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Celebration of Boxing Day and Christmas with My Family: Reflective Essay

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This year I had the privilege to celebrate my Christmas with my family and we had decided to celebrate Christmas and new years in Australia. I didn’t know “boxing day” was a thing here and it was completely new to me, but everywhere I go “boxing day sales’ was up everywhere. After a bit of research I found out that boxing day was traditionally a day after Christmas where servants get their day off and were given bonuses from their master, the servants then would later buy gifts and wrap In Christmas box to give it to their family. Thus that’s where “boxing day” got its name, from the Christmas box loved ones unbox.

I’ve realized that Although Boxing Day’s exact roots are unclear, and I don’t know much about it since its my first boxing day spent here, it is clear that this holiday’s spirit is rooted in helping the less fortunate. The holiday season is still a wonderful time to bring my family together and help the needy and what better way to celebrate this holiday season by helping others around me so we decided to share a little bit of our time to give back.

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We went to Gertrude Abott aged care in Surry hills, currently a home for 90 residents. I still remember the warm smiles on their faces as we sing carols and tell stories, well mostly they’re the one who does most of the talking and I just listened, but still there was a lot of emotions flowing through as at that exact moment. Sitting and chatting with them had provide great knowledge of life experiences for the younger generations such as me and my sisters. All of their struggles were so different from today’s era such as struggling to get by during an economic depression which makes me realize how easy it is now compared to back then yet nowadays we still complain about the slightest things. Over all I can say that It is a very rewarding experience to shape friendships with the elderlies. Although at first I was quiet scared that I might feel like i have very little in common with them, i was quite shocked at how much we actually share. I actually had the privilege of knowing a 78 years old woman who shared the same passion as me. She had done a lot of performing arts throughout her life and I can see the sparkle in her eyes when she would tell me stories of her life experience. When she got to perform the first time and the last time. I felt like I’ve known her for so long because we’ve talked for hours and it just clicked. She told me to never give up on my dreams and much like her and everyone else in the industry, there will be times when people will reject me and say no. she reminded me that “no” was simply next opportunity and without the right attitude and mindset, it will get me no where in the industry. She reminds me that if one day I achieved my dreams, I still have to remember who I was and she made me promise to always stay true to myself, she didn’t want me to make the same mistakes as she did.

This experience is again a reminder for me that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is coincidental and what comes around, comes back around so if I do good, something good will happen to me. While trying something new tends to be scary and intimidating, its better to take chances and face it because I’d never know what the outcome will be. I never expected what I gained after trying to donate some of my hours to them, instead of helping them I think I’m the one who got helped most and I think it benefited me more than it did for them. I hope in the near future I’m able to visit them again.

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