Catholic Social Justice: Domestic Violence

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Social justice in the catholic teachings are people of faith who are named upon to help those experiencing hardship in the world. The teachings guides matter of human dignity and universal good in society. Social justice is a distinctive attribute of a catholic education in school. The main focus isn’t only supplying a good education, although is it known for making the student a person of integrity and faith. The social justice values within a Catholic school community will mirror the school’s mission and practices that will enhance the identity of the catholic teachings to fit in with the religious life of the school. This task that has been explored in this assignment associates straight to the pillars of mission and education. Increasing awareness program about domestic violence against young people in their families. The work of this program will involve the consideration of caring for the grieving and vulnerable individuals that cannot get out of these corrupt situations.

Specifically, at St Mary’s College we have progressed an extensive Social Justice program in place that focuses to embrace the Gospel values and Mercy charism within our school community. This is a conception of fair and just rights between society and the individual. As these programs begin on a term to term timeline, their main focus is to perceive and raise awareness on these certain social issues that are being disregarded by the world. There are many ways in which people help out in these programs such as, fundraising money, donating good and visiting places that are in need. One of the College’s current Social Justice programs is the Rosie’s mission appeal. This appeal is continuing to endure those people in need that are abandoned and lonely within our community. Rosie’s give unconditional support and acceptance during these difficult times. St Mary’s College partakes in this program by volunteering to reach out to the homeless and people in need around Ipswich by giving out food and a drink to have. By students partaking in this creates a relational connection between each other, while imbedding qualities of Mercy into our curriculum. Them being able to share their experience and knowledge on this specific organisation marginalizes our community in a practical way. This is what we do to over look the everyday initiatives that are implied in the integral pillars of our Mercy tradition, Mercy pillars of Spirituality and mission.

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A person who behaves a certain way, dominating to make someone feel unsafe, or being aggressive within a family home are examples of domestic violence. According to Fantuzzo, J (1999) “Children who were exposed to violence in the home are 15 times more likely to be physically and/or sexually assaulted than the national average”. Posters will be put around the school that will explain what is a safe and what isn’t a safe home, to reach out to someone for help councillors will be available within the school for girls to talk to. Another strategy that will be put in place will be having an organisation that will come into the school twice a year to engage and educate the girls on this major issue that they may be unaware of. Girls may find that it is a hard situation to get out of, although from the support of our school community, will help the girl speak up about there issues with in their families. This program will deliver foundational knowledge and approaches to deliver respectful relationships and domestic violence in schools

PARAGRAPH 3: The plan is to encourage the girls to become aware of their surroundings when dealing with this injustice in the world. Stand by our fellow females in the world and share with them that these resources do exist and that they can get help. These girls should not have to put up with inappropriate behaviour within their families. They have a right to feel safe in their homes without feeling like they’re in danger. When these young girl’s life’s are so sheltered they only get to see what the adults in their world expose them to. Although at school they have that opportunity to learn that there are resources available to help them. Our Mercy Tradition gives us a distinctive focus to our evangelising efforts so that St Mary’s College students are continuously challenged to live the ideal values of the Sisters of Mercy.


This Social Justice program of Domestic violence is intended to help our school community through their tough times while reassuring their personal commitment and reflection. This program will be put in place to utilised the dignity of a human person and help young women’s education in domestic violence that will strengthen community and family partnerships. This ingenuity aligns with the Gospel Mercy values and touches on the personal, relational and spiritual dimensions of social justice in the school community.


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