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Cell Division And Heredity

Cell Division Mitosis Mitosis is a stage within the cell cycle whereby the parent cells divide into two to produce two identical daughter cells. Each daughter cell results with the same identical genetic information like the original mother as well the fertilised egg in which...
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Evaluation Of Cell Viability Of Leukemic Cell Using MTT

In cancer research, viability tests are immensely significant. These tests are used to observe the characteristics of different kinds of cancer. In drug development, viability of hostile cells are tested against chemical substances to evaluate the potential of those substances in pharmaceutical use. Additionally, the...
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The Motility Of Cells

Bacteria is an example of a unicellular prokaryote. Several bacteria move by turning the flagellum (Kojima, 2015). Several movable bacteria move in fluid or on a firm exterior utilising their flagellum. The flagellum has a spiral shape and expands from the cell body. The flagellum’s...
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How To Prevent Your Body Form Cancer Cell Formation?

Normally people use to intake food for being active and to make the bodywork properly. People used to take hygienic and natural types of food for getting a cure for diseases. Some disease is getting a cure by taking of health food items. The food...
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Novel Control Of Cell Migration In Cancer

Popeye domain-containing (POPDC) proteins are effector proteins that bind to cAMP to create a second messenger response that can influence the behaviour of cancer cells (Amunjela & Tucker, 2016). There are three different genes POPDC1, POPDC2 and POPDC3 that encode these proteins, however only POPDC1...
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Stem Cell Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

In his brilliant and award-winning, yet slightly disturbing and controversial novel “Stuck in Neutral”, Terry Trueman narrates the fictional story of Shawn McDaniel, a fourteen-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Shawn, self-portrayed as happy and more intelligent than most, is robbed of his ability to control...
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Methods Of Detecting Cell Proliferation

The cells in the cell cycle need to be assessed in order to ensure the prognosis of the disease. It serves as an important hallmark to differentiate between healthy state and disease condition. The cell cycle, or cell-division cycle, is the series of events that...
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Cell Reproduction: Mitosis And Meiosis

Cell Reproduction Cell reproduction is an important of human physiology. In this case, an expectant woman is presenting with a cut that is slow to heal. In human beings, there are two distinct types of cell reproduction processes responsible for cell division, meiosis and mitosis....
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