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Causes of Flood Essay

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Floods are caused by many things. Many times it rains too much, other times a dam breaks; however, the effects of floods devastating. Floods can cause environmental losses as well and economical losses, land is washed away, homes are ruined, and people sometimes even die. This essay is about the causes and effects that flood have on our world.

Floods are caused by many things. One cause of a flood is when water exceeds the capacity of the area it is in; thus causing it to overflow outside the waters boundary. Another cause is the amount of rain that a certain area of land gets. When too much water has rained over a certain area, sewers start getting flooded, creating a backup and water starts to flow on streets. One more way of flooding is when dams break. Massive dams that hold water back prevent flooding. When the gate breaks, the water flows out of it and creates a flood.

Climates and environments have a lot to do with flooding also. A higher altitude might be exposed to more rain than a lower altitude. Also a damper, wetter climate creates it more susceptible for rain, which causes it to flood (flash flood) more frequently than a hot and dry climate. Hurricanes also effect floods to. When a hurricane reaches land, there is an enormous amount of water that is carried along with it. This water dumped on land and as water levels rise, flooding is created.

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The effects of floods are devastating. Many times floods can destroy everything. Houses can be torn off their foundation because the water has made its structure weaker, tar can be been pulled off road causing major pot holes, earth can be sunken in creating a different landscape, tons of trees have the possibility of being ripped out. To see the effects after a flood is not a pretty site. Water has to be pumped out of flooded civilian areas.

Another thing that floods effect is the environmental and economical situations. When floods occur, there is a large amount of water that runs over the ground. Loose soil, rocks, and landscape can be dramatically altered, leaving behind a rugged, changed terrain. Loose soil can create mud slides, which create hazardous situations for living things nearby. The economy after the flood can be one of the greatest effected. Billions of dollars have been donated by a countries government to rebuild and payback what was lost. Many times these things include houses, roads, buildings, cars, schools, etc. Another thing that people loose in the event of floods is their jobs; consequently, after water damaging buildings and such, businesses can be run down, bankrupt and even, in existent. This causes lots of people to be jobless, which in effect, creates no way of paying for daily needs.

During floods, humans can lose so much. One of the most dangerous things a person could lose would be their life. If a person gets caught in a flood and is swept away, they have the risk of drowning in the water. Many times people die not only from the flood itself; but the effects after the flood such as starvation, hazardous objects floating in the water, and much more. Because of the water, it is harder for medical services to help civilians. The people rely on the aid workers to bring refugees food; consequently, if the aid workers have a hard time getting through the water, many families starve to death.

Floods are part of everyday lives. They are caused by too much rain, hurricanes, breaking of dams, etc. Many times the effects are devastating. The environment and economy are destroyed, land is washed away, houses are destroyed, and peoples lives are changed forever.

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