very own existence where they meritedequity and equivalent treatment to seek after bliss and satisfaction. Kantcontended that the downright basic is simply the voice of our own selves. It’ssomething that we truly accept when we think reasonably. That is the standardgiven to us by our own keenness. Throughout everyday life, person’s capacityofdriving life ought to be perceived.

Regarding others as our own selves ought tobethe center of our philosophy for they are reflections of God’s creation anduniqueness. All that I do in life consistently features for the love of my neighbormore than myself. By sacrificially giving my time, consideration and love for otherpeople, I gradually look for satisfaction and fulfillment. For it is in themthatIfound and build my core and establishment of all that I do. And lastly, act asifyou live in a kingdom of ends. Kant ventured into the political domain his thinkingabout the Categorical Imperative. He asserted that preserving democracy is thecenter obligation of government. However, with the conventional idea ofopportunity or freedom, he realized that something was frightfully off-base. Inlibertarian terms, it ought not be deciphered as the option to do precisely anything we need. Just when we act as per our own best nature are without we, and on the off chance that we are heavily influenced by our own or others’ interests are we slaves. For instance, in a democratic country like Philippineswhose administration imposed democratic movement, the legislatureislegitimately unscrupulous if their impression of freedom is doing things openlypast the ethical laws. Ethical quality isn’t simply an issue of individual lead, yet inaddition, the establishment of society. The administration is of the people, bythepeople and for the people. In the event that they act in resistance of what’sgenerally right, at that point, what does that comprise to us?

In life, we are and should be bounded by moral principles and ethics that wouldserve as our internal compass that guides our lives to where it should have supposed to be. Although we are coiled in “wrongness” of things, we have to bearin mind that our lives are not invalid. We are slowly validating ourselves throughredirecting our pathways to the right direction. Then, there we will realize that the flaws of our lives are the pivotal points towards transcending ourselves into a person we can potentially be – always seeking and never stagnating.

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