Challenges Of Choosing A Pediatrician As A Career

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Doctors are very important and are a key role to society. Not only are they needed with adults but young adults and children rely on the care of Pediatricians when something is wrong. Initially parents go to these doctors and are the first to be consulted when something is wrong with their child since they are reliable to go to. Pediatricians not only help treat you when you are ill or have an injury, they can also consult you and inform you on what healthy choices can benefit your child; they can also help inform you on how to prevent future illnesses (Why Choose a Pediatrician?).

These doctors are specifically trained to help children's physical, emotional, and social development. Pediatricians understand that children may be unfamiliar with who they are and can sometimes be shy and awkward when it comes to a doctors appointment with them, which is why they do everything they can to explain certain things to you as well as your child (Why Choose a Pediatrician?). Such as, let's say a parent schedules an appointment because their child is sick, well while the doctor examines the child and figures out what is causing the sickness, they will be asking the child questions to make them feel more comfortable and at ease while they also help the doctor with the examination. At the end when the pediatrician comes to a conclusion on the diagnosis they will tell you and your child in a way where you both understand which initiates trust and helps the child and parent be more comfortable making doctor visits much easier. There are various types of Pediatricians, and what I mean by that is, some specialize as primary care physicians which is the type that I used in the previous example. While there are other pediatricians that specialize in oncology, neurology, rehabilitative medicine, cardiology and there's so much more but this is just to have an idea (What Are the Different Types of Pediatricians?). Even though there are different types of these doctors they are all equally as important since they are needed to treat the different types of patients. The demand for pediatricians is very high and is very rare for the demand to go down, because as long as there are babies being born then they will always be needed. Pediatricians will then track your child's growth, eating habits, physical as well as emotional development, and sleeping habits (Why Choose a Pediatrician?). But because they check on all of these things it's important that the child/teen have a good relationship with their doctor. A Pediatrician's average salary is $100.00/hour which amounts to $208,000/year ( as of January 20, 2020, but salary varies on how much experience, education, plus additional skills that you show as well as the amount of time you are willing to give (The Best Cities and States for Pediatricians). Even though there will always be a high demand for these doctors, there are places where they are wanted more. What I mean by that is the bigger the city, the more job opportunities, like in places such as, New York, Los Angeles, Boston etc. But when there are more job opportunities in a certain area, the harder it is going to be to actually get the job (The Best Cities and States for Pediatricians). Since there is such a high demand in bigger cities including small towns, there is an expected growth of 10 percent between now and the year 2024 (The Best Cities and States for Pediatricians).

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Overall, choosing to be a Pediatrician can come with great benefits and many opportunities are opening up in the upcoming years. These doctors help kids in so many ways that are beyond just treating them when they're sick which is what made it catch my interest and made them stand out from all of the others. . They represent an important role in society and treat their patients with respect and the care that they deserve.

Before actually getting the job of being a Pediatrician first you need to go to school to get a Bachelor's degree and then go to Med School to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree. One of the main classes that you should be taking in high school and college is science! The more you take, the more prepared you will be for Med School (29-1065 Pediatricians, General). Getting into Med school can be very competitive since you have to consider that there are many other people applying with the same skills and degree as you which is why some people spend some of their time getting their masters degree which helps boost their chances on getting in. Some medical schools make you take the Medical College Admission Test, also known as the MCAT, and the applicants with the highest scores are looked at to getting in. Medical school normally takes about 4 years to complete and once you complete them you can transfer to apply to work at a hospital to start your residency. Pediatric residency usually lasts 3 years unless you are focusing on specializing in something specific (Career Cruising). But it's not that simple, although you have to pass the exam to get in they also look at any leadership skills that you show as well as activities you do after school (Career Cruising). Before applying its better to consider doing things outside of school that can benefit you and make you stand out from the other applicants. Some things you can do is volunteer, do community hours, leadership experience, medical exposure like shadowing or work related, and having a strong academic profile is very important (Career Cruising).

Before considering this career you should be a person that works well and above all, enjoys working with kids. Sometimes having extra experience taking care of children like being a babysitter which can help determine whether this job is the right fit for you. As well as volunteering in a nursing home or hospital to see if healthcare is interesting to you. Although doctors have to go through many years of going to school, even when they finally get the job and start working they never stop learning (Career Cruising). Pediatricians as well as other doctors are learning new skills everyday by attending courses, conferences or even by just doing research or looking at past medical journals (Career Cruising). Pediatricians learn many skills to help them learn about their specialty and depending on what you decide to do is what you will learn. As I said in the beginning of the essay there are different types of pediatricians so some might take longer than others causing your residency to last 4 or more years. Once Pediatricians finish their residency they are required to become board certified by taking an examination given by the American Board of Pediatrics, and must recertify every 7 years (Pediatrician - Training, Education & Subspecialties: Everyday Health).

All in all, wanting to become a Pediatrician requires dedication and the willingness to give up time to study and learn what it takes to become this kind of doctor. Although the education part seems long and like a difficult process, if this is something that you want to pursue it's worth it in the end, because that's the whole person of a doctor, to give back to society and help people. Which is why I chose this career cause everything about it catches my interest. These doctors help kids and teens and the demand is high which makes it a perfect fit for me.

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