Celebrity Website Assignment on My Favorite Professional Basketball Player DeMar

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Celebrity Overview:

DeMar Darrnel DeRozan was born on August 7th, 1989 in Compton, California, United States. DeMar is an American professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played college basketball for the USC Trojans and was selected ninth pick overall by the Toronto Raptors in the 2009 NBA draft. DeRozan grew up in a neighborhood that was filled with criminals; he lost two uncles to shootouts, even though they were not involved in gangs. He studied at Compton High School. With his father’s training he quickly became a promising basketball talent. When he reached the 9th grade other Compton schools had tried to get him on their roster, but he continued to stay with his school. He was ranked as a top college recruit in his senior year when he won the McDonald’s High School All-American and was named Pac-10 Tournament MVP. He chose to attend the University of Southern California and played basketball for their team which was named the USC Trojans. Later he then gave up his 3 years of eligibility at the University of Southern Carolina to enter the NBA Draft in 2009. He was chosen ninth overall by the Toronto Raptors. He was a member of the United States’ national team during the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. DeMar DeRozan was named four times as a member of the NBA All-Star Team, and twice he was a member of the All-NBA Team. He played with the Toronto Raptors for nine seasons, and was then traded to the San Antonio Spurs in 2018.

Customer Analysis: Student 1

When thinking of DeMar DeRozan you think of one of the greatest players to ever wear a Toronto Raptors jersey. DeMar DeRozan keeps on proving himself on the court but also being a better person off the court. DeMar’s greatness captivates fans all across the world and especially in Canada, with fans willing to buy anything to be like their favourite player. Our merchandise is directed towards athletes, who are males between the ages of 15 to 30. We chose males because according to the ESPN Magazine there is a larger percentage of males than females who play organized sports. This is the age where kids start to play recreationally and competitively, which means they want the best gear that there favourite player wears. This age group is also the leading age in which kids are on an actual sports teams. Since we are targeting a younger age group, these people will only be making around $8,000 to $28,000 of income annually; which will be more than enough money to purchase our products. The education level for our target market will be those who are attending high school and postsecondary school because they will be able to pay for their own gear with the help of their part time or even full time jobs. Our customers will most likely be single or in a relationship and as for ethnicity and culture, anybody who loves basketball and fashion can purchase our products.

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Competition: Student 2

Alongside creating this website for our celebrity, it brings along other competitors as they would be selling and advertising similar products or services. Our competition is the NBA Store and Nike because they both sell authentic NBA merchandise and Nike makes the authentic jerseys that NBA players wear during their games. Our goal is to attract NBA fans and especially DeMar DeRozan fans to our website because of our high quality merchandise, clothing, customer service and great prices. Having the Nike and NBA Store as our primary competitor will be a tough battle as they have been around for a very long time and have loyal customers who shop frequently on their sites. The early stages to a business are usually the hardest as you search for your ideal target market and work towards the right publicity and advertisements to attract customer attention. Much like our website, each competitor is designed to promote and sell athletic wear and sports related products to a similar if not the same target market. With our distinct features and availabilities on our website we will surely win over our consumers.

Merchandise: Student 1

We feel as if everyone should be able to get the chance to follow their dreams and what better way to do that than wearing your favourite players gear. We have a variety of merchandise for sale at affordable prices so that it is comfortable for the customer to purchase with ease. With our merchandise you have lots to choose from. We have signature DeMar DeRozan shirts with your choice of three colours which are black, white and rainbow. All of which are at the price of $49.99. We also have DeMar DeRozan pants in black, white, and rainbow for $39.99. We have accessories for men and women which are toques, duffel bags, headphones, basketballs, and backpacks. The backpacks are priced at $59.99, the toques are priced at $19.99, the headphones are priced at $129.99, the duffel bags are priced at $64.99, and the basketballs are priced at $49.99. We decided to have a large variety of products available for purchase so that our customers have many options. Our products are great quality and priced very reasonably. They are lightweight and made out of polyester, meaning no need to worry about rips because they are strong and durable. Our products have more of a looser fit so that you will be able to stay comfortable. We decided on having cheaper prices than one of our leading competitors, the NBA Store, so that customers can easily afford our products since our target market is a young audience. Overall we wanted to ensure that we had a large variety of merchandise with great prices so our customers can easily purchase our products and be happy with what they receive.

Site Map:


Shop All




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Signature Long Sleeve------------>



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Unique/Distinct Features: Student 2

In the process of creating our own website we knew it needed to be different compared to our competitors. We designed our website to carry two unique and distinct features that allow us to stand out over our competition. One of the features we included was free shipping to every customer that orders from us worldwide. This is something neither of our competitors propose, and this feature gives our target market the relief of not having to worry about paying additionally for shipping. This is a common perk that influences consumers when they are deciding to buy a product. We developed this simple but valuable feature as we feel it will give our website an advantage over others and really impress our celebrity, DeMar DeRozan. Free shipping will allow our target market to order from anywhere across the world and have it shipped directly to them in no less than two weeks, regardless of what they purchase. The second feature we included was a fast responding customer service line. The Nike and the NBA Store take a significant amount of time to get back to you regarding a question or complaint that you have. The people at ShopDeMar.com respond back to their customers about any questions or concerns within thirty minutes of receiving their message. We strive to make sure our customers are treated as best as possible at all times. We developed these two features because we wanted to be different from our competitors and how they run their businesses.

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