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Causes of World War II: Informative Essay

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World War II dates way back to September 1, 1939, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. World War II started with the Japanese expansion in Asia that happened in 1930. During this expansion, there was an invasion of Manchuria led to an attack on China. Because of this attack on China, the United States declared war on Japan. Another cause of this war was the Treaty of verse sillies, which was the cause of the end of World War I between Germany and the other powers. The result of this Treaty was Germany losing. Germany last because they were forced to give up territory to Belgium. This meant that it reduces the size of his military, which made them vulnerable.

World War two in Europe could have been prevented if nations had stopped expanding against the Germans and their brutality. Adolf Hitler was a huge reason why the war was started. If Hitler did not invade Poland on September 1, 1939, then the European phase of World War 2 would have never happened. If there were no Japanese expansion, then the war would have never happened. If there were no great depression the war would have never happened.

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The worldwide economic depression from the Treaty of verse sillies after World War I cause an economic depression. After this depression came, it caused the rise of militarism in Germany and Japan, partly why World War II was sparked. Politically, the Nazi ideology also sparked world war two. Natzi’s doctrine was used to appeal to Germans who mostly look for national unity. This ideology also focuses on the big picture of things and offers solutions to Germany’s problems. All of this is why World War II was not prevented.

For social reasons, World War II was not prevented because it gave women a place for labor. They also presented women with new opportunities to grow professionally. The Western view of Chinese law also took a toll on this. Because World War I did not resolve World War II problems, two was not prevented because you look for a strong political leader to help resolve issues as needed.

All in all, World War II needed to happen. If this did not occur, then more like what happened taken away in the spread of communism from the Soviet Union would have never happened. Yeah also caught the United States and the Soviet Union to face off in the crucial cold war.

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