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Causes of American Revolution: Analytical Essay

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Table of contents

  1. Balance of Powers
  2. Reasonable Laws
  3. Fair Justice
  4. Self-Sustaining
  5. Taxes
  6. Social Classes
  7. Economy
  8. Low loss of life

The colonies are tired of being treated like worthless people. The fact that they needed to pay a big amount of taxes is really concerning, making people give away all their money to a country that doesn’t even consider them part of England. England isn’t letting the colonists protect themselves by not letting them use guns. What happens if outsiders come and attack? If they can’t protect themselves, many people will die. Not only that but the fact that England dicing care about that is really selfish. Based on all the things that England did to the colonists, they decided to take action. They create their first Continental Congress, were they send a letter to the king of England. The letter said some changes the colonists wanted, such as lowering taxes, more rights, and a representation in the parliament. This decision really proves that the colonists were trying to look for a peaceful way to find their freedom. It also shows that they were tired of being mistreated.

Balance of Powers

After the Revolution ended, the colonists decided to become a self-government. this meant that the people could have their own farms, businesses and other things. They could also decide the state of their economy. This was a good way for people to learn to do things quickly and correctly. They learned how to manage their money, farm, and other things. This really proves that every person in each state was independent.

Reasonable Laws

In the American Revolution they were ruled by the British people so they don't have exact “Laws” but they had rules they need to follow. One of the rules they need to follow was paying taxes and they paid a lot of taxes. These was a reason why the American Revolution was caused. They can´t be in the army of England because they saw them as spies or untrustable. They need to follow British rules. They are treated bad so they start fighting for independence. They paid taxes for food but they don't give them food and they need to bought their food separately. I think that they follow rules that they don´t need to, and the British people was very rude with the American people.

Fair Justice

They don't have a fair justice, that's why they want to claim their independence. They treat them bad and they don´t trust in the Americans. Americans felt betrayed because British don't trust them. They fight for justice and liberty. They cant take food they trade and they need to bought their own food. They treat them differently.

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People in the colony had to get their own food and live by their own. The few amount of colonists that lived in cities bought their food in a market. They ate mostly fruits, vegetables, meat and bread. When men left to the war, women and kids worked in the family´s farm and they also help feed the soldiers. They need to be working a lot because they had so much to be done. If you stop working they´ll consider you as a lazy person. In that time children don´t had time to play games. In the American Revolution they had very small houses and people need to sleep together and people with some more money, can build a few more rooms. I really think that it was nice that people need to work hard but they work a lot and they didn't had time to live their lives.


The Boston Tea Party was a political protest that occured during this time. The American colonists were frustrated and angry at the people of England for imposing “taxation without representation”. They want the British to low their taxes but they ignored them. The 13 colonies wants to fight for independence. They feel that this was unfair because they pay for things that the British people don´y give to them and they need to bought their things separately because the British didn't care about American people. In the other side, British people felt the taxes were fair so they don´t change and lowed the taxes. I feel that the British people were unfair with the American people because they need to paid for all the British want and they don't earn something and they treated them bad.

Social Classes

In the American Revolution they divided the people in Social Classes. Depending of their importance or their amount of money they divided them. Some Social Classes were like the slaves. They bring Africans to America to work, mainly in agriculture but others work in the house, for example cooking, laundresses, manservants and others. The “Free Blacks” they had some rights but not the same as white people. The farmers, this was the people who work in the farms. And the important people that they had all rights and they have money and power in other people, they are the “Gentry” people. They are like the “highest” of the colonial society.


The Economy in the American Revolution was normal. In a war named “The Seven Years War” they fight and they lost a lot of money fighting. They spend a lot of money because they believe that one day the American colonies would undertake a revolution in an effort to create an independent nation state. They fight and lost the fight. They lost a lot of money and they get basically broke. They spend so much money that they had a bad economy and they had very hard times caused by the economy.

Low loss of life

The low loss of life during the American Revolution was mainly the Boston Massacre. It was when some soldiers shot civilians. There were only 5 deaths in this event, but people took it as if all of their Therefore, there was also people that died because of disease, natural death, and some other incidents.population was dead. Compared to other revolution in history, the loss of life in America was insignificant.

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