Censorship in AudioVisual Translation

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AudioVisual Translation (AVT) is the term used to refer to the transfer from one language to another of the verbal components contained in audivisual works or products.“ AVT is the means through which not only information but also the views, the assumptions and the values of a society are filtered” (De Marco 2012, 68). Among the vast array of AV products available and that require translation there are : feature films, tv programs theatrical plays, musicals,…etc. Dubbing and subtitling are the most common forms of AVT. When talking about subtitles which are added as translated text to the original version of the film or series, usually there are some restrictions imposed on subtitling such as Censorship. So what does it mean ? What are the reasons for censorship in avt ?

Censorship is the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news.. etc, that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. According to the Cambridge International Dictionary of English censorship is « the practise of examining books, films,etc, and removing anything considered to be offensive, morally harmful, or politically dangerous. »

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Throughout history, censorship has been imposed on all means of communication: from books to newspapers, radio, TV, cinema, etc The process of translation always is affected by many beliefs. Thus, in the case of censorship, many internal and external forces can affect the process of translation. There are many reasons why a movie or a tv program..etc may be censored, among these reasons : politics, when a government want to hide some information or the way of thinking of other culture from it people, to rule and control them.

In addition there is relegion reasons for exemple in some movies when there is a scene of drinking whisky some relegious countries replace it by milk because alcohol is forbidden by relegion. Also there another reason which is self-censorship, it means that the translator decides by himself to make some changes on something he did not find it appropriate.

Censorship in avt has many benefits, for instance it can reduce the impact of hate speech in society, and protect children from unhealthy ccontent. Additionally, Censorship can reduce the amount of conflict that is in society, and it may provide another level of security to a country's .

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