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Cell Phones Are a Distraction in Elementary School: An Essay

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Technology is everywhere nowadays and the most common type is in a phone. They are one of the things that people rely on a daily basis. Sometimes, you see young kids, elementary kids holding a phone in their hand, even a kid that doesn’t even know how to walk. Young kids are using a phone not to pay attention to their daily life or school work, but rather using them for distraction. Many believe that this is helping young kids, by teaching them, and helping them with their homework, but I believe this is distracting them, not being prepared for exams, and causing them to be antisocial.

Cell phones are everywhere, even with elementary kids, who use phones as a toy than using them as a tool. Cell phones are a really big distraction for elementary students and only focusing them on their phone rather than schoolwork. “But for all the technological advancement and accessibility of cell phones, these devices can also cause numerous distractions to learning that could be just as detrimental to elementary school students (if not more) than to middle- and high-school students” (Kajeet). According to the article, these devices are causing many distractions to student’s learning abilities, and them not being able to learn right. When elementary students have a cell phone, it makes everything else, such as school not important, but they make their phone their priority. Phones are one of the biggest factors that are affecting elementary students wanting to pay attention during class. Phones affect not only their ability to learn, but also the results of tests and exams.

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Exams are a very important element in school, and it requires you to study and pay attention during class. To be prepared for exams, you need to know how to do the lesson that is being taught, but may be distracted by a phone. This results in children failing to pay attention in class, missing out on important lessons, and consequently, being clueless about studies and examinations (Mahak Arora). According to the article, many students are being distracted, and many not knowing the exam dates. When students enter the classroom, they think there is no exam, nor prepared for one, but end up having to take an exam they were not prepared for. This is caused by the use of phones, and causing them to miss out on important lessons, that are on the exams. Cell phones are not only distracting students from exams, and them not being able to do well, but they are also causing students to be antisocial.

Others may argue that elementary students with phones are necessary to have. However, phones are helpful in some ways, but also a huge distraction to students and are failing them in school. Phone are causing students to not pay attention, always stuck to their phone, and them being unprepared for exams. “This erratic activity can cause changes in mood patterns and behavioral tendencies, and children may have trouble learning new things or focusing properly” (Mahak). This is an example of how primary school students' use of the phone affects them in different ways. Cell phones are a dangerous tool for elementary students and changing their moods, their thinking, or having them focus on what is actually more important. Students with phones aren’t allowing them to get the full experience of schooling and allowing them to do good. Phones are a huge distraction to students schooling experience, and making them antisocial.

Elementary students having phones is a big step into letting them see everything on the Internet, and much more. Cell phones are creating people to think less on their own and instead relying on a phone much more. Phone are sometimes helpful, but also cause students to be distracted, not being prepared for exams, and them being antisocial. These devices are only making it worse for elementary kids, not helping them. Students need to rather focus on important factors, such as schoolwork, rather than a plastic filled tech that is distracting them.

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