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Causes And Resolutions Of Corporate Conflicts

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The corporate sector is way more complex and convoluted than one could imagine, there are so many people of different classes, characters, and personalities, working together under the same roof henceforth a conflict is very much likely to break out between them. Conflict can cause a company/business a lot of damage. Frauds and misrepresentation can also cause conflict between two parties both internally and externally.

Exploitation of position

In the corporate sector, there are many people designated at different posts. Some at a worker level the others at management level, while it is likely that management would use their position for their own gain but in many cases worker were also caught red-handed while they were grinding their own axe for their own benefits at the cost of immeasurable loss to the firm/business in which they are employed. These activities form the basis of major conflicts. For this reason, companies conduct a different employee training programme for mutual benefits of their own and their employees.

Vested Interest

A company has its own values, mission and interests and the employees is bound to work for their achievement, which makes him the fiduciary of the company. But despite being the fiduciary and stakeholder of the company some employees are found to have some sort of vested interests that oppose those of the company. These vested interests can cause different minor and major conflicts between the company and the employee himself. He could get in serious trouble and poses a threat to the company, which can cause loss and damage to the reputation of the business.

Mediation is the key to success

A mediator is an answer to such situations. He could help companies develop a sense of responsibility among the staff of different designations. The mediator builds an environment in which employees and management can understand each other in a more intimate and intuitive way. He conducts many different activities to break the ice and open up employees to new things that can help them understand their rights and duties arising out of their employment.

Causes of a corporate conflict

The person acting as a mediator must know the root cause of the conflict, he should be confident about the decision he takes to resolve the root cause of the conflict. He must know how to handle certain situations as knowing the problem is halfway to the resolution. Therefore it is must that the mediator should study different conflict cases before jumping into one himself, as to get an idea of what he is getting himself into. He should have a clear insight into what is causing the conflict between the employee’s and the company’s interests and focus on its resolution to overcome this situation. He should suggest different compromises that may ease the situation a bit.

Use of emotive language is forbidden

The use of emotive language is forbidden for a mediator as it may make the situation even worse. Flowing in emotions is a common trait of a human being. And sometimes a conflict can arise out of using such language. It may include abusive words and other slang terms not really suitable for an office environment. The mediator must be cool minded and have an iron will to stay within the civil criteria while dealing with a conflict.

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Five tips and tricks to resolve a conflict

1. Stay neutral

As a mediator, a person is bound to stay neutral. He shouldn’t have any biased views and opinions. He should not pick any one’s side or act partially. Such a person should stay calm and steady and focus on the problem and not the people involved in the conflict. He should found a common ground for both parties to agree upon. In this way, none of the parties would feel cheated.

2. Focus on the problem

The mediator is advised to focus on the root cause of the conflict. Rather than the people involved in the conflict. Doing so will safeguard the interest of both parties involved in the conflict. Therefore by focusing on the root cause of conflict, the mediator can easily find the resolution of the problem.

3. Find the common ground

As there are at least two parties involved in the conflict and both have their own sets of interests. The mediator is advised to find the common ground for both parties to agree upon. As it will make them realize that a compromise is necessary if they want to make any further progress in this regard. Therefore a common ground should be considered while resolving a conflict.

4. Know the problem

As a mediator, the first mandatory step toward resolving a conflict is to know the problem itself causing the conflict. As knowing the problem is halfway toward its resolution. The mediator should focus on the problems causing the conflict. Doing so will help him acknowledge the situation of the conflict. It will also help him to prepare for the mediation. He is going to commence on the parties of the conflict.

5. Avoid emotive language

The use of emotive language may make the situation even worse. As a mediator, it is crucial for him to avoid such language. He should convince others not to be emotive either. Being emotive would worsen the situation to a point where mediation would not even work. So all the parties involved in a conflict are advised to not use such language.


The employee is advised to maintain a silent behavior while dealing with such a situation and speak while there is really a need to do so. It may limit the use of abusive and emotive language to a bare minimum. Therefore a mediator is recommended to do the same to avoid any further conflict. All in all the mediation of staff is a must-have for any company or business to spread the awareness of what the conflict may cause to the employee and the company and how they may get themself out of such situations.

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