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Challenges LGBT Face And Their Solutions

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LGBT is the terms lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) describe distinct groups within the not normal and gay culture, as this practice is strongly opposed to the culture practiced by Malaysians. The early initiatives for people who were gay normally focus mostly on men. So, in an attempt to differentiate the gay women are called as lesbian. The term “gay” has been used to represent someone in a relationship with someone of the same gender or a various group or people who are attracted to people of the same gender. It is important to recognize all of them. However, transsexuals and some people who are bisexual do not consider themselves to be gay. Also, research has found that men who have had relationships with other men do not always identify themselves as gay. There is also a tremendous ethnic diversity among our lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities can contribute to the different perceptions of the term “gay”.

There are many factors that have been identified based on previous studies which contributes to the existence of this problem. Based on the findings of the study reported by Woodford et al. (2010); Hequembourge (2007); Hicks (2006; 2000); Ryan et al. (2004) and Ryan et al (2008), children adopted by lesbian couples have a high inclination to become lesbian when adulthood. This situation is due to the existence of social learning factors by children where they are often exposed to the treatment. Accepted disclosures have led them to create behavior which is parallel with significant individuals with them. In addition, the recognition of lesbian existence by some countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden is also said to be a factor in increasing lesbian symptoms in the country (Bedget 2004). This recognition has indirectly led to these lesbian couples are more open to revealing their true identity (Giertsen & Anderrsen 2007).

Conflict in the family is also a factor in lesbian problems (Kimmel 1990; 1992; 2002; Slater 1995; Schumm 2010; Kourany 1987; Proctor & Groze, 1994; Remafedi, Farrow & Deisher 1991). Family internal problems experienced by teenagers cause them to find fun outdoors through relationships with a friend who is considered to be able to replace his parents. Disadvantages communication with parents also contributes to lesbian problems (Schumm 2010). Busy working parents and lack of time spent with children cause them to find affection and attention through relationships with similar friends. Close relationship with the father than mother contributing to lesbian (Frisch 2006). This happens because of lack of love and attention from mom since childhood cause lesbian teens start alienating and looking for a kind partner who can act like her mother.

Meanwhile, lesbian couples are very close to each other and also need each other when they live together, this relationship is getting better. Such things can be seen through the division of homework done by lesbian couples living together (Carrington 1999). The study conducted by Carrington (1999) can be seen through three conclusions have been made that the first is a lesbian couple does not assign roles to any party such as husband and wife rights as a wife. In this case, they help each other help each other. Secondly, lesbian couples do not divide the roles of a couple heterosexual and create a balance in achieving fair donation against homework and helping each other or accommodating in every interest that different, skills and work schedules between couples. This patent will be better when the lesbian couple have children who live with them (Patterson 2000). Third is the situation where relationship among lesbian couples are stronger, they prefer to divide homework according to these specialties and situation probably been done more efficiently.

Low religious practice is one of the factors that causes LGBT followers to engage in these symptoms. Religious practice is indeed one of the most important aspects in life. The weakness in religious practice also contributes to this problem. Such a thing happens because they have not strong to hold on the bans that have been expressed by their respective religions (Londicho et al., 2014). These weaknesses make most lesbians create own perceptions of this is the destiny that God has set by continuing the act forbidden, instead of trying to counter that perception (Bergin & Smith 2002; Boyd 2000; Glaser 1996; Cader 1999; Kearney 1997; Rosser 1992) they found that as many as 84% of the surveyed respondents believe in existence God. However, appreciation of the lesser religious features causing them to be trapped in such behavior. Individuals who believe the religion will be able to ensure good and bad things before acting to do it (Khadijah Alavi et al., 2012). The researches show that the lifestyle of the entire LGBT follower less clinging to religion would have caused them to run than the normal life style as a human being. This is fix to a hadith from the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W which sounded;”I leave you as long as you hold fast with it will not go astray forever, the Holy Book of Islam and my Sunnah “. (Hadith of Muslim). Based on the hadith, it is clear that a Muslim who makes Al-Quran and Sunnah as a life practice will not do anything moral. On the contrary, for those who practice religion, individuals will not tend to commit suicide, lack of use of cigarette and marijuana and no involvement in sexual involvement (Donahue & Bonson 1995). This shows less religious practices by LGBT followers have contributed for their involvement in lesbian symptoms.

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Additionally, factor of the lesbian couples that is understanding and care compared with heterosexual couples makes this teenager comfortable with their life style and they are going through. Bad experience with the heterosexual couples make LGBT followers more comfortable with their lesbian couples. According to Simari and Baskin (1982), sexual abuse and bad sexual experiences will cause an individual to be involved with homosexuality, especially women. The experience of the LGBT followers has ever been taken by a men have caused the respondents to have negative feelings toward men and indirectly have chosen to be friends with the couple same type. The same gender couple is more understanding and caring, it has also been reinforced by the LGBT followers to continue this illegal activity. According to Reis et al. (2000), understanding in a relationship enabling the relationship to be positive and of quality and less conflicts. As such, the understanding and the attitude of caring from these lesbian couples make their relationship less conflict.

The most practical solution to this problem is a government should sponsor awareness campaign. Through this campaign the LGBT followers can be training handle and the same time to stop their illegal activity in order to recreate the harmony country. The LGBT follower may get talk about disadvantages doing the homosexual relationship and effect to their life. If this campaign is not being carried out, perhaps many LGBT followers will continue to still astray and hard to come back to the right way. So, LGBT follower may do the provocation in the public and give the problem to all people in our beloved country. After participated in this campaign LGBT followers can think better to change their live. This campaign was design to give them a taste of the productive thinking process to be a good person.

Besides, the another solution to overcome the LGBT is by give inclusive messaging. All people must pay attention about this issues to give advice in the right way to make sure the LGBT followers fell not marginalized and been discriminated. School can conduct some program in order to overcome this case from the root which is give same talk to children. Because of that, their will gain useful knowledge to handle this problem by follows the right method. It is important to expose this knowledge to children because there are the next generation of our country.

The other suggestions are creating a campaign to prevent the LBGT culture. The government or non-governmental organizations should actively do the campaign to prevent these LBGT symptoms in our country. This campaign can be done in schools, in public or in mass media such as television, the internet, printed media and etc. Advertisement and articles on LBGT issues should be displayed for general knowledge. For examples, campaigns like 2Banteras LBGT3 and others. We can eradicate the transmission of this inverse cultures.

In addition, parents should be sensitive to the child’s behaviour. The emotional and physical changes of the children are always to be controlled to avoid them being affected by this inverse culture. Strong action from parents can curb this LBGT problem from happening to children. We know that social problems among children can be triggered if we as parents are less concerned with children. For example, parents should check the contents of their children’s phones and their close acquaintances so that parents know the boundaries of the children’s outdoors.

From this article we conclude that LGBT issue must be handle using the correct way. Government and non-government companies must participate to overcome this issue in order to create harmony country. In the same time the LGBT followers and LGBT issues can be handle easily without any provocation or protest from irresponsible party.

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